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On Demand Social Media


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Simplify360 brings the complete Social Media Offering as an on-demand solution for Entre

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On Demand Social Media

  1. 1. On DemandSocial Media Anytime. Anywhere.
  2. 2. Advantage Simplify360 Powerful Buzz segmentation Automated Message Filtering Preconfigured Workflow system Custom Report and Tracking 2012 InRev Systems
  3. 3. Simplify360 Functions  Media Monitoring Dashboard for brands  Real time analytics for social mention & sentiment  Demographics, trends and Influencers of brandsBrand Management  Add FB pages and Twitter profile  In depth performance report of your channel  Updates, response & popular sentiment, top member  Social Media Campaign planning & scheduling Channel Analytics  ROI base URL tracking  Poll creation & RSS feed managementCampaign Management  Project collaboration& four access control levels  Manage team of teams  Task assignment, notification & permission Workflow Management 2012 InRev Systems
  4. 4. Simplify360 Deployment options Basic Version of Simplify360 for Brand Management, Channel Analysis & Campaign Management Base New URL addition, Custom Reports & Application Custom Analytic Module Online Reputation Management Custom Social Media Consulting Deployment On Demand Services 2012 InRev Systems
  5. 5. Simplify360 & Social Media Analytics  Best analytical engine available in social media management  Supervised Learning algorithm to accurately classify sentiments  Only engine to have age & gender demographics identifier One stop solution for all your social media needs- BM, CM & CA  Social CRM, Lets you engage with the customers directly and in real time  Custom reports and custom tracking for business insights  On demand Multilingual set-up and support  On demand API for integration 2012 InRev Systems
  6. 6. Simplify360 Engage : Easy Interaction, Savesyour time for bigger things Everything you need to know at one place. Actions for your ease. 2012 InRev Systems
  7. 7. Simplify360 Media Monitoring: Makes You SmarterEveryday Deep dive into the brand mentions and understand what is being talk about. Find the source of the voice. Identify the significant source and act on them 2012 InRev Systems
  8. 8. Simplify360 Real-time Monitoring andEngagement : You act in your own way TRACK and LISTEN to brand mentions and act on those insights 2012 InRev Systems
  9. 9. Simplify360 Incomparable Intelligence : MachineIntelligence at Your Service Get the real insights about the market buzz. Its time for you to look at buzz from business angle. 2012 InRev Systems
  10. 10. Simplify360 Competitive Intelligence: An UnfairAdvantage to You Trends that tells you where you Know the strong and weak should focus on. locations. 2012 InRev Systems
  11. 11. Simplify360 CRM Workflow : Brings Your Teamclose to You Work in a group seamlessly. 2012 InRev Systems
  12. 12. Simplify360 Reports: Intelligence on Demand Brand Audit, Competition Profiling, Market Research, Standard Quarterly reports Industry Research and more. on Sports, Celebrities. Ad- hoc reports on demand. 2012 InRev Systems
  13. 13. Simplify360 At Your Doorsteps • Application and user interface delivered through web Zero Footprint browser Low Entry Barrier • Nominal cost and time to start operating (days not months) • Brand monitoring, social updates, channel analytics and Fully Managed Services custom reporting & tracking for brands and competitors API Integration • Integrate your system with simplify360 seamlessly • Complete workflow management to handle your team, work Workflow management assignment, tracking and access control Global Availability • Simplify360 is globally available. Local partners across US, South Asia, APAC and Europe. 2012 InRev Systems
  14. 14. Simplify360: At a glanceSimplify360 is a social media management infrastructure platform. Simplify360 enables organizations to effectivelyimplement social media concepts in to core business functions. Powered by Simplify360 AnalyticsTM, we extend asophisticated and user-friendly environment to realize value via actionable intelligence.To know more, visit : 2012 InRev Systems