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How to integrate social media in your company?


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Before going social with your business, be clear on why you want to integrate social media with your business.

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How to integrate social media in your company?

  1. 1. How to Integrate Social Media in Your Company?Image credit: www.localsplash .com
  2. 2. Content Why Social Media Set Your Goals Strategy Building What is best for your business Start Building Community How should be your approach on social media Listen and Response Innovation Is The Key Reputation management ROI Our Work
  3. 3. Why Social Media? Before going social with your business, be clear on why you want to integrate social media with your business. DOES SOCIAL MEDIA FITS INTO THE BUSINESS MODEL? How will this help your BUSINESS GROW?ge credit:
  4. 4. Set Your Goals Be clear on what you want to achieve from Social Media. Set of goals should be formed and these goals should aim at achieving the end
  5. 5. Build A Strategy For The Process. Setting Up The Work Flow Will Reduce The Chances Of Mistakes. Strategy BuildingImage credit
  6. 6. Decide on what is best for your business. Once the planning is done, Goals and objectives are crystal clear. This will let you decide on which platform works best for you. Not necessary all platform will do wonder for your business.Image credit
  7. 7. Start Building Community On Social Media Platforms. Building Community Includes – CREATING SOCIAL PROFILES – GENERATING FANS AND FOLLOWERS – UPDATING ON THE PROFILESImage credit
  8. 8. How should be your approach on social media? You shouldn’t be always promoting or marketing your business. Your approach on social media should be more towards engaging customers and fans. This helps in building stronger relationship.
  9. 9. Listen AND Response Initiation of social media activity will lead to conversations. Conversations can be POSITIVE as well as NEGATIVE. Listen to the conversations and response accordingly .Image credit Image credit :
  10. 10. Innovation Is The Key Do no let the process become stagnated. Come up with new promotion ideas. Be it be campaign, contest or any other promotional activity. Innovation Will Keep Users Engaged And Interested In The PlatformsImage credit :
  11. 11. Reputation management• Integrating social media will help your business in online reputation management• You can track conversations.• Track sentiment about your brand• Connect with peopleImage credit :
  12. 12. SET METRIC TO TRACK YOUR PERFORMANCE –Assess Success Of Your Activities –Tracking Your Social Media Efforts –Tracking ROI Will Help In Strategizing Your Future ActivitiesImage credit :
  13. 13. Our Work Background Client was a retail chain of flower boutiques having outlets across India. It specializes is in designing exquisite flower arrangements that are made from exotic, fresh and beautiful flowers, sourced from all parts of the world including India. Requirement: Client wanted to create a social media community to create a buzz about Products and services. The client wanted to leverage this community for its product sales What We Did: We created a comprehensive buzz marketing plan for this project. The plan included details like channels we will participate in, communication strategy, frequency of message insertions. Ads were run to bring more and more fans to page and also spread a smile campaign was started to get more fans on pageImage credit :
  14. 14. Our WorkChannel Strategy: Some of the key social media channels that were considered in theplanning were Facebook, Twitter.Messaging Strategy Messages were crafted keeping the target audience in mind. Aggressivemessaging was done to promote the client pageResultsSocial media marketing campaigns were effective in spreading the brand message. Italso gave opportunity to listen to what others are saying about company online.Exclusive content was shared which in return extended the voice of brand. WhenSocial media campaign was started client had only around 100 fans which wereincreased to 20k by the end of the campaign. Impression on each of the content onFacebook was around 14k.
  15. 15. Start Using Simplify360 TodayWe would love to talk to you and understand your business problems. @simplify360