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Simplify360 for Agencies: How can Agencies leverage social media.


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How can social media and digital media agencies use Simplify360 and its benefits.

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Simplify360 for Agencies: How can Agencies leverage social media.

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR AGENCY Enable your organizations to effectively implement social media concepts in to core business functions. Simplify 36Analyze & ActSocial Media Management SaaS Infrastructure
  2. 2. SUCCESS STORIESSimplify360 has partnered and worked closely with some of the most renownedglobal digital media agencies. Among them, Starcom MediaVest has had long andfruitful relationships with Simplify360 and the partnership is working great for bothof us.WHY SOCIAL MEDIA?The 2012 RSW/US New Year Outlook Sur- Marketers are looking for better validation fromvey which was completed by over 100-senior Agency for their spending. In addition to this, thelevel Marketers (“Clients”) and over 100 Agency rise in the number of Digital Only Shops is givingPrincipals from Agencies of different types/si- Marketers more options and a competition tozes shows a disconnect between marketers and traditional agencies.agencies. Simplify360 is working with both the Digital OnlyThis disconnect is deeply associated with the Shops and traditional agencies. We have had anproliferation of digital platforms and trends opportunity to understand their challenges andwhich is making it harder for marketers to make work together to solve them.their decisions, plus the unhealthy economy. “ „ Few organizations have figured out how to use Social Media effectively to achieve their enterprise goals.
  3. 3. CHALLENGES OF AGENCIES IN SOCIAL MEDIA • Creating effective social media validation for clients through research • Providing actionable insights to clients through social media data • Setting up strong and reliable social media delivery teams The key problems and challenges About Simplify360 Simplify360 is a social media • Took long time to convert clients due to lack of social media validations management infrastructure • Facing a tough delivery issues in social media from the clients platform. It enables organiza- • Reporting structure was not up to the demand of the clients tions to effectively implement social media concepts in to core business functions. Powered by Simplify360 AnalyticsTM, we What they have achieved via Simplify360: extend a sophisticated and • The client acquisition rate increased. 3 out of 6 clients converted. user-friendly environment to • Helped save 50% of delivery cost through Simplify360 consultancy realize value via actionable • Reporting structure was streamlined and delivery time reduced. intelligence. To know more about Simplify360 visit: Before or e-mail us at:100% support@simplify360.com80% 100%70% After60% After India Address: 50% 3rd Floor, 7/1 Binnamangala,40% 50% 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Before20% Bangalore 560038. 16% Phone (Bangalore) : +91-80-40971130 Before After Before After Client acquisition rate US Address: Delivery Cost 11824 Jollyville Road, Suite 402, Currently, Simplify360 is helping to create new pitch every week. The Austin, TX 78759. client has build up a strong confidence in the social media front are Phone (US) : 512-539-0360 going aggressively towards innovative frontier. Simplify360’s effective partnership program and social media insight reports (Simplify360 Brand AuditTM) has helped Starcom MediaVest stand out among other agency crowds.