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  1. 1. TERiX Network Hardware Maintenance Some Questions You May Have…Better Service. Better Value.
  2. 2. "Have you considered proactive networking maintenance services?" When the network goes down, not only do costs increase, but sales are lost and customer support diminishes. The TERiXT-Net Onsite™ solution for preventative network hardware maintenance is built from the ground up to avoid downtime.Better Service. Better Value.
  3. 3. "Is SmartNet™ the only option for maintenance services on Cisco gear?" TERiX technicians and parts are Cisco certified, but we are not a Cisco dealer and do not distribute SmartNet™. We offer a number of alternatives to make sure the customer receives the service they need without overpaying or under-entitling.Better Service. Better Value.
  4. 4. "Do you need maintenance contracts for multiple network equipment manufacturers?" TERiX supports Cisco networking equipment, but Cisco is only one of more than thirty manufacturer brands we support in the datacenter. We can put all your networking equipment on one contract along with virtually any other datacenter hardware you may have.Better Service. Better Value.
  5. 5. About TERiX TERiX Computer Service delivers enterprise-grade support for servers, storage, network hardware and operating systems from over 30 manufacturers including IBM, HP, Oracle Sun, Cisco, and EMC. TERiX relentlessly focuses on customer satisfaction to exceed Service Level benchmarks and deliver a superior alternative to OEM hardware support. TERiX customers include a significant portion of the Fortune 50 and more than twenty U.S. and Canadian federal government agencies. In business since 1997, TERiX is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, and can be found online at YOUR DATACENTERServer | Storage | Network | UNIX Operating Systems www.terix.comE-Mail: multivendorsupport@terix.comPhone: 614.339.4239 Better Service. Better Value.