Selling Without Spending


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Selling Without Spending

  1. 1. SellingwithoutSpending SOCIAL MEDIA HANDBOOK FOR SALES AND MARKETING PROFESSIONALS“Lead Generation was never so easy. Sales people can never run out of leads in theSocial Media era.” Bhupendra Khanal, CEO – Simplify360Simplify360Tel (US) 512-539-0360 www.simplify360.comTel (India) +91 80 40971130
  2. 2. Table of ContentsContentsIntroduction _________________________________________________________________ 1Changes brought by Social Media _______________________________________________ 2Getting Started ______________________________________________________________ 3 In this section, we will give you some direct tips to generate Sales Leads. Let’s get started. ___________________________________________________________3 LinkedIn ___________________________________________________________3 Find people ______________________________________________________3 Add contacts you find ______________________________________________4 Once you have built a good friends list, do the following: ___________________4 Use LinkedIn Groups _______________________________________________5 LinkedIn Answers _________________________________________________5 Twitter ____________________________________________________________6 Profile Search for Target Market Companies ____________________________6 Profile Search for People ____________________________________________6 Monitor Industry keywords in Simplify360 (or other monitoring tools) __________7 Monitor Competition in Simplify360 ____________________________________8 _________________________________________________________________8 Quora ____________________________________________________________9 Finding people from answers _________________________________________9 Profile Search ____________________________________________________9 Slideshare ________________________________________________________10 Browsing through Pro-Accounts _____________________________________10 Through your company account _____________________________________10 Keyword Search _________________________________________________11 Google Plus _______________________________________________________11Case Studies _______________________________________________________________ 12 Business Case 1: Hiring/ Business Development in 4 Easy Steps _____________12 Business Case 2: Finding CMO of Infosys _______________________________13 Business Case 3: Finding 50 Digital Marketing Folks in Chicago ______________13
  3. 3. Pg. 01 Introduction“All you need to Introductiondo is – unlearnwhatever youhave learned so We live in the era of Social Media - The biggest ever revolution in terms of reach and exposure. You are just a few clicks away from connecting to the right person in the target company. Yet, you might not be aware of suchfar in lead possibilities. You may be launching email campaigns and banner ads, and hoping that the mass emails or bannersgeneration and are read and the target becomes interested in you. But all this while, you might not be optimizing your actionsstart using Social through social intelligence.Networks” Remember, a fresh 20 year old sales person who is Social Media savvy has a good edge over you. He might not have the experience or contacts, but he knows whom to talk to and how to talk to them. One of them may just beat you in performance one day and say – “Why are you upset? Don’t you use Social Media, UNCLE?” So what should you do to stay in the competition? All you need to do is – unlearn whatever you have learned so far in lead generation and start using Social Networks. Here are the reasons why you should. • Your customers are on Social Media • Your potential customers are on Social Media • Their profiles are open and reachable (mostly) • They are on Social Media to talk and listen.
  4. 4. Pg. 02 Changes brought by Social Media Changes brought by Social Media“All you need to The biggest of all is – Open Profiles. Reach anyone you want to talk to is – unlearnwhatever you The era of emails, mass marketing, Tele-marketing, TV ads & print ads are slowly dying. The world is moving towardshave learned so being social, engaging and empowering. In the media world, it is often said that the world is moving away from Paid Advertising to Earned Advertising. The change is big.far in leadgeneration andstart using SocialNetworks” EXPERTS TO MASS DECISION SYSTEM STUMBLEUPON, DIGG, REDDIT, DELICIOUS CORPORATE VIRTUAL FRIENDSHIP CONNECTIONS ORKUT, HI5, MYSPACE, LINKEDIN, ZING FACEBOOK OPEN INFORMATION ONLINE BRAND WIKIPEDIA, BLOGS, MANAGEMENT YOUTUBE, TWITTER FACEBOOK, TWITTER OPEN PROFILE VIRAL FLOW OF INFORMATION TWITTER, QUORA, GOOGLE PLUS FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE
  5. 5. Pg. 03 Getting Started Getting Started “Allyou need to do is – unlearn In this section, we will give you some direct tips to generate Sales Leads. Let’s get started. whatever you LinkedIn have learned so LinkedIn is the most important channel if you are in B2B Sales. The channel is more closed than Twitter or Facebook. far in lead You have to be careful and not become too aggressive on LinkedIn. Yet, you will be doing a bigger injustice if you generation and aren’t aggressive at all. start using Social Networks” Find people • Colleague search • School mate search • Search using Email contacts import • Search for your target segment by his profile. It can be industry keyword like ‘Digital Marketing’ or job profile like “Chief Marketing Officer” or “Head of Marketing”.People search throughcompanies, connections, Action Itemslocation and many more.
  6. 6. Pg. 04 Getting Started Add contacts you find • Understand the person by reading his/her profile. • If he/she has more than 500 connections, you can just invite him choosing one of the relevant options. • If he/she has fewer connections, you have to be cautious because the person does not accept any random invitation. So you will have less chance to connect and talk to him. You may send him in mails or ask one of your contacts to introduce you. You can do it using the “Introduction Request” feature of LinkedIn.Ways to connect withpeople in LinkedIn. Once you have built a good friends list, do the following: • Keep updating LinkedIn status with relevant news • Keep sending emails every month with a new development with your contacts. This could be your new newsletter, eBook or research papers. • Talk to folks who reply and try to understand his work; look for opportunity and pitch your offerings.Updates related to how toachieve things onorganization is quitepopular in LinkedInnetworks.
  7. 7. Pg. 05 Getting Started Use LinkedIn Groups You may join 99 LinkedIn Groups. Find active relevant groups and join them. The best groups may not be your industry groups but where your clients and potential clients hang out. Participate in the discussions there. Ask questions, answer existing questions, vote up answers etc. Remain relevant to the group. Look for good opportunities to pitch products or service and do it. But do not over do the sales pitch, it will degrade your reputation. People appreciate if you seek help. Questions like these “Guys, we have launched a new site. How do you like it? ….link ….” Do sell better than saying, “we have launched a new site. You may want to look at it”. Always call for action. Group search allows you to find relevant groups and communities. LinkedIn Answers Participate in Q&As, be relevant and make your personal brand. Company stuff can be sold later. You may ask for suggestions from people about the industry, trends and can talk about your products. Be receptive about people’s thoughts and don’t oversell yourselves.LinkedIn provides searchengine to discoverquestions and answers.
  8. 8. Pg. 06 Getting Started Twitter Profile Search for Target Market Companies Use profile search in Twitter or use keyword search in Google, you can find your target profiles. - use “Twitter + …… (Industry keyword or company name)” search query in Google. If you are looking to talk to Human Resource Consulting companies, you just have to find one such company profile. Rest Twitter will keep on suggesting similar profiles while you visit one. Just keep digging down and whole World of your target is with you. Follow them. Talk to them. Most importantly, make a list of those folks.Twitter has a goodsearch andrecommendation enginefor finding relevantTwitter Profiles. Profile Search for People Similar to above company search, find a few folks who are your target market (CMOs, VP for Business Development, Marketing or Sales, VP Customer Service etc.). Identify the relevant folks and talk to them. Most of them will revert.
  9. 9. Pg. 07 Getting Started Monitor Industry keywords in Simplify360 (or other monitoring tools) Build all relevant keyword profiles in Simplify360 like for our case; we would search for keywords like “Social Media Software”, “Social Media Monitoring”, “Social CRM” etc. We are sure you guys don’t use this gold mine. You can just add industry keywords and find lots of people talking about those topics. For more information on this, you can check out our presentation on How to create Social Media Monitoring? You need to start the dialogue and here are ways to do it: • RT the tweet • Reply to it • Ask questions related to his tweet • Identify yourself and ask if he is interested in a demo or trialSimplify360 allows you totrack combinations ofmultiple keywords.
  10. 10. Pg. 08 Getting Started Monitor Competition in Simplify360 It is always a good idea to find folks who talk about competing products. Look for the opportunity and come in between the guy and the product he is talking about. Break the communication line if the person is talking negative about your competition and pull towards you. You have a strong lead for sales.Engagement Dashboardof Simplify360 allows youto seamlessly engage withmultiple prospects atonce.Influencer dashboard inSimplify360 allows you tofind relevant profiles onmultiple channel.
  11. 11. Pg. 09 Getting Started Quora Finding people from answers Best way to reach out to people is to follow some of the interesting questions related to your industry. For examples: We search for keywords like Social Media, Digital Marketing and the likes. The folks who answer are mostly the target group. Identify those folks and build a rapport with them: • Thank them for answering (some good ones) • Comment on their answers • Up vote the answers • Follow them • Write a message to them (3 per day is allowed)Searching for questionsand answers in Quora iseasy. Profile Search Google Search for “site: digital marketing (use your target market keyword)” throws 104k results. These are mostly for the profile of the people. You may want to try and see it. You can go to the user profiles and perform some of the actions like: • Follow the user • Ask a question to the user • Write a message (3 per day allowed) Using Google search to find profiles in Quora.
  12. 12. Pg. 10 Getting Started Slideshare Browsing through Pro-Accounts Take some time to reach the user profiles through the facility of browsing pro-accounts. Then reach a profile and do the following: • Browse through the presentations and comment (to let the user know that you exist) • Follow the person/account • Send message (for some profiles its possible) • At the end of most presentations, there is a facility to connect to the account admin. Use it to send the message. Remember any company having a Slideshare Pro account is a power user of Social Media. The person or company is likely to reply to your messages.How Slideshare emailnotification allows you totrack the interaction andconnect with new leads,or get noticed. Through your company account
  13. 13. Pg. 11 Getting Started If you have a Slideshare account and have some followers, visit their profiles and connect to them on a personal level. If the guy is interested in listening to what you have to say, he is certainly a good lead for Sales. Keyword Search Search for your industry keyword (in our case it is “Digital Marketing”) on or search using Google search (“Digital Marketing” site: to find the relevant profiles. Once you find the profiles, initiate some activities on the profiles. Use the tips listed above 4.a. Google Plus As a Google product, it has one of the best search interfaces. You just need to type your industry keyword and choose an option as “People and Pages”, you will be given a list of relevant pages. You can avail certain facilities to connect to those folks. For some you will be given an option to email (in case the person is connected to you) and for others you can send messages. Google Plus messages are like tweets; you may send a public message that is targeted to a person.Google Plus has acomprehensive people searchengine which leverages Gmailaccount and public profiles.
  14. 14. Pg. 12 Case Studies Case Studies Business Case 1: Hiring/ Business Development in 4 Easy Steps LinkedIn People Search -> Advanced Options -> Country = United States, Zip code = 60601 (within 50 Miles), Keyword = Social Media -> Done
  15. 15. Pg. 13 Case Studies Business Case 2: Finding CMO of Infosys -> CMO Infosys Business Case 3: Finding 50 Digital Marketing Folks in Chicago Search ( - > Digital Marketing) -> People and Pages - > Location = Chicago
  16. 16. Pg. 14 Case Studies