How to set-up your social media monitoring system?


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Social Media Monitoring Dashboards are the futuristic way of looking to your business scenario and making decisions based on the insights from the dashboard. But there are lot of challenges in setting up social media monitoring dashboards. This presentation will take a look into the brief of it.

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How to set-up your social media monitoring system?

  1. Welcome to Simplify360 WebinarHow to set-up your social media monitoring system? 2012 (c) Copyrights InRev Systems
  2. Agenda for Webinar • Understanding Social Media Monitoring.1. • Things to do before setting up your social media2. monitoring dashboard. • Identifying the purpose of Social Media Monitoring.3. • How you can optimize and use the social media data.4. • Summary/ DEMO5. 2012 (c) Copyrights InRev Systems
  3. Shift brought by Social MediaBefore Now Brands Brands One Way Conversation Multidirectional communication 2012 (c) Copyrights InRev Systems
  4. Understanding Social Media Monitoring• Blog Posts• Forum Conversations• User Review Sites• News Sites coverage• Twitter and Facebook Updates• Q&A sites 2012 (c) Copyrights InRev Systems
  5. Elements of Social Media Monitoring Trends in Conversations (Market Intelligence) Sentiments of People Demographics of People Identifying Key Influencers Identifying Key Issues Tracking Competitors (Competitive Intelligence) 2012 (c) Copyrights InRev Systems
  6. Methodology Integrating all the social profilesKeyword research on all the relevant Setting up the Brand Dashboard for (Twitter/Facebook) for theterms associated with the brand and all the products/relevant sectors. engagement and performance its competitors. measurement purpose. Optimizing the Dashboard to tune the output result. 2012 (c) Copyrights InRev Systems
  7. Things to do before setting up your social media monitoring dashboard.2012 (c) Copyrights InRev Systems
  8. Purpose of Social Media Monitoring• Want to find out what people are taking about you?• Want to understand the trends in the Market?• Want to find out what people are talking about your competitors.• Want to find out leads for your business.• Want to use the system to do your customer support + PR.• Want to get insights to design your new marketing campaigns. 2012 (c) Copyrights InRev Systems
  9. Keyword Research• Use Tools like Google + Google Adwords + Twitter Search to get General Idea on which keywords are being used by people.• Make a List of these keywords 2012 (c) Copyrights InRev Systems
  10. Keyword Research : Sample “HDFC” Google Search 2012 (c) Copyrights InRev Systems
  11. Keyword Research : Sample “HDFC” Google Search 2012 (c) Copyrights InRev Systems
  12. Keyword Research : Sample “HDFC” Twitter Search 2012 (c) Copyrights InRev Systems
  13. Keyword Research : Sample “HDFC” Google Keywords Tools 2012 (c) Copyrights InRev Systems
  14. Purpose of Keyword Research• Identify keywords that are bringing irrelevant and JUNK conversations.• Identifying keywords which is overlapping with you keywords and brining irrelevant result (Peter + England) 2012 (c) Copyrights InRev Systems
  15. Setting Up the Dashboard 2012 (c) Copyrights InRev Systems
  16. Key Elements of Dashboard Creation• The main keywords : eg “HDFC”• List of associated keywords : eg “Insurance”, “Loan”• List of negative keywords : eg “JOBS”,”ICICI” 2012 (c) Copyrights InRev Systems
  17. Key Elements of Dashboard Creation 2012 (c) Copyrights InRev Systems
  18. HIT and Trial Method• Create 4/5 different Dashboard and check the quality of the conversations and optimize accordingly and choose the best one. 2012 (c) Copyrights InRev Systems
  19. Example :2012 (c) Copyrights InRev Systems
  20. Example :2012 (c) Copyrights InRev Systems
  21. DEMO2012 (c) Copyrights InRev Systems
  22. Questions please? 2012 (c) Copyrights InRev Systems