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trees and plant's names and quantities

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Planting Schedule

  1. 1. PLANTING SCHEDULE KEY PLANT NAME COMMON NAME SIZE QTY. FOLIAGE/FLOWER COLOR GROUNDCOVERS SHRUBS GrAnn Grandiflora-Annabelle ANNABELLE HYDRANGEA 3 to 4' 3 Snowy white rounded clusters 10". Evergreen shurubby. Leaves 1 1/2" glossy dark green with golden yellow EmGold Emerald'n Gold EMERALD'N GOLD 4' 4 margins. Evergreen shurubs. Flowers color range from white to pink, red, purples, RhoDo Rhododendron RHODODENDRON 3 to 4' yellow or bi-colors. Evergreen Shrub. Bright lavander pink flowers. Small foliage is glossy PJMRh Rhododendron P.J.M. RHODODENDRON 3 to 4' green. Evergreen flowering shrub. Flowers in April and May long drooping JaAnd Pieris Japonica JAPANESE ANDROMEDA 4 to 8' 3 clusters of white or blush white blossoms. Narrow pyramid with moderate to fast growth rate. Foliage strong mid- Pyramid Pyramidalis PYRAMIDAL ARBORVITAE 4 to 8' green, tends to bronze in mid to late winter. 40 Compact, dense shrub grows slowly. Foliage blue-green turning bronze in Dwarf Cyanoviridis DWARF BLUE CYPRES 10 to 12' winter. Densely branched, deciduous shrub of slow growth. Flowers in late DwarfBB Compacta DWARF BURNING BUSH 5 to 6' 1 spring, small and delicate, yellow-green color. Deciduous flowering shrub. Flowers in late spring or early summer., Mollis Rhododendron MOLLIS HYBRID AZALEAS 3 to 5' 1 or 4 blossoms in yellow, oranges, pink or white. Narrow upright column with moderate growth rate. Foliage deep blue IrishJu Hibernica IRISH JUNIPER 5 to 8' 30 green: color holds all year. Low growing mound deciduous shrub, retaining in compact habit. GldFlm Gold Flame GOLD FLAME SPIREA 2' 5 to 40 Produces rosy-red flat flower heads. Deciduous shrub, fast-growing with dense and compact habit. Flowers in GldStJn Hypericum Frondosum GOLDEN ST. JHON'S WORT 3' summer, bright golden yellow blossoms. Loose-spreading deciduous shrub. Flowers on this year's growth July HillSnw Grandiflora HILLS OF SNOW HYDRANGEA 3 to 4' 1 through September; pure white rounded clusters. Rounded deciduous shrub. Flowers in early summer on new season's RoyPur Royal Purple ROYAL PURPLE SMOKE 10 to 12' 1 growth, smoky appearance by late summer. Deciduous shrub of upright habit. Shrubs is covered with clusters of LemDeu Deutzia Lemoinei LEMOINE DEUTZIA 5 to 7' 1 white star-shaped flowers having yellow stamens. Deciduous shrub with arching branches. Flowers in spring, profuse light Aurea Aurea GOLDEN BARBERRY 4 to 8' 1 yellow blossoms along stems. Red fruit. Fairly rapid growing, branches nearly horizontal. Foliage bright green SarJun Juniperus Chinensis SARGENT JUNIPER 1 to 2' becoming steel blue-green, color holds all year. Deciduous, little care, low to medium size shrub spreading habit. Yellow, BushCin Potentilla Fruticosa BUSH CINQUEFOIL 2 to 4' gold or white buttercup shaped flowers. ARR Means flowers and shrubs specially selected by the owner. Broad conical shrub with fairly rapid growth rate. Needles dark green. UpJapa Capitata UPRUGHT JAPANESE YEW 7 to 12' 4 Protect from winds to minimize winter burn. Slow growing deciduous shrub. Flowers in summer. Fruit grow as WinBerr Ilex Verticillata WINTERBERRY 7 t0 10' abundante red berries, need male and female plants. 40 Uprigth habit with moderate growth rate. Needles very dark green. HicksUp Hicksii HICKS UPRIGHT YEW 6 to 10' Protect from winds to minimize winter burn. TREES Small deciduous tree or shrub. Slow growing. Leaves deeply cut, red- RedLeaf Atropurpureum REDLEAF JAPANESE MAPLE 15' 1 purple color all season. Color intensifies in fall. Deciduous tree with single or multiple trunks. Flowers in early spring CorFlor Cornus Florida FLOWERING DOGWOOD 15 to 30' 1 before leaves unfurl. White or pink individual bracts. Fast-growing flowering tree. Flowers in very early spring as leaves unfurl DolCrab Dolgo DOLGO CRAB APPLE 6 to 8' 1 white apple blossom-scented blossoms. Fast-growing flowering tree. Flowers in very early spring as leaves unfurl RoyCrab Royalty ROYALTY CRAB APPLE 6 to 8' 1 crimson, scented blossoms. Note: Some of the quantities are approximate.