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Connecting Communities


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Talk given at the Library Technology Conference, Macalester College, March 2014. Text is at

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Connecting Communities

  1. 1. People’s library here
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  4. 4. Image credits Particle sphere by amattox mattox Printing press gears by Paul Bay Word cloud made with Wordle Patience at the NYPL – the nails Parking ramp at Kansas City PL – Jonathan Moreau People’s Library at Gezi Park – from People’s Library blog St. Johnsbury Atheneum, Vermont by donshall Apple store – Antonio Vernon Ithaka Faculty Survey chart – Ithaka S&R Library Director Survey chart – Ithaka S&R Bound periodicals – thomas ford memorial Another World is Possible – Tal Bright Lever Initiative header and charts– Lever Initiative We make things background – Anders Hoff Make things happen by Sarah Dee