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Landscaping Design

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  1. 1. 6 Hunter Drive Residential Landscaping Design
  2. 2. Existing House 12,800 sq ft. garden to design
  3. 3. Existing Shrubs Some of the existing shrubs should be removed.
  4. 4. Existing Trees Some of the existing trees should be removed.
  5. 5. Vinyl Privacy Fence Vinyl privacy fence 387’ length 8’ modules 6’ height. 8’ bi-fold door
  6. 6. Mulch & Walkway Red mulch 2’ to 3’ width and 3’ natural walkway
  7. 7. New Flower Design A variety of colored flowers, trees and shrubs creating a gorgeous landscape
  8. 8. Design Proposal By combining the existing and the new, we will make a great improvement.
  9. 9. Planting Schedule
  10. 10. PLANTING SCHEDULE KEY PLANT NAME COMMON NAME SIZE QTY. FOLIAGE/FLOWER COLOR GROUNDCOVERS SHRUBS GrAnn G randif lo ra-A nnab elle ANNABELLE HYDRANGEA 3 to 4' 3 Snowy white rounded clusters 10". E merald'n G o ld Evergreen shurubby. Leaves 1 1/2" glossy dark green with golden EmGold EMERALD'N GOLD 4' 4 yellow margins. R ho do dendro n Evergreen shurubs. Flowers color range from white to pink, red, RhoDo RHODODENDRON 3 to 4' purples, yellow or bi-colors. R ho do dendro n Evergreen Shrub. Bright lavander pink flowers. Small foliage is PJMRh P.J.M. RHODODENDRON 3 to 4' glossy green. Pieris J apo nica Evergreen flowering shrub. Flowers in April and May long JaAnd JAPANESE ANDROMEDA 4 to 8' 3 drooping clusters of white or blush white blossoms. Pyramidalis Narrow pyramid with moderate to fast growth rate. Foliage strong Pyramid PYRAMIDAL ARBORVITAE 4 to 8' mid-green, tends to bronze in mid to late winter. 22 C yano viridis Compact, dense shrub grows slowly. Foliage blue-green turning Dwarf DWARF BLUE CYPRES 10 to 12' bronze in winter. C ompact a Densely branched, deciduous shrub of slow growth. Flowers in DwarfBB DWARF BURNING BUSH 5 to 6' 1 late spring, small and delicate, yellow-green color. R ho do dendro n Deciduous flowering shrub. Flowers in late spring or early Mollis MOLLIS HYBRID AZALEAS 3 to 5' 1 or 4 summer., blossoms in yellow, oranges, pink or white. H ib ernica Narrow upright column with moderate growth rate. Foliage deep IrishJu IRISH JUNIPER 5 to 8' 39 blue green: color holds all year. G o ld F lame Low growing mound deciduous shrub, retaining in compact habit. GldFlm GOLD FLAME SPIREA 2' 5 Produces rosy-red flat flower heads. H ypericumF ro ndo sum Deciduous shrub, fast-growing with dense and compact habit. GldStJn GOLDEN ST. JHON'S WORT 3' Flowers in summer, bright golden yellow blossoms. G randif lo ra Loose-spreading deciduous shrub. Flowers on this year's growth HillSnw HILLS OF SNOW HYDRANGEA 3 to 4' 1 July through September; pure white rounded clusters. R o yal Purple Rounded deciduous shrub. Flowers in early summer on new RoyPur ROYAL PURPLE SMOKE 10 to 12' 1 season's growth, smoky appearance by late summer. D eut z L em inei ia o Deciduous shrub of upright habit. Shrubs is covered with clusters LemDeu LEMOINE DEUTZIA 5 to 7' 1 of white star-shaped flowers having yellow stamens. A urea Deciduous shrub with arching branches. Flowers in spring, profuse Aurea GOLDEN BARBERRY 4 to 8' 1 light yellow blossoms along stems. Red fruit. Po t ent illa F rut ico sa Deciduous, little care, low to medium size shrub spreading habit. BushCin BUSH CINQUEFOIL 2 to 4' Yellow, gold or white buttercup shaped flowers. C apit at a Broad conical shrub with fairly rapid growth rate. Needles dark UpJapa UPRUGHT JAPANESE YEW 7 to 12' 4 green. Protect from winds to minimize winter burn. Ilex V ert icillat a Slow growing deciduous shrub. Flowers in summer. Fruit grow as WinBerr WINTERBERRY 7 t0 10' abundante red berries, need male and female plants. 22 H icksii Uprigth habit with moderate growth rate. Needles very dark HicksUp HICKS UPRIGHT YEW 6 to 10' green. Protect from winds to minimize winter burn. TREES A t ro purpureum Small deciduous tree or shrub. Slow growing. Leaves deeply cut, RedLeaf REDLEAF JAPANESE MAPLE 15' 1 red-purple color all season. Color intensifies in fall. C o rnus F lo rida Deciduous tree with single or multiple trunks. Flowers in early CorFlor FLOWERING DOGWOOD 15 to 30' 1 spring before leaves unfurl. White or pink individual bracts. D o lgo Fast-growing flowering tree. Flowers in very early spring as leaves DolCrab DOLGO CRAB APPLE 6 to 8' 1 unfurl white apple blossom-scented blossoms. R o yalt y Fast-growing flowering tree. Flowers in very early spring as leaves RoyCrab ROYALTY CRAB APPLE 6 to 8' 1 unfurl crimson, scented blossoms.
  11. 11. What you want to do? See all 3D Studio Images Go to presentation
  12. 12. Design Proposal By combining the existing and the new, we will make a great improvement. Place the cursor on front or back yard, click on it
  13. 13. Front Garden Place the cursor on specific areas, click on it
  14. 14. Around Home 3D Studio
  15. 15. Around Home Sketch
  16. 16. Home Perimeter Picture
  17. 17. Home Perimeter 3D Studio Sketch
  18. 18. Home Perimeter Sketch Picture
  19. 19. Single-Tone flowers pots Picture
  20. 20. Single-Tone flowers 3D Studio Sketch
  21. 21. Single-Tone flowers Picture Sketch
  22. 22. Pots at the Main Entrance Sketch
  23. 23. Island Colors 3D Studio
  24. 24. Island Colors Red Purple Sketch
  25. 25. Island Colors Red Fall Sketch
  26. 26. Island Colors Purple Fall Sketch
  27. 27. Front Color Corner 3D Studio
  28. 28. Front Corner Color Sketch
  29. 29. On the Stone Wall Picture
  30. 30. On the Stone Wall Sketch
  31. 31. Front Yard Tree Picture
  32. 32. Front Yard Tree Sketch
  33. 33. Back Yard Place the cursor on specific areas, click on it
  34. 34. Pool Place the cursor on specific areas, click on it 3D Studio Picture
  35. 35. Pool Idea Sketch
  36. 36. Match Pool to Home Sketch
  37. 37. Hot Tub 3D Studio Picture
  38. 38. Hot Tub & Light Pool Pot Sketch
  39. 39. Hot Tub & Light Pool Pot Sketch
  40. 40. Shower Room 3D Studio
  41. 41. Shower Room Sketch
  42. 42. Walking Through Colors Picture 3D Studio
  43. 43. Walking Through Colors Sketch
  44. 44. Walking Through Colors Sketch
  45. 45. Green Corner Picture
  46. 46. Green Corner 3D Studio Sketch
  47. 47. Green Corner Picture Sketch
  48. 48. Color Corner 3D Studio Picture
  49. 49. Color Corner Sketch
  50. 50. Color Corner Sketch
  51. 51. Fencing Trees 3D Studio
  52. 52. Fencing Trees Sketch
  53. 53. Back Yard Entrance Right Left 3D Studio
  54. 54. Back Yard Entrance Sketch