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Beyonds Capabilities to help you achieve your face to face marketing objectives

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Beyond Overview Deck

  1. 1. Going Beyond! Nationwide exhibit services provided with one goal in mind: to exceed your expectations1
  2. 2. Experience Matters! At Beyond Exhibit Logistics, our nationwide team is made up of committed professionals that are passionate about doing whatever it takes to get things done right. That means providing custom and rental exhibit solutions that meet your unique needs. That means designing exhibits and experiences that engage your target audiences and match your brand We do more personality. That means constructing your trade show exhibit so it looks and it works exactly to ensure a the way it was envisioned to. That means providing a level of service at each stage of your smooth exhibit project that makes everything seamless and provides peace of mind. experience That means Going Beyond! each and Each project we manage has a lot of moving parts. Keeping those parts moving in the right every time! order takes attention to detail, adaptability and the experience to proactively make adjustments so all of the moving parts get put into the right place at the right time. The Beyond team is committed to managing each detail with care and dedication because, at our core, we believe a solutions oriented partner is one that puts your mind at ease so you can focus on building relationships with your customers. Beyond delivers a full range of event services for top tier clients coast-to-coast. You’ll experience a highly professional team of experts at:  I&D Labor Services  Rental Exhibits  Complete Show Services  Exhibit Logistics2
  3. 3. Our Locations CHICAGO For information, 14920 El Camino Real Orland Park, IL 60462 please contact Eric Nitsche by phone at 866-611-2411 or by email at SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 3422 Conrad Ave San Diego, CA 92117 NASHVILLE 608 Westcrest Dr Nashville, TN LAS VEGAS 1055 American Pacific HWY Henderson, NV 89074 ORLANDO 9436 Southridge Park Court TEXAS Suite 600 Serving the entire Orlando, FL 32819 State from Dallas3
  4. 4. Exhibit and Show Service Management Managing exhibit property is second nature to us. From managing the logistics, installation and dismantling at the show, pre and post show inspections and maintenance you can expect more from us. Exhibit Handling & Inspection A typical warehouse handing scenario, upon handling in we can inspect your exhibit properties for damage before the next show. We highly recommend this procedure for exhibits with many custom features that can’t be purchased off of a shelf or re- constructed within a day. This helps to maintain costs and provides enough time to weigh out any alternatives. Installation and Dismantling Our installation and dismantling crews are well versed in all aspects of your set up, from the technical to nuts and bolts. More than half of our onsite Supervisors carry the “shop” experience in their back pockets as bench carpenters who can build –- just about anything! Installation and Dismantling Supervisors Our installation and dismantling supervisors facilitate all services and suppliers on show site (electrical, AV, freight, etc.), ensure integrity of display, manages the labor crew to optimize costs , provide written reports from show site on install and dismantle, ensuring repairs are noted prior to property check-in The average level of experience of our supervisors is 15 years.4
  5. 5. Exhibit and Show Service Management Graphic Production Our graphic production team can provide services to maximize your investment in graphics. They can walk you through the best file formatting to make sure your graphics are seen at the best resolution, precise color matching so your graphics are consistent and photographic inventories to keep track of what you have produced. Portable Display Management Similar to our custom exhibit handling and inspection we can manage your portable exhibits in the same fashion. In addition to this, we offer standard package rates for exhibit handling and set ups. Show Service Ordering and Management Our show service department will complete all forms, submittals and make payments as required. They follow up to confirm orders have been received. Any disputes are followed up on by our show service department. Our typical service charge is 30% on orders managed. Warehousing & Storage We offer 150, 000 sq ft of warehousing space for storage. Each warehouse is fully equipped with forklifts, tractor trailer accessible loading docks, sprinkler systems and a small shop area. We provide full electronic inventories that generate packing list after packing list. If you have a busy exhibit schedule, this is the way to keep track of its movement. A packing list is created for each event when your exhibit ships from our facility.5
  6. 6. Rental Solutions 10x10 Options With a range of sizes and designs to fit any budget, our rentals are far from a cookie- cutter solution. Our rental kits allow you tochoose from a wide selection of 10x10, 10x20, 20x20and larger exhibits. Well work with you to create a 10x20 Options customized booth using one of our existing kits or we can start from scratch. Either way, we are here to help you ensure that your brand and product strategies are realized, while providing a positive experience for your customers. Whether you want 20x20 Options to add more variety to your exhibition strategy or test the waters before making acapital investment, rentals are a great way to provide a powerful brand experience without the cost of ownership and storage fees. 6
  7. 7. Custom Rental Solutions Its tough to compete in a tradeshow environment when your budget is financially challenged. 50x80 Your rental exhibit can be the key to your success. Custom Our rentals don’t make Rental you force-fit your image, your products, or your services into someone elses environment. Well design a custom rental environment that communicates the right message to the right 30x40 audience. Plus, we have Customshow service packages to handle all the logistics. RentalYou dont have to sacrificebudget to provide a brand experience that has impact. We just take out the cost of ownership.7
  8. 8. Rental Showcases Our rental showcases offer the benefits of ashowcase but can alsobe customized to meet your branding needs.Customize these showcases with your logo or custom image for greater impact.8
  9. 9. Custom Rental Components Our custom rental components offer amore customized look to your exhibit to support your branding.This is just a sampling of the components we have available. Please inquire for additional components and how they can be customized to meet your needs.9
  10. 10. Basic Terms and Conditions 50% deposit and signed contract required at commencement of all projects. Our terms are net, 30 days. If payment is not made when due, a finance charge in the amount of 1.5% per month will be added to all delinquent accounts. (Annual Percentage Rate of 18 %.) Forms of Payment Accepted: cash, check or wire transfer. Major credit cards are accepted –subject to a 3% service fee.10
  11. 11. Request We appreciate for Proposalthe opportunity! Thank You Learn more online at Prepared by: Beyond Exhibit Logistics 0ctober 11, 2012