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For more information on this June 19, 2012 environmental health journalism webinar, go to or visit

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  1. 1. Maywood: A Polluted Community
  2. 2. In Industry’s Shadow
  3. 3. Nagging questions…More deaths in state are linked to air pollutionAs many as 24,000 deaths annually in California arelinked to chronic exposure to fine particulatepollution, triple the previous official estimate of8,200, according to state researchers…. May 22, 2008, Janet Wilson, Times Staff Writer
  4. 4. The Martin Family
  5. 5. Be RealisticAbout Time And Money
  6. 6. What Should You Test For?• Lead• Manganese• Mercury• Arsenic• Whats in your community?
  7. 7. Think about Ethics• IRB or not?• Language issues and consent forms• Independent experts to deliver results and offer counseling• Caution: no sure way to link pollutants to source
  8. 8. Expect the Unexpected
  9. 9. Finally! The Results
  10. 10. Translate for More Impact
  11. 11. Questions?