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Slides ala12


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Slides and notes for my piece of a panel, Readers' Advisory for Town AND Gown: Academic and Public Library Partnerships for RA Services at ALA 2012.

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Slides ala12

  1. 1. Learning Goals @ the Gustavus LibraryStudents will understand how knowledge is organized and will be able touse that understanding to pursue information independently.Students will be competent and confident in the use of research tools intheir major discipline(s).Students will develop an understanding of how knowledge is produced anddisseminated and will recognize that they play a role in knowledgeproduction.Students will develop a sensitivity to and an appreciation of thediversity and wealth of knowledge created by differentcommunities throughout time.
  2. 2. Photo creditsMan reading by firelight by dkjdAltered book used for background by bronia sawyerSerious man reading, photo by ceaWoman reading by Gustave Courbet, photo by cliff1066Rhythm of Study by kessakoAll other photos by Barbara FisterCourse sitesBooks and CultureReading WorkshopZotero group bibliography: College Students and Reading for Pleasure Barbara Fister |