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        Folded sorbents are available for maintenance, chemical and
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                                                                   TECHNICAL DATA MELTBLOWN WIPES & OIL SORBENTS
                          Compatibility Guide for MOGUL Absorbent Products

This table is given as a guide, which, t...
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Sorbent Meltblown Materials


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Absorbent rolls ,pads and other converting products have been used to clean oil and water in plant and on the sea.

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Sorbent Meltblown Materials

  1. 1. MOGUL MOGUL Your Solution Partner for Nonwovens
  2. 2. MOGUL Fabric Types Single Layer Fabrics Multi Layer Fabrics Available under Hi-sorb (no bonding) The Ultrabond-ff (MMM) and and Hi-sorb Plus (ultrasonic bonded) Ultrabond-sms(SMS) are premium brands. Hi-sorb fabrics offer good loft range sorbents. Ultrabond-ff range and absorbency properties where as offers good linting, absorbency, and Hi-sorb plus offers less linting and aesthetic properties where as the better tensile properties. Ultrabond-sms range, offers good tensile and abrasion resistance, thanks to the spunbond layers. Product Forms We can offer fabrics in both roll or Colors pad form, as per your requirements. Full machine widths for Hi-sorb, (160 We have a wide range of colors cm-63’’), Hi-sorb plus, (155 cm-61’’), including yellow (hazardous fluids), Ultrabond ff-sms, (150 cm-59’’), can grey (universal), blue (oil only), be cut to various pad and roll sizes brown (oil only), green (universal / Fabric Types to fulfill your width requirements. hazardous), orange (universal), pink Perforation of rolls and pads in both (antistatic) as per market standards All meltblown grades can be offered horizontal and vertical directions is and customer demands. as oil only type (hydrophobic) for available. absorption of petroleum based spills or universal type (with hydrophilic treatment) for all fluids.
  3. 3. MOGUL Range of products Booms (Ultrasorb BM) Socks (Ultrasorb SC) Our manufacturing facilitiy produces Oil only, Universal and Hazmat socks different size booms and absorption are available in most sizes of your capacities. Available in oil only, lint choice. Socks easily mould to any free, or spagetti versions, for cold shape you desire. Our socks are water and rough sea environments. placed around leaking or dripping Universal, and Hazmat versions for machinery to contain and absorsb spills on land. Oil only types, float spills. Oil only socks absorb oil, while on water while absorbing oil, but Universal socks are used to absorb not water. All sorbent booms can oils, coolants, solvents and water. be linked together to cover any size Hazmat is used for aggressive or spill on land or water with the hepl caustic fluids. of metal clips. Our booms are filled with 100% Meltblown fiber filling, wihch provide excellent absorption and buoyancy characteristics, where as, nylon rope and sturdy hardware ensure durability, strengeth and long Drum Toppers use. In requested sizes and colors to Skimmer Boom (Bilge Boom) Pillows (Ultrasorb PS) fit most drums. The pads contain holes for the bong openings and The Sump Skimmer Boom removes Oil only, Universal and Hazmat are available for indoor and outdoor the oil from water in machine sumps, pillows are available in various sizes. appllications. pits, tanks and the bilge of o boat. Universal pillows absorb oil, coolants, solvents and water. Oil only pillows absorsb oil. Hazmat pillows are used for aggressive fluids, such as acid or caustic fluids. Pillows are used to absorb leaks that are too large for a pad. The pillow’s large surface area and absorbing capacity provides fast wicking and shortens cleaning time.
  4. 4. MOGUL Folded sorbents Folded sorbents are available for maintenance, chemical and petroleum applications. The fine fiber meltblown, perforated roll, opens to a full size absorbent pad and can also be used as a sock. The dispenser box design allows convenient storage and is great for mobile applications. Daily Use Package This practical small size package is developed for daily usage for simple cleaning tasks in plants.Content can be arranged as per requirements. Drip Pan A pillow-plastic pan combination that is used for containing drips and leaks. This is a practical and economical ideal way of absorbing drips from leaking spigots, flanges and pipes. Spill kits Spill kits composed of any combination of pads, socks, pillows together with googles, gloves, temporary disposal bags, and ties, packed in strong PVC (Also nonwoven) zipper bags, orplastic contariners drums or carts as customized to your application. Great for to use in vehicles where they can be stored under or behind a seat. Walking Mats Ultracam camouflage printed spunbond/meltblown walking mats, can be used for heavy traffic areas to absorb fluids and help to reduce slipping on fluids. The camouflage pattern hides leaks and drips so you don’t have to replace the mat as often. A new product recently developed, is a 3 layer product with a spunbond acquisition layer and meltblown inner core bonded together and the backside of the meltblown is extrusion coated. The fluids are absorbed and trapped in the meltblown, and will not leak through. Q-wick Cleaning Wipes Q-wick special embossed meltblown polypropylene wipers with good absorbency and linting properties. Q-wick cleaning wipes are ideal for multipurpose cleaning tasks as a dry wipe. Asterion, Pulp added meltblown wipers have superior absorbtion properties.Abrasive wipers are ideal for hand cleaning or other applications where abrasive properties needed. Particulates Shredded or spaghetti form particulates made from 100% meltblown material available in Oil only, Universal or Hazmat versions as needed. Supplied in large plastic bags or nylon bags as needed. It can be used as a floor sweep for leaks and spills and for absorbing oil spills on water or as a filling for
  5. 5. Applications MOGUL Roll Pads Pads Pads Walking Mats Booms Booms and Pillows Booms Pads
  6. 6. MOGUL TECHNICAL DATA MELTBLOWN WIPES & OIL SORBENTS TEST METHOD UNIT HI-SORB HI-SORB PLUS ULTRABOND SMS ULTRABOND FF ULTRABOND FF HI-SORB PLUS HI-SORB Q-WICK DRUM TOPPER SOCKS BOOM BOOM PILLOW LAYER WEIGHT g/m2 175 380 30+290+30 30+290+30 30+290+30 350 200 70 30+290+30 8cmx120cm 12cmx3m 20cmx3m 45cmx45cm oz/sqyard 5.162 11.21 0,885+8,55+0,885 0,885+8,55+0,885 0,885+8,55+0,885 10.32 5.9 2.065 3,15»x47,2» 4,72»x1,18» 7,87»x1,18» 17,7»x17,7» APPLICATION ON UNIVERSAL OIL ONLY OIL ONLY UNIVERSAL OIL ONLY UNIVERSAL OIL ONLY UNIVERSAL UNIVERSAL OIL ONLY OIL ONLY OIL ONLY OIL ONLY FABRIC BONDING TYPE NONE DIMPLED DIMPLED DIMPLED DIMPLED DIMPLED NONE DIMPLED DIMPLED - - - - COLOR GRAY WHITE WHITE YELLOW WHITE GRAY WHITE WHITE GRAY WHITE WHITE WHITE WHITE TOTAL WEIGHT ERT 20.2--89 g/m2 175 380 350 350 350 350 200 70 350 350gr/pcs 2,400 gr/pcs 4,500 gr/pcs 650 gr/pcs ASTM D-3776 oz/sqyard 5.162 11.21 10.32 10.32 10.32 10.32 5.9 2.065 10.32 0,77 lb/pcs 5,29 lb/pcs 9,92 lb/pcs 1,43 lb/pcs THICKNESS ERT 30.5-99 mm 2 4.9 4.5 4.6 4.8 4.2 2.4 0.6 4.3 - - - - ASTM D-1777 mils 78.8 193 177.3 181.24 189.12 165.48 94.56 23.64 169.42 - - - - TENSILE STRENGTH MD ERT 20.2-89 N/5CM 14 74 162 84 104 74 15 34 66 - - - - CD 50 96 157 90 112 94 52 23 75 - - - - MD ASTM D-5035-99 pound/inch 3.15 16.65 36.45 18.9 23.4 16.65 3.37 7.65 14.85 - - - - CD 11.25 21.6 35.325 20.25 25.2 21.15 11.7 5.175 16.875 - - - - ELONGATION AT MD ERT 20.2-89 % 7 25 31 24 31 49 11 27 31 - - - - BREAK CD 48 47 48 39 60 65 39 55 43 - - - - MD ASTM D-5035-99 % 7 25 31 5.4 31 49 11 27 6.975 - - - - CD 48 47 48 8.775 60 65 39 55 9.675 - - - - WATER ERT 10.4-02 % 850 - - 850 - 830 - 850 850 - - - - ABSORBENCY OIL ABSORBENCY ERT 10.4-02 % 1500 1400 1150 1150 1200 1300 1700 1290 1150 500-600 600-700 700-800 400-500
  7. 7. MOGUL Compatibility Guide for MOGUL Absorbent Products This table is given as a guide, which, to best of Mogul’s knowledge. Due to variables and contitions of application beyond Mogul’s control, none of he data shown in this guide is to be construed as a guarantee. Mogul assumes no responsibility, obligation, or liability in conjunction with the or misuse of the information, Please Kindly make small trials before going on large application to make sure about compatibility and precent losses. Universal Absorbents Oil-Only Absorbents Haz-Mat Absorbent Acetic Acid X O* O Acetone O O O Acrylonitrile O O O Ammonium Hydroxide X O* O Benzene O O O Butyl Alcohol O O O Carbon Tetrachloride O O O Chloroform O O O Cyclohexane O O O Diesel Fuels O O O Ethyl Alcohol O O O Ethyl Acetace X O* O Ethylbenzene O O O Ethylene Dichloride X O* O Ethyl Ether O O O Formaldehyde X O* O Formic Acid X O* O Gasoline O O O Hexane O O O Hydraulic Fluids O O O Hydrochloric Acid X O* O Hydrochloric Acid X O* >O Isopropyl Alcohol O O O Kerosene O O O Methyl Alcohol O O O Methyl Ethyl Ketone O O O Methylene Chloride O O O Nitric Acid X O* O Nitric Acid Fuming X O* O Octane O O O Oils - General O O O Oleum (Fuming Sulfuric Acid) X X X Phosphoric Acid X O* O Potash Solution (Calcium Carbonate) X O* O Potassium Hydroxide X O* O Sodium Hydroxide X O* O Sulfuric Acid X O* O Sulfurous Acid X O* O Toluene O O O Trichloroethylene O O O Water O O* O Xylene O O O p-Xylene O O O Key : * - Will not absorb; compatible O - Yes; recomenden for use > - Not compatible with Mogul absorbent X - No; do nut use; not compatible