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The Most Social Retail Brands in India


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The Most Social Retail Brands in India is an attempt to map all the online conversations in terms of brand
mentions and analytically rank the Brands in terms of their mentions, sentiments and demographics. The research was carried out by collecting online mentions for the brand from India.

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  • Sumit, Thanks for your comment and the questions. The data is collected from the Social Networks, Micro-blogs, blogs, news, forums etc. The listening is done using the listening tool - Simplify360 that collects the data as per the given keyword combination or Boolean queries.

    The data taken is for Indian brands and from India. The research methodology is used is relative and there is no specific benchmark defined. If brand 1 has a score of x and brand 2 has y, and is x > y, then brand 1 is better than brand 2.

    In this mechanism, it is difficult to say now good is brand1 from brand2. It just ranks the brands on the basis of score.

    The assumtions taken for scoring are:
    1. More buzz is always better
    2. positive buzz is better and negative buzz is worse
    3. consistency of brand buzz over time or channels is good.

    Hope this answers your query.
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  • can this be elaborated.. whats the data source and whats the benchmarks on this the s.ocial score has been computed .while compiling the scores i guess facebook fan pages ( india based) tweet analysis for the market in India have been used.. Can this research methodology be measured ?
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The Most Social Retail Brands in India

  1. 1. No 1 Social Retail/CPG Brand of India Strong buzz, leadership in itscategory and good market opinion. Presents ----------------------------------------------- The Most Social Retail Brands of India
  2. 2. No 1 Social Brand : PizzaHut Forums CustomSite 7% s 0% Blogs Twitter 30% 42% Facebook 0% Flickr 0% News Youtube 21% 0%Simplify360 Buzz Score : 75Influence Score : 61Prominence Score : 94Opinion Score : 64Market Bad Rate : 6.1%Pizza-Hut Bad Rate : 2.56%Share of Voice (CPG+Retail) : 3.56%Share of Voice (only Retail) : Extremely strong among teens; has good influence on both genders.
  3. 3. No 2 Social Brand: Dabur CustomSites Twitter Facebook 0% 17% 0% Forums Flickr 15% 0% Youtube 0% Blogs News 36% 32%Simplify360 Buzz Score : 74Influence Score : 58Prominence Score : 98Opinion Score : 62Market Bad Rate : 6.1%Dabur Bad Rate : 2.76%Share of Voice (CPG+Retail) : 3.31%Share of Voice (only Retail) :Great coverage in News and Blogs. Brand is prominent among mid age working men (36 to 45 years).
  4. 4. No 3 Social Brand : Britannia Forums CustomSites 6% 0% Twitter 24% Facebook Flickr Blogs 0% 26% 0% Youtube 0%Simplify360 Buzz Score : 72Influence Score : 54Prominence Score : 96 NewsOpinion Score : 61 44%Market Bad Rate : 6.1%Britannia Bad Rate : 2.78%Share of Voice (CPG+Retail) : 1.56%Share of Voice (only Retail) : Great coverage in News. Brand is prominent in working youth (26-35 years).
  5. 5. Prominence Opinion Influence Simplify360 Rank Brands Score Score Score Buzz Score 4 Amul 96 49 60 72 5 McDonalds 96 35 63 71 6 Big Bazaar 90 55 58 70 7 Pepsi 97 40 58 70 8 Coca Cola 94 48 54 69 9 Parle 94 44 55 69 10 Dominos 83 63 56 6811 Pantene 21 Pantaloons 31 Reebok 41 Sunfeast12 Nike 22 Johnson & Johnson 32 Maggi 42 Band-aid13 Red Bull 23 Adidas 33 Shoppers Stop 43 Head & Shoulders14 Colgate 24 Nescafe 34 Heinz 44 Kurkure15 Gillette 25 Limca 35 Bournvita 45 Spencers16 Close up 26 Vaseline 36 Kissan 46 Mountain Dew17 Emami 27 Bata 37 Appy 47 Prestige18 Sprite 28 Barista Lavazza 38 Palmolive 48 Puma19 Lakme 29 Horlicks 39 LOreal 49 Hamam20 Garnier 30 Tropicana 40 Kinley 50 Cafe Coffee Day
  6. 6. Top Brands by Individual Scores Top 10 : Influence Score Top 10: Share of Voice Top 10 : Opinion Score
  7. 7. General notion that if people talk, they talk negative is false. There is no established relation between the Influence Score and the Opinion Score. PCC : 0.38 * 150% 100% 50% 0% McDon… Marks… Amruta… Boost Frooti Bata Nivea Spencers Hamam Kurkure Complan Cinthol Limca Globus Dabur Britannia Horlicks Cloud 9 Close up Gillette Opinion Score Influence Score This proves a point that higher buzz is always good.* PCC is Pearson’s Co-relation Coefficient
  8. 8. Share of Voice : Indian Context Pareto Top 20% Bottom 80% ParetoSocial Media Buzz is highly distributed forRetail and CPG Brands. Market Share 66% 34% NoIndian and Foreign Brands are head to Herfindahl indexhead in the Indian Market. Sum of Square of Market Share (H) 1.78% No. of Brands Considered (N) 172 Herfindahl Index (H*) 121 Share of Voice DistributionPareto Rule Does Not Hold. 4% Amul 4%• Top 20% of the brands cover 66% of the 4% 4% McDonalds Nike conversation. 4% Emami 3% Pizza HutThe Nature of the Market is Perfect 3% DaburCompetition 3% Big Bazaar• Herfindahl index = 121 66% 3% KFC 2% Adidas• This means there is chance for any new Reebok brand to come up and set-up a good show. Others
  9. 9. Share of Voice: Global Scenario Indian Market is expected to follow this path in near future. Close up 2% The resulting scene is a Shared Adidas Pepsi Pizza Hut Puma 2% Coca Cola Monopoly or Oligopoly. 7% 2% 8% 2% Others Reebok 15%Taco Bell 2% 10% Dominos 1% Pareto rule holds true. Top 20% covers 94% of the Buzz. Other KFC 19% 13% McDonalds Nike 15% 17% Colgate Herfindahl index 1% Nescafe Barista Lavazza Sum of Square of Market Share (H) 17.21% Four Firm Red Bull 1% Sprite Concentration Ratio is 47%. 1% 1% 1% No. of Brands Considered (N) 172 Herfindahl Index (H*) 1,673 Market is at the state of oligopoly, few firms jointly control the market.
  10. 10. Simplify360 RecommendsFor High Buzz Score BrandsHuge volume of conversation is happening for yourbrand. Its time for you to engage with the crowd andmint the business outcome.For Mid Buzz Score BrandsThe volume of conversation for your brand can beincreased. You may not worry about opinion, jkustwork to increase the conversation. Listen, Engage andbe part of the Social World.For Low Buzz Score BrandsYou need to do a lot of work. But good thing is thatthe market is in perfect competition stage. Goodtime to go aggressive and pull the Social Favor.Under-Social Represented Brands.Your Brand is in serious crisis. You got to quickly dosomething before you miss the social media train.
  11. 11. Research Methodology• Data and Sampling – 143 CPG Brands and 32 Retail Brands were taken. – Buzz in the Social Media Space about the brands were tracked using Simplify360. – Chosen channels are – Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, News, Flickr, Forums and Youtube. – Data was collected from Dec 20, 2011 to Jan 5, 2012• KPIs – Influence Score defined by overall buzz, uniformity of the buzz over time, and diversity of buzz across channels. – Opinion Score based on the sentiments of the posts towards the brand. – Prominence Score defined as normalized Influence Score for industry segments. – Overall Buzz Score is the resultant score of 3 scores.• Assumptions – Brand Profile with less than 1000 mentions were classified as thin files and were excluded from the ranking
  12. 12. Mentions Pepsi 2% Puma 2% Coca Cola Close up 2% 2% Adidas Pizza Reebok 7% Hut 2% Dominos 8% 1% Others Taco Bell 15% 10% OtherKFC 19%13% Colgate McDonalds Nike 1% 15% Nescafe 17% Red Bull 1% Sprite Barista Lavazza 1% 1% 1%