Making The Most of Social Media for SMBs


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Making The Most of Social Media for SMBs

  1. 1. Social Media for Small and Medium Businesses Enable your organizations to effectively implement social media concepts in to core business functions. Simplify 36Analyze & ActSocial Media Management SaaS Infrastructure
  2. 2. MAKE THE MOST OF SOCIAL MEDIAFor a Small and Medium Business unit,the cost required for a successful mar-keting campaign is always a barrier.But with the prevalence of Social Me-dia, marketing is no longer a challenge.Social Media is a boon for SMB’s. ManySMB’s has used Social Media success-fully.Social media is free and will alwaysremain free. Social media being free po-ses a challenge while at the same timebeing bliss. It requires one to approachsocial media with a well-establishedstrategy. Without a proper laid out stra-tegy, it is a sure failure. “ Resource is one of the biggest challenge is social media. Are you ready to tackle it? „ Source: Marketingcharts
  3. 3. BEYOND JUST SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCEUse social media as an important strategic tool totake on the leaders IMPROVE YOUR BRAND PRESENCE Social media is one of the most cost ef- fective ways for an SME or SMB to build your brand. In social media, good things About Simplify360 Simplify360 is a social media are always rewarded. If you have a good management infrastructure service or a good product offering which platform. It enables organiza- people loved them, then social media is tions to effectively implement the right place for you. People will volun- social media concepts in to core tarily advocate about your offering. The business functions. Powered by Simplify360 AnalyticsTM, we only thing that is required is you have extend a sophisticated and to initiate the conversation and engage user-friendly environment to them. realize value via actionable MONITOR COMPETITORS STRATEGY intelligence. It is a must for a small player to mo- To know more about Simplify360 nitor what the big players are up to. visit: You never know when large players or e-mail us at: are going to go for a predator pricing or an overall predator strategy just to drive you away from the market. Social media will help you find out what your India Address: competitors are up to. 3rd Floor, 7/1 Binnamangala, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, LEARN FROM THE MARKET Bangalore 560038. If you have an innovative strategy Phone (Bangalore) : +91-80-40971130 to beat the market, then it is well and good. If other wise it is not US Address: 11824 Jollyville Road, a sin to follow the steps of the Suite 402, successful players. Find out how Austin, TX 78759. other successful players like you Phone (US) : 512-539-0360 make the most out of their online presence and also other big play- ers in the market.