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A Nightmare to People's Privacy


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Technology advanced, but is it worth the privacy threat?

Published in: Technology
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A Nightmare to People's Privacy

  1. 1. Beyond Sense Written by Beyond-Sense team Technology has evolved in recent years and it is becoming integrated in our lives in our day to day activities. As people continue adopting the new technology, the more they become comfortable with enjoying its advantages without realizing the effects and risk the technology has on their privacy. Storage of personal data in our computers, cloud services and phones has created a security risk in case intruders access the personal data. Legal issues with data privacy In the same way, security agencies have resulted in using CCTV cameras in public places to help reduce crime and terrorist related activities. However, activists are against such moves because they invade people’s privacy. Currently, in the UK, activists have raised issues because retained vehicle number plate surveillance data from 2012 have been kept for more than the recommended 2 years. The activists argue that the police are not allowed by law to retain that kind of data for more than 2 years without a valid explanation. This kind of incidents creates a security challenge in case such kind of information is hacked. Storage of personal data in our computers, cloud services and phones has created a security risk in case intruders access the personal data. Home CCTV Surveillance: A Nightmare to People’s Privacy Disadvantages of home based CCTV surveillance One major disadvantage with home CCTV camera is data security where security surveillance companies nowadays prefer to store data in the cloud to cut down on costs. Use of cloud storage brings privacy issues in case the cloud is hacked. Privacy issues also arise due to the fact that there is no restriction on who is supposed to be monitoring the security cameras. On top of these, wireless cameras use Wi-FI which can be hacked leading to stealing of data and loss of privacy, the same could be an issue with hackers entering home or office servers. According to a police report in Dubai, they had closed down several foreign websites that were streaming in home CCTV footage which exposed people to blackmail. With rise in cybersecurity incidences, people should take precaution when adopting new technology. Proper security measures should be put in place to protect CCTV surveillance network against intruders and hackers. We see it in many cases, the most famous incidents published are of course when celebrity pictures are being hacked and published online, however this happens in many other regular cases. Home based CCTV surveillance Apart from the security agencies, people have adopted the use in home CCTV cameras to secure mainly the outside proximity of their homes and businesses. Also, people install CCTV cameras in their homes to monitor activities in case they have left their kids or old ones under the care of a nanny. Hackers can enter hack into those servers and download pictures as we have seen from time to time on the news. However, despite the numerous benefits accrued with use of in home CCTV cameras, the rise of cybersecurity issues has diluted those benefits.