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Beyond Credentials Company Powerpoint


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How can Beyond Credentials streamline your recruitment efforts?

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Beyond Credentials Company Powerpoint

  1. 1. Megan Krier 913-238-9849 [email_address]
  2. 2. Above and beyond old methods of recruiting from a job board Utilizing Social Media Humanizing a Resume 24 Hour Career Fair Expedite and enhance the recruiting process Not everything to everyone, not your silver bullet Ensure a good fit for your company and culture via our profiles Expand your reach and extend recruitment brand Impact your bottom line
  3. 3. Generation Y Top Attributes that attract students: Job Security Opportunity to advance High base salary Location Most Attractive Benefits: Paid insurance Job location Loan repayment What you need to know about them
  4. 4. Career Center Stats: Only half of students use the career services 45% used the career center for career coaching and help Only 5% used them for interview preparation Strategy to locate opportunities, internships, etc.: 96% visit company websites 91% viewed/applied for jobs outside of career services 89% used networking 87% used career fairs 85% used career center websites Social Networking: 85% of seniors utilized Facebook, Twitter and Linkeden 57% expect employers to view their profiles as part of the recruiting process 27% of employers feel they should use it for recruiting 55% noticed employer branding ads on social media sites but few clicked through More on Gen-Y
  5. 5. BC Snapshot Connecting top companies to elite Generation Y talent HOW? Niche site: 3.0+ GPA From a major 4 year university BC Campus Representatives National Honor Society Partnerships
  6. 6. Messaging Campus Representatives : Organic/Grassroots Efforts: Interview students, professors Speaking engagements to groups Classroom presentations BC Sponsored events Marketing/PR Firm: Business Journal Articles Press Releases TV interviews and more Online: Blogs Facebook T w itter Share feature
  7. 7. Where We're At and Where We're Going