A2 media evlauation 2!


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A2 media evlauation 2!

  1. 1. Q2 Click Soap trailer here to go back to slide 67 Please click here if video above doesn’t work
  2. 2. Planning mostly done on blogger.com and following slides.http://rebekahc091424.blogspot.com/
  3. 3. Planning +Q1 Real media soap conventions • It is a serialised drama that usually runs week-in, week-out, all year round. • It features continuous narratives dealing with domestic themes and personal or family relationships. • The plots are open-ended and usually many storylines are featured or even interlinked in an episode. Often they follow the same issue, with, for example, two characters dealing with the break-up of a relationship. The storylines in these cases run parallel. • They are often set around a small, central area such as a square (as in EastEnders) or a cul-de-sac (such as Brookside). • As a rule, British soaps are realistic or, at least, aim for realism.
  4. 4. Planning +Q1 Real media soap conventions • Lighting is basic e.g. Natural light or minimal light is used to create a gritty effect. This helps to create realism due to the realistic light levels. Mise en • Costume and make up is also basic, casual clothing is used to represent the personalities scene of the characters. • Many popular and well known soaps such as Coronation Street and Eastenders have a memorable theme tune that is played at the beginning and end of every episode. • Sound is mostly diegetic due to dialogue. Sound • Lyrics used often portray the story and create the mood the producers want the audience to feel (major and minor keys). • Scenes are generally short to maintain the viewers interest – (parallel narratives) so cuts are usually used to achieve this. Straight cuts are often used. Editing • Camera work is realistic and avoids tricks of any kind: POV shots, slow zooms, close ups. Camera work
  5. 5. Planning • This image displays the brands & media that +Q1 stereotypical “emos” are interested this helped to choose the institution for the media products. • This image shows the media consumption of the target audience we want to aim our products at. • TV is quite low whereas Internet is high. Source: uktribes.com Click here Source: uktribes.com to go back
  6. 6. Planning • Type of audience I am +Q1 Brands/products/services I selected. interested in. • Young people aged between 14-22. • I used brand maps on uktribes.com to view the percentages of products/services that different stereotypes like/use. This helped with branding + choosing an institution and what characters I should cast in the soap trailer. Click here to go Source: uktribes.com back
  9. 9.  Q1: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Q2: How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? Q3: What have you learnt from audience feedback? Q4: How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation technologies?
  10. 10. QUESTION 1
  11. 11. Q1 use develop challenge
  12. 12. Q1 Similar media products 90210 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85EEdnfG-z4 Skins http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuzUrNdpk9w&feature=player_embedded Hollyoaks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAp0Z3_fyfU&feature=player_embedded Downton Abbey http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2M3moEeErr8&feature=player_embedded
  13. 13. 90210http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85EEdnfG-z4
  14. 14. Q1 use develop challenge 90210 Trailer • Camera focuses on female character- soaps conventionally aimed at women. • Close up- can see emotions expressed- anger seen on own trailer (see screenshot below) • Lighting bright on female character.• Both female characters used in this scene.• Can see faces of both characters better.• Two shot- shows conflict between characters.• Lighting is brighter- natural light used.
  15. 15. Q1 use develop challenge 90210 Trailer • Close up of male character looking off screen. • Blurred background emphasises character in foreground. • Shocked expression. • Brightly lit. • Colour red used- conveys anger. • BCU of main female character. • Camera face on- see expression more clearly. • Colour red used in background and lipstick. • Gritty, dark lighting. • Looking off-screen also- convention of soaps.
  16. 16. Q1 use develop challenge 90210 Trailer • Long shot- sense of distance and loneliness. • Characters framed in the metal construction- centres focus. • Dark, natural light. • Both characters looking down- sense of despair. • Costume- casual.• Long shot also used- distanced from others.• Colour red being used again- conveying emotions of anger/fear.• Artificial light.• Lots of open space.• Character isnt framed but is the only character in the scene- attention focused.
  17. 17. Skinshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuzUrNdpk9w&feature=player_embedded
  18. 18. Q1 use develop challenge Skins Trailer • Blurred edges- gives sense of chaos and confusion. • Male characters used. • Dark lighting- adds to effectiveness as faces cannot easily be seen. • Conflict is happening in a pub- stereotypical. • Long shot used- see whats happening in the scene. • Female characters used- soap convention. • Dark lighting- violence doesn’t often take place in broad daylight. • Conflict is in a college. • Long shot used- see whats happening in the scene.
  19. 19. Q1 use develop challenge Skins Trailer • Blurred edges- gives sense of chaos and confusion. • Background blurred- focus on characters. • Indoor location- artificially lit. • Faces cannot easily be seen- identities almost anonymous. • Blurred edges- gives sense of chaos and confusion. • Faces cannot easily be seen- identity almost anonymous. • Outdoor location- natural bright light on face makes it harder for audience to recognize character.
  20. 20. Q1 use develop challenge Skins Trailer  In this trailer no dialogue can be heard until the end of the trailer, everything is silent and the music portrays the events happening in the scene.  This is the style we wanted to create in our trailer as the soundtrack
  21. 21. Hollyoakshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAp0Z3_fyfU&feature=player_embedded
  22. 22. Q1 use develop challenge Hollyoaks Trailer • Title cards used throughout trailer. • Highlights what is happening in each scene. • Zoom/Shake transition. • Single words used in own trailer conveying different emotions in each scene. • Letter by letter transition. • Title cards used throughout trailer. • Highlights what is happening in each scene.
  23. 23. QUESTION 2
  24. 24. Q2 Link to soap trailer Click Here
  25. 25. Q2 Emily Sasha
  26. 26. Q2 •Freestyle script font used on soap • Colours can be inverted (black trailer and front background and white text) as cover- creates • Dark colours seen on soap trailer. brand identity. usually used convention of soaps- see “soap logos” below. • Easily recognisable• Can be changed to and memorable any font size without due to its pixilation unlike an simplicity. image logo. • Simple fonts used for logos. • Name of soaps reflected by logo- e.g. EastEnders is set in London and location can be seen in background.
  27. 27. Q2 Billboard Analysis • Used the same fonts, colour and logo according to the E4 style guide.http://www.channel4.com/about_c4/styleguide/e4styleguide/e4-brand-guidelines.pdf
  28. 28. Q2 • Graffiti on the fence New Billboard • Facial expressions and stance of the reflects youth culture and portrays the Analysis characters conveys conflict relationship between the two characters.• The colour red is a convention of Borderline and conveys love and danger. • Used the same • The anchored text also conveys the main fonts, colour and message of the soap, and sheds light on what is happening in the image (possible logo according to relationship between them now broken) the E4 style guide.
  29. 29. Q2 •The same stars are used on the FC and Billboard as they are the main •Narrative is also clear, as there characters is obvious conflict between the characters. on Borderline. •All 3 products look like they are from the same soap and institution and genre is clear throughout due to facial expressions, hair, make-up & costume.
  30. 30. Q2 Original Front Cover Analysis • Primary colours- • Cheap price- convention of similar with real soap magazines products. effective as they are bold and stand out.• Buttons attract readers attention- as well as block • Conventional two capitals. shot and glow around main • Male characters- characters- same balances out characters on FC gender bias in as on billboard. main product. • Borderline logo simple and • Main characters memorable- females- soap used on main convention. • Conventions from main product also. product kept- red lipstick and “emo” stereotype. • Brand identity of Borderline.
  31. 31. Existing magazine analysis Strap displaying advertisement- convention Masthead, with• Button- convention simple and same font on every magazine. • Convention-Features in uppercase- barcode, websitdraw readers eye e, date and price. •Eye contact with the Anchor relates to star on the cover. In reader- makes a larger font. it more personal.
  32. 32. Q2 New Front Cover flat plan
  33. 33. Q2 New Front Cover Banner displaying advertisement- Analysis convention • Simple colour scheme- colour red • Button- is convention of convention borderline and so is £1.20 reflected through Features highlighted in the front cover. yellow- eye catching • Convention- barcode, websit • Main character e, date and female- soap price. convention. •Eye contact with the audience- draws the reader in.• Conventions from main product kept- “emo” • Drop shadow on stereotype. text- eye• Brand identity of catching. Borderline.
  34. 34. Q2 TV LISTING- FRIDAY• BBC one doesn’t show many soaps/dramas as E4. • EastEnders isnt very • EastEnders is shown at modern and contains a later time- due to the more older characters target audience being than younger characters. women aged 30-40.
  35. 35. Q2 • More variety of soaps compared to BBC One. • Soaps also aimed at an older audience- women aged between 30- 50+. • Coronation street shown again an hour later- portrays that the soap is aimed at older women due to the soap being on at a later time. TV LISTING- FRIDAY
  36. 36. Q2 TV LISTING- FRIDAY• Soaps and TV dramas aimed at a younger audience compared to BBC one and itv 1 e.g. Hollyoaks. • Time of soap is weekdays at around 7pm. Our group chose to use E4 as the institution • This is when the audience for the soap as programmes are aimed at is likely to be at home and a younger audience and often include watching. teenage characters and have relatable storylines e.g. Hollyoaks & Skins.
  37. 37. QUESTION 3
  38. 38. Q3From a sample of 100 people (35 male, 65 female), we found the following resultsregarding soap and television viewing habits;
  39. 39. Q3 Click here to go backFrom a sample of 100 people (35 male, 65 female), we found the following resultsregarding soap and television viewing habits; Soap and TV Viewing - Do you watch soaps? MALE 18% Coronation street Yes Female 12% 48% Eastenders 14% No Female 33% Emmerdale Yes Male 24% Doctor Who 20% No Male Glee 2% None 22% 2% Other Soap and TV Viewing - FEMALE 5% Coronation Street Eastenders Start watching soaps - MALE 14% 18% Emmerdale Holby City 11% 17% Before 12 18% 15% Neighbours 20% 13-20 Waterloo Road 21-42 6% Doctor Who 4% 52% 42+ 12% 7% Glee 2% 4% None
  40. 40. Q3 From a sample of 100 people (35 male, 65 female), we found the following results regarding soap and television viewing habits; What newspapers do you Employment status? MALE read? - FEMALE 13% 12% Sun Express 12% Student 16-23 Daily Mail 50% 50% 38% In full time work 25% Local paper Guardian Employment status? FEMALE Do you think soaps can be improved? 20% Student 16-23 28% Yes MALE 43% Part time work No FEMALE 80% Yes FEMALE 29%
  41. 41. Q3From a sample of 100 people (35 male, 65 female), we found the following resultsregarding soap and television viewing habits; How do you watch soaps? Start watching soaps - - FEMALE FEMALE 7% 4% Beofre 12 10% 24% 13-20 21-42 Live TV 55% 42+ Never 100% How do you follow your soaps? What newspapers do you read? - MALE Continuously - Male 29% Continuously - Daily Mail 71% 50% 50% Female Local paper
  42. 42. Q3  From the survey I conducted I learnt that the majority of people that watch soaps are women nearly half. (48%) This is the main reason we had more female characters than male characters to make the soap more relatable.  52% of men and 55% of women who watch soaps started watching them between the ages of 13-20. Therefore we decided to aim our soap at women/teenagers this age.
  43. 43. Q3  All males asked answered “yes” to the question: Do you think soaps can be improved? Whereas only 43% of women said yes. Because of this we challenged and developed some soap conventions.
  44. 44. Q3 • “The opening needs intercuts between Sasha & Emily to create the relationship between them.” -If I were to do this again I would include more cuts of Sasha crying and Emily in her bedroom looking at Sasha on the internet to establish and reinforce their relationship.
  45. 45. Q3 Heavy eyeliner Fringes covering faces Casual clothing Stereotypical “emos” and teenagers can relate to Borderline- have similar features e.g. eyeliner.
  46. 46. I interviewed a Question 1teenage girl aged 15and asked her herviews on my final Answer> Q1products. Question 2 Answer> Q2 Click the speakers to Question 3 here the Click here questions and to go back Answer> Q3 to slide 66 answers.
  47. 47. QUESTION 4
  48. 48. Q4
  49. 49. Q4 •The video camera we used is of high quality so we could achieve crisp and sharp moving images.These are the products we usedto film our trailer and create ourancillaries. We used a lowaperture to create depth offield and a variety of shutterspeeds to create the“flashback effect.”
  50. 50. Q4  We used three different video cameras in the making of our soap trailer and one still camera.  We used three different video cameras to gain shot reverse shots and over the shoulder shots, this added dimension to my soap trailer.  We also used a still camera to take continuity shots, billboard shots, front cover shots, location shots & character shots. Continuity shots were very important so we could keep hair, make-up and costume as similar as possible in each scene. Possible FC shots
  51. 51. Q4  I also wanted photos of the last scene in the trailer to use as “flashback images.” I thought this was effective as my trailer is based around the character Sasha having a flashback of recent events that have happened in her life. It creates the effect that the character is blinking fast trying to remove the images. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  52. 52. Q4 I used Adobe Premiere Elements 8(APE 8) for the making of my final soap trailer and my ancillary soap task and comic strip soap. The ancillary task and comic strip soap were extremely useful tasks as I was new to APE 8 and so needed to learn the basics of the software e.g. adding video clips, cropping, adding title cards and sound. •To add clips to APE 8 I clicked edit, get media and selected the clips by using ctrl + alt on the keyboard to select multiple clips. •The clips then opened in the window where they could be dragged into the timeline and cropped. ADDING CLIPS
  53. 53. Q4 ADDING FADE EFFECTS •I selected this clip to create a fade in effect from black I did this by right clicking on the clip selecting fade > fade in video. ADDING TITLE CARDS • To add title cards in-between the clips I selected edit> title> and chose the music_video_text title card. I then edited the colour and font to suit my brand identity. •I changed the colour to red and the font to Tw Cen MT.
  54. 54. Q4•I uploaded my trailer toYouTube through AdobePremiere Elements 8 byclicking share> upload toYouTube.•I then entered my log indetails and the video wasconverted and uploadedto YouTube. •Video uploaded to YouTube.
  55. 55. Q4 Our group used Adobe Photoshop for the creation of our front cover. We created a yellow glow around the main characters to make it eye-catching and make them stand out from the other characters. We also removed the background from the images so we could add the yellow glow. This gave a more professional feel to the front cover. •I used the magic eraser tool to remove the background. REMOVING BACKGROUND FROM FC IMAGE
  56. 56. Q4 •I then changed the colour to yellow and coloured around the main characters and saved the image. •I selected paintbrush and changed the hardness to 10% and the diameter to 166px. ADDING THE YELLOW GLOW
  57. 57. Q4 We used Publisher to piece together our front cover and billboard tasks as we were all familiar with the software and its tools. I created the E4 stylised logo for the billboard based on the E4 style guide. • I used a blank logo • I downloaded the font similar to this one and from dafont.com downloaded the font ITC American Typewriter to create a logo as similar to the E4 style guide as possible. • Finished product.
  58. 58. Q4 •Firstly I logged into1. slideshare.net and entered my username and password. 2. •I then uploaded my evaluation PowerPoint.
  59. 59. Q4 •Screenshot of the video uploading. •I also entered key details. •This is what it looks like once uploaded. The slides can be viewed by clicking the arrows at the bottom.
  60. 60. Q4 •Here is the PowerPoint on my blog
  61. 61. Q4
  62. 62. Q4  I used YouTube to study a variety of soaps & TV dramas to pick up on soap conventions, camera shots, sound, mise en scene etc.  From the new drama, Downton Abbey I could see that through costume and setting, genre is portrayed to the audience using these simple but significant codes. Also lighting can vary from natural lighting, artificial and candle lit scenes. • Candle lit dinner- • Costume looks gives an opulent expensive and feeling to the hair and dinner and make-up is conveys the immaculate. characters as click to view trailer wealthy. • Candle light can also be used in “dark” scenes for example to light a persons face or create eerie shadows- this is more suited to soap operas.
  63. 63. Q4I also looked at the Hollyoaks trailer from 2009 as I wanted to aim my soaptrailer at young women and men aged between 15-22 years. Hollyoakshas a similar demographic and so I found it useful to analyse this trailer.• Two shot is very common in soaps. • Soaps often are set in a small neighbourhood.• Makes audience feel like they are • This is shown by the small streets and houses. in the room watching the • Stereotypical young teenagers look worried- conversation. may have done something wrong.• Costume, hair and make-up reflects characters personality. Please click to view trailer
  64. 64. Q4I used YouTube to look for different songs that be suitable for my soap trailer. This wasuseful as I could look for acoustic versions of songs and also view users commentsabout different songs and evaluate this.Songs I considered:-• All around me- Flyleaf• Over my head- The Fray• You found me- The Fray Some of the lyrics- Over my head• These song choices all have a I never knew similar rhythm and soft piano music I never knew that everything was falling through as I didn’t want the music to be That everyone I knew was waiting on a threatening, as soaps need to be queue relatable. To turn and run• I also want the lyrics to convey when all I needed was the truth. what is happening in the scene.• I think the acoustic version of Over my head- The fray would be most suitable out of the three. CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO
  65. 65. Q4  Please click to view trailer and evaluation
  66. 66. Q4  click to view- evaluation of similar products in planning
  67. 67. Q4 Click here Click here Click here
  68. 68. Q4 Click to view UK Tribes - Emo video Click to view- Emo Stereotype I think these videos were very useful as I learnt more about my target audience, what they like and what they don’t like. This helped with branding and choosing an institution for Borderline.
  69. 69. Q4 I recorded the interview using webcam software: YouCam Click here on my laptop and imported the clips into PowerPoint. to view slide with voice clips•First I clickedinsert> sound>sound from file. I then selected the sound file from my documents and clicked insert. This is the finished product.
  70. 70. Q4 I converted the .prel file into an .avi file using covertfiles.com. I then imported the video into•When the file was PPT by clickinguploaded, I right insert>movie>mclicked the file ovie from file.and clicked savetarget as andsaved the file. Click here to view Click this button to view the finish product. slide with video clips