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The Whole Food Revelation Cookbook Preview


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The Whole Food Revelation Cookbook Preview

  1. 1. Beyond The Peel Whole Living For the love of food
  2. 2. The Whole Food Revelation France Morissette1
  3. 3. The Whole Food RevelationMy husband Joshua Sprague and I would like to gratefully thank all our family andfriends who have supported us through this adventure.© 2011 France Morissette and Beyond The Peel Whole Living. All rights reserved.No parts of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means,mechanical or electronic, including photocopying and recording, or by any information storage andretrieval system, without permission in writing from the author except by reviewer, who may quotebrief passages and/or show brief video clips in review.Page design, cover, and composition by France MorissetteEditing by Joshua Sprague and Nicole MorissettePhotos provided by and by Joshua SpraguePublished by France Morissette, Courtenay, BCBeyond The Peel Whole LivingCourtenay, BCCanadaV9N 2
  4. 4. DedicationTo my dear husband, my first student and successful graduate of The WholeFood Revelation school of cooking. Thank you for your ongoing support andlove through this learning process. Without your support this book would nothave been possible.3
  5. 5. How This Whole Thing WorksWelcome to The Whole Food Revelation Workshop. The next 4 weeks are all planned out so all you need to do is showup and bring the groceries! Make sure and flip to the grocery section of Week One and get your groceries the day beforeyou’d like to start the Workshop. For most of us our week starts on Monday, which means we’ll be prepping ourselves forfast, flavourful meals on Sunday. We’ll be cooking a bunch of delicious whole foods in advance in order to keep thekitchen time to a minimum during your busy week. The Sunday prep session generally takes around an hour. However, asthis is all new and you don’t want to feel rushed, set aside a block of 1 ½ to 2 hours for the first week until you get used tothe flow. I recommend reading the “Getting Ready For the Week” section to familiarize yourselves with what we’ll becooking. You’ll also need to soak your beans over night before we cook them. However if you forget, boil them for 4minutes the morning of and then soak for one hour.Armed with this program and your groceries, we are going to have an amazing month learning how to cook with wholefoods and incorporating them into your everyday lives. Before you know it you’ll be able to create delicious, colourfulwhole food based meals that make your body, your taste buds, and your company coming back for seconds! All the best, France Morissette 4
  6. 6. CONTENTS Week One ………..the adventure begins…..8 Quinoa Salad with North African Spiced Chicken, Sweet Potato Lentil Stew, Lentil Chickpea Salad with Turmeric Scented Shrimp. Flank Steak with Wild Rice and Quinoa Cake, Potato Chickpea Curry Grocery List … 25 Week Two………...gettin’ cozy…………….29 Honey Roasted Chicken and Butternut Squash Spinach Salad, Prune and Walnut Stuffed Acorn with a Moroccan Quinoa and Parsnips, Pork Tenderloin with Prunes and Apples, yam mash, Barley Risotto of Butternut Squash, Baked Salmon with Mango Chutney and Barley Corn and Tomato Salad Grocery List…46 Week Three………enjoying the process….48 Eggplant Pizza, Tilapia with Romesco with a Black Bean and Quinoa Salad, Turkey Burger and a Bulgur Salad, Black Bean Sweet Potato Chili, Pork in an Apricot Sauce and Cauliflower Mash Grocery List…70 Week Four………..feeling great…………..74 White Bean and Turkey Casserole, Roasted Squash and Wheat Berry Pilaf, Haloumi w/Shredded Cabbage and White Bean Salad, Salmon in an Apricot Glaze with an Asian Wheat Berry Salad, Lamb Chops and a White Bean Mash Grocery List…94 Index……………………………………………82  5
  7. 7. Our  Roots    Life  circumstances  and  a  series  of  choices  have  led  me  back  to  my  roots,  my  love  of  food.  I  started  in  the  service  and  restaurant  industry  17  years  ago.  I  guess  the  food  part  just  stuck.  It’s  my  one  constant  and  the  place  where  I  feel  I  can  always  grow.    The  past  8  years  were  a  roller  coaster.  After  years  of  working  in  the  service  industry  and  working  with  some  amazing  chefs,  I  decided  to  isolate  myself  and  start  work  in  a  completely  different  industry  (helicopters)  and  move  up  NORTH.  Well,  being  previously  spoiled  by  only  having  the  best  food  at  my  fingertips,  I  had  to  learn  all  new  To  make  matters  worse,  the  "pickins"  at  the  grocery  store  were  slim  and  my  cookbooks  were  in  storage.    Living  in  Canada  is  great,  but  the  grocery  stores  up  in  northern  Alberta  and  British  Columbia  dont  exactly  have  the  best  produce  to  choose  from  and  asking  for  quinoa  always  garnered  a  few  raised  eyebrows.      Acing  that  test,  2  years  later  I  felt  I  was  ready  for  another  challenge.  I  took  a  job  working  in  isolation  in  the  northern  boreal  forest  and  invited  my  future  husband,  Joshua,  to  join  me  in  this  adventure.  As  a  Fire  Observer  at  a  remote  tower,  60  miles  or  100  km  from  the  nearest  services,  grocery  delivery  was  once  a  month  and  we  were  definitely  limited  to  seasonal  produce.  We  had  a  small  plot  for  a  garden  where  the  soil  quality  led  to  growing  minimal  vegetables.  Since  compost  wasn’t  recommended  due  to  bears,  we  grew  what  would  grow.  To  complicate  matters  there  was  no  running  water  and  no  regular  electricity  and  only  the  propane  stove  for  cooking.  Armed  with  the  most  basic  tools  we  started  our  5  month  long  adventure.  Just  to  make  sure  we  did  it  right,  Joshua  and  I  decided  to  do  it  twice.       6
  8. 8.    Our  produce  would  last  all  of  about  12  days  in  the  fridge  (also  run  on  propane)  and  we  had  a  freezer  that  played  host  to  meat  that  might  last  us  2  weeks.  So  our  journey  to  discover  the  art  of  bread  making,  cooking  with  all  kinds  of  legumes,  beans  and  grains  started,  because  they  didn’t  require  refrigeration  or  perish  quickly.  Some  folks  in  my  trade  lived  off  of  canned  goods  for  the  last  3  weeks  of  every  month.  But  due  to  my  acquired  taste  for  the  good  food  in  life  and  my  complete  inability  to  settle  for  food  that  tasted  like  a  tin  can,  our  creativity  was  put  to  the  test  and  the  food,  health,  vitality  and  lessons  that  resulted  were  life  changing  for  us.    Once  we  got  back  to  civilization,  Joshua  and  I  had  access  to  all  the  fabulous  foods  we  once  loved,  restaurant  food  that  is.  But  food  turned  out  to  be  a  little  disappointing.  The  food  didnt  taste  like  we  remembered  it.  So  over  the  course  of  the  last  year  our  eating  style  started  to  shift  back  to  what  we’d  discovered  at  the  fire  tower.    We  decided  to  stop  the  freight  train  of  bad  eating  and  return  to  the  time  when  the  food  was  made  from  scratch,  we  felt  healthy,  we  had  more  energy  and,  as  a  result,  accomplished  much  more  in  a  day  with  a  lot  less  stress.      While  I  no  longer  make  everything  from  scratch  and  I  now  have  access  to  fabulous  fruits  and  vegetables,  the  lessons  I  learned  from  that  fire  tower  will  last  forever.  These  are  the  lessons  I  will  be  sharing  with  you.  Your  adventure  is  just  beginning.  Remember  that  during  the  learning  process  mistakes  happen.  Enjoy  the  process  of  learning  and  don’t  take  yourself  too  seriously!  Enjoy  all  the  flavors  of  a  healthy  life.   -­‐France  Morissette  7
  9. 9. Week One The adventure begins   8
  10. 10.   The  Menu     Monday     Quinoa  Salad  with  North  African  Spiced  Chicken  with  a  Roasted  Red  Pepper  Mint   Sauce     Tuesday     Sweet  Potato  Lentil  Stew  on  Whole  Wheat  Almond  Couscous     Wednesday     Warm  Cumin  spiced  Lentil  Chickpea  Salad  with  Turmeric  Scented  Shrimp  Served  with   a  yogurt  dressing     Thursday     Flank  Steak  with  Wild  Rice  Quinoa  Cake  in  a   Mushroom  Cream  Sauce     Friday     Potato  Chickpea  Curry  on  Basmati  Rice  with  Raita            9
  11. 11.   Getting  Ready  For  The  Week  Ahead      Measure  2  cups  of  Puy  Lentils  or  French  Lentils    To  make  the  lentils,  first  rinse  the  lentils  and  pick  out  any  discoloured  bits.  Place  5  cups  of  water  and  the  lentils  in  a  medium  sized  pot.  Bring  the  water  to  a  boil  and  cook  for  20  to  25  minutes.  The  lentils  should  be  tender  but  not  mushy.  Allow  to  cool,  or  rinse  with  cold  water  to  stop  the  cooking  process.  Drain  the  lentils  well  and  refrigerate  or  freeze  in  a  well  sealed  container.      Measure  1  ½  cups  wild  rice    Place  4  ½  cups  of  water  and  1  tsp  salt  in  a  medium  sized  pot.  Bring  the  water  to  a  boil,  add  the  wild  rice  and  reduce  to  a  simmer,  allowing  to  cook,  covered,  for  40  to  50  minutes.  The  grains  will  start  to  split  and  appear  popped  open.  This  is  my  preference,  but  traditionally  they  are  cooked  to  just  before  they  burst.  Some  back  bone  will  remain.  Refrigerate  or  freeze  in  a  well  sealed  container.    Measure  1  cup  chickpeas  (or  substitute  with  2  cans  of  garbanzo  beans)    Place  a  cup  of  dried  chickpeas  and  6  cups  of  water  into  a  large  bowl.  Allow  the  chickpeas  to  sit  on  the  counter  over  night.  If  this  is  not  possible,  bring  6  cups  of  water  and  chickpeas  to  a  boil.  Boil  for  4  minutes  and  remove  from  heat.  Allow  the  chickpeas  to  sit,  covered  for  1  hour.  Drain  and  rinse  the  beans.  In  a  medium  sized  pot,  add  soaked  or  pre-­‐boiled  chickpeas  and  6  cups  of  water  and  bring  to  a  boil.  Boil  for  40  to  50  minutes  or  until  tender.  Drain  and  rinse  with  cold  water  to  stop  the  cooking  process.  Store  in  the  fridge  for  up  to  a  week  or  freeze  in  a  well  sealed  container.      Measure  2  cups  quinoa    In  a  large  pot,  add  1  to  2  tsp  of  olive  oil.  Heat  over  medium  heat,  add  quinoa  and  toast  the  seeds  until  they  begin  to  pop  and  a  nutty  aroma  rises  from  the  pot.  Add  2  cups  broth  (vegetable  or  chicken)  and  2  cups  water.  If  you  are  watching  sodium   levels,   quinoa   can   be   made   with   just   water.   Boil   the   quinoa,   covered,   for   20   minutes.   Remove   from   heat   and  remove  cover.  Fluff  with  a  fork.       10
  12. 12.          Make  Roasted  Red  Pepper  Mint  Sauce    2  roasted  red  peppers  ½  tsp  granulated  sugar  or  honey  ½  tsp  red  chilli  flakes  or  1  jalapeno  seeded  and  diced  2  Tbsp  olive  oil  1  handful  of  mint    Salt  and  Pepper  to  taste    Place  all  the  ingredients  in  a  2  cups  (or  larger)  prep  food  processor  or  mini  electric  chopper.  Blend  the  ingredients  until  almost  smooth  (approximately  10  seconds).  There  should  still  be  little  flecks  of  green  mint  leaves  and  jalapeno  visible.  Be  mindful  not  to  over  blend.    Add  salt  and  pepper  to  taste.    Roast  the  Spaghetti  Squash    Heat  oven  to  400  F.  Cut  the  squash  in  half  and  place  cut  side  down  on  a  baking  sheet.  Bake  for  40  to  60  minutes  or  until  the  flesh  falls  away  from  the  skin  when  tapped  on  with  your  fingers.    Roast  the  Peppers    Wash  the  peppers  and  place  the  whole  peppers  on  a  baking  sheet.  Bake  at  400  degrees  for  35  to  40  minutes.  The  skin  will  begin  to  char.  Allow  to  cool  before  removing  the  skin  and  seeds.    11
  13. 13. Monday North  African  spiced  Chicken  with  a  Roasted  Pepper  Mint  Sauce  on  a  Quinoa   Salad            Chicken  Marinade   Dire ction s      4  boneless  skinless  chicken  breasts   Combine  olive  oil  and  spices  and  mix  well.  Add  the  chicken  3  glugs  of  olive  oil   breast  and  marinate  for  at  least  a  couple  hours.  ½  tsp  smoked  paprika   Heat   BBQ   or   grill   to   400   degrees.   Place   chicken   on   the   grill  ¾  tsp  ground  cumin   and  cook  each  side  of  the  chicken  breast  for  6  to  7  minutes  ¾  tsp  ground  coriander   (depending   on   size).   To   create   nice   grill   marks,   flip   the  3  garlic  cloves  finely  chopped   chicken   every   3   minutes,   making   sure   to   rotate   45   degrees  1  tsp  salt  and  fresh  ground  pepper   each  time  you  flip.  This  will  provide  those  classic  grill  marks.     Set  a  timer  to  avoid  over  grilling.        Quinoa  Salad    3  cups  cooked  quinoa   While  the   chicken   is   grilling,   chop  cucumber  into   bite  size  2  Tbsp  olive  oil   pieces.   Place   all   the   quinoa   salad   ingredients   into   a   large  2  Tbsp  lemon  juice  or  juice  of  1  lemon   salad   bowl   and   toss   until   well   coated.   Taste   and   season  1  English  cucumber  peeled  or  left  as  is   with  salt  and  pepper  until  your  taste  buds  sing.  2  medium  tomatoes  seeded  and  diced    (or  2  cups  or  grape/cherry  tomatoes  sliced  in  half)  2  green  onions  finely  sliced  1  handful  of  mint  chopped  1  handful  of  parsley  chopped  Salt  and  pepper  to  taste   12
  14. 14.          Roasted  Red  Pepper  Mint  Sauce   Dire ction s  Serve  at  room  temperature       To   make   Roasted   Red   Pepper   Mint   Sauce,   blend   all   the  2  roasted  red  peppers   ingredients,   except   mint,   in   a   2   cup   (or  larger)   prep   food  ½  tsp  granulated  sugar  or  honey   processor   or   mini   electric   chopper   for   10-­‐15   seconds.  ½  tsp  red  chilli  flakes  or  1  jalapeno  seeded  and  diced   You   want   a   mostly   smooth   consistency.   Add   the   mint  2  Tbsp  olive  oil   and  blend  for  5  more  seconds.    There  should  still  be  little  1  handful  of  mint     flecks  of  green  mint  leaves  visible.  Be  mindful  n ot  to  over  Salt    and  pepper  to  taste   blend.  Add  salt  and  pepper  to  taste      To   serve,   place   quinoa   salad   into   a   bowl.   Slice   the   chicken   breasts   and   place   on   top   of   salad.   Top   with   a   generous  amount  of  that  great  Red  Pepper  Sauce.    Vegetarian   Option:   If   using   tofu,   marinate   overnight   in   the   marinade   above.   Pan-­‐fry   until   heated   throughout.   Serve   with  Roasted   Red   pepper   sauce   on   top.   Zucchini   is   a   tasty   treat   on   the   grill   when   sliced   in   quarters   and   lightly   coated   with  olive  oil,  salt  and  pepper.          13
  15. 15. North African Spiced Chicken with a Roasted Pepper and Mint Sauce along side a Quinoa Salad 14
  16. 16. Tuesday Lentil  Sweet  Potato  Stew  on  Whole  Wheat  Couscous  with  Almonds    Lentil  Sweet  Potato  Stew    2  cups  cooked  lentils  2  sweet  potatoes  diced  1  medium  onion  diced  3  garlic  cloves  minced  ½  can  of  tomato  paste  2  cups  of  water  1  tsp  each  cumin  and  coriander  ¼  to  ½  tsp  of  chilli  flakes  ½  tsp  each  turmeric  and  smoked  paprika  ½  cup  currants  or  raisins  1  tsp  honey  Juice  of  ½  a  lemon  and  1  tsp  of  lemon  zest    Cook  onion  over  medium  heat  for  3  minutes.  Add  and  cook  the  spices  with  the  onions  for  a  few  minutes  and  then  add  the  garlic,  potatoes,  tomato  paste,  2  cups  of  water,  raisins  and  honey.  Cook  covered  for  20  minutes  or  until  potatoes  are  almost  tender.  When  the  potatoes  are  almost  finished  cooking,  add  the  lentils,  lemon  zest  and  1  tbsp  of  lemon  juice.  Once  potatoes  are  cooked,  serve  over  whole  wheat  couscous,  wheat  berries  or  quinoa.    Whole  Wheat  Couscous    1  cup  whole  wheat  couscous   Bring   water,   broth   and   rind   to   a   boil.   Add   the   couscous   and  1  handful  chopped  cilantro   remove   from  the  heat  and  allow   to  rest  covered   for   6   minutes.  1  cup  water   No   peeking!!   Once   the   time   has   elapsed,   add   nuts,   parsley   and   1  1  cup  broth  (chicken  or  vegetable)   tbsp  of  butter.  Mix  together  well.  1  tsp  lemon  rind  ¼  cup  of  almonds15
  17. 17. Lentil Sweet Potato Stew on Whole Wheat Couscous with Almonds   16
  18. 18.     Warm Cumin Spiced Lentil Chickpea Salad with Turmeric Scented Shrimp17