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Quotes from current reviews on 
Beta readers, reviewers, and 
editors say ... 
In other words ... Kind of (self...
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Review feedback


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Use reader feedback to improve your writing.

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Review feedback

  1. 1. Quotes from current reviews on Beta readers, reviewers, and editors say ... In other words ... Kind of (self)- editing your manuscript needs To get help, key these terms into Google “It looks like the author started with one idea, put down the work for a while, and when he came back forgot where he was and what he had set up for the reader.” “There were so many minor characters that I couldn't remember them, one from another.” “Pace of story line picked up as the book progressed however background information was repetitive.” The plot doesn’t hold together — it’s confusing. The plot has holes and inconsistencies — things don’t add up. The story strays off on a tangent that’s hard to follow — it’s frustrating. The reader is led to expect one thing then gets something entirely different — tricked or cheated! Too much background information = Infodump — and this is connected to pace. Big picture, or developmental Outlining Plotting Story beats Story arc Timeline charts Infodump “The characters suddenly acted in ways that didn't jibe with the previous actions and descriptions.” “It appears the author grabbed a bunch of real-world jargon without knowing what it means and inserted it into his story.” Characters aren’t believable because their behaviour is inconsistent. They seem two-dimensional. Too many terms and jargon are inauthentic and don’t really belong. Paragraph level or stylistic Dialogue Characterization Character charts POV “There were far too many sentence fragments, and as an obsessed reader, it truly puts me out of rhythm to have to read something poorly written mechanically.” “The tense and person are inconsistent. Very distracting and leads to awkward prose which detracts from the story being developed.” The prose is choppy — needs smoothing! The reading process is bumpy and unpleasant. Frustrating! Inconsistent tense and point of view are distracting and make it hard to follow the story. Sentence level or copyedit Grammar Punctuation Style Tense *Typos, etc. Wrong word Missing punctuation Misspelled words are distracting Confused homonyms Periods and quotation marks are missing Word level, or proofread Proofreading Formatting Layout