Beyond SNEEP: Ideas for Creative Repository Management


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Presented at the RSP workshop at Sheffield Cathedral, 2010, "Beyond SNEEP: Ideas for Creative Repository Management" is an expanded and updated version of a presentation given to the SHERPA-LEAP consortium of University of London repository managers in 2009. The presentation gives examples of a range of user-oriented tools and techniques available to repository managers to enhance the user experience of the repository interface. Approaches we will look at include: using dynamic news feeds from repositories to integrate with other web applications; adding personalisation features such as profile pages, commenting and tagging; using statistics packages; exploting embedded semantic metadata; enhancing abstract pages; and using a newly-developed text-mining plugin.

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Beyond SNEEP: Ideas for Creative Repository Management

  1. 1. Beyond SNEEP Ideas for Creative Repository Management Richard M. Davis University of London Computer Centre Repositories Support Project Sheffield Cathedral, 27th October 2010
  2. 2. Once upon a time ...
  3. 3. “A useful pot to put things in.”
  4. 4. “It goes in and it comes out.”
  5. 5. Enhancing the user experience Keeping up with the zeitgeist Social interaction and discourse Personalisation and customisation Integrating with other intra- and extra- institutional web applications Promoting use and familiarity New download and delivery options Doing more with repositories
  6. 6. SNEEP (Social Networking Extensions for EPrints) JISC Rapid Innovation (2007 - ULCC) Comments and tags for items in EPrints AllAboutMePrints (aka MePrints) JISC Rapid Innovation (2009 - Southampton) User / author profile pages Customisable with widgets Doing more with repositories (1)
  7. 7. SNEEP: Comments and tags
  8. 8.
  9. 9.
  10. 10.
  11. 11. AllAboutMePrints
  12. 12.
  13. 13. “Use the feeds...”
  14. 14. Newsfeeds provide links to data sets in the repository Browse views (subject, division) Individual authors Search results Dynamically updated Encourage use of repository as a single place of deposit Doing more with repositories (2)
  15. 15. Feeds from Browse views
  16. 16. Feeds from Searches
  17. 17. Feeds in ePortfolios
  18. 18. Feeds in blogs
  19. 19. Statistics ... ... demonstrate the repository’s effectiveness and reach as an information resource ... for individual items highlight areas of interest ... for individual authors promote healthy competition ... support institutional assessment exercises Doing more with repositories (3)
  20. 20. Statistics up-front:
  21. 21. IRStats:
  22. 22. Using Google Analytics at MMU e-space
  23. 23. Add links in item abstract pages for ... ... cross-searching other selected information resources ... easy bookmarking and sharing ... semantic metadata linking and retrieval ... emerging trends in delivery formats and methods Enhanced searching with text-mining tools From the Cathedral to the Bazaar... Doing more with repositories (4)
  24. 24. Linking inline semantic metadata
  25. 25. Linking inline semantic metadata
  26. 26. Linking inline semantic metadata
  27. 27. Linked data:
  28. 28. More delivery options
  29. 29. An idea I just had Download to my Kindle?
  30. 30. MERLIN: Text-mining enhanced searching
  31. 31. MERLIN: Text-mining enhanced searching
  32. 32. EPrints Bazaar in EPrints 3.3
  33. 33. Links & credits SNEEP <> Lincoln EPrints <> Language Box <> MePrints <> Hum Box <> ULCC Publications Archive <> IRStats <> Repository Stats using Google Analytics (presentation by Graham Triggs at OR10) <> E-Space at Manchester Metropolitan University <> Framework for Linking Inline Semantic Metadata <> Oxford University Research Archive <> MERLIN <> EPrints Bazaar <> Obi Wan Kenobi by Christop on Flickr (CC:BY-NC-SA) <> Stills from Vinni Pukh, Soyuzmultfilm 1971