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How Social Media can be implemented in Customer Support


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Social Media can be successfully implemented in Customer Support functions for enterprise. Learn more about it from Simplify360.

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How Social Media can be implemented in Customer Support

  1. 1. Customer Support Centerusing Simplify360
  2. 2. Simplify360 as A Customer Support SystemObjective§  To address social media as a customer support channel.§  To understand how Simplify360 can benefit customer support team to resolve online customer issues.§  Details on the Implementation of the system.§  Success stories of Simplify360 in large customer support environment.
  3. 3. 65 % of customers think Social Media is better than call centersLatest Consumer trends:§  More than 1 Billions active Facebook users.§  150 Million + users on LinkedIn§  140 Million + users on Twitter§  Today, the news is first heard on Facebook and Twitter.§  People reach out to social media to voice their opinion about brands in Real-Time.§  Poor customer handling on Social Media can go viral in an instant, damaging the brand reputation.
  4. 4. Real life example onpoor customer service handling.Emerging local brand Cool Chef Café’s poor customer handling on Social Mediaresulted in them taking a massive hit to their BRAND IMAGE. After the event.Before the event. 75 Total 415 Total General Negative Mentions Mentions 64  Unique   291  Unique   People  talking   People  talking  
  5. 5. How can Simplify360 help CustomerSupport Team take control of social media? Benefits of using Simplify360
  6. 6. Minimize your average response time The system tracks complaints over the web and brings them to your customer service agents with minimum delay, allowing the team to respond at nick of time.
  7. 7. Maximize outbound responses With multiple customer service agent access level and pre- defined response set-up, you can increase the number of outbound responses and attend every complaints.
  8. 8. Anticipate Customer Need With the intelligent complaints trend graphs, filters and alerts; customer service manager can effectively identify the impending disaster and resolve it.
  9. 9. Manage response auditing with ease Response tracking system of Simplify360 allows agents to make a note on every issues for seem less future auditing and reporting.
  10. 10. Improve customersatisfaction and experience Track your customer’s response and keep the engagement level high, thereby increasing the satisfaction level.
  11. 11. Key Features of Simplify360 For Customer SupportTrack conversations from all over the web: Twitter,Facebook, Blogs, Discussion Forums and more. 1. Monitoring Online •  One stop monitoring dashboard for all the Conversations   complaints with key metrics •  Setup an Email Alerts to track any sudden change in the volume of conversation •  Cloud-based hosted solution and easy enterprise system integration •  Effective response and complaints reporting structure
  12. 12. Key Features of Simplify360 For Customer Support 2. Social Media Analytics  Data analytics to understand the conversationand convert them into context. •  Sentiment and Demographic details •  Advance conversation tagging to route messages to correct service agents
  13. 13. Key Features of Simplify360 For Customer SupportEffective response system to execute your 3. Customer Engagementcustomer service Console   •  Pre-defined support message which allows you respond repetitive responses •  Effective complaints routing mechanism and feedback system
  14. 14. Key Features of Simplify360 For Customer SupportProfessional Social Media execution capability 4. Strong support and •  Skilled social media to support online training program   engagement •  Timely support and training sessions
  15. 15. System Overview Core  Customer   Support  Team   Customer  Support   Response  Team   Social  Media   Conversa0ons   Complaints  Tagging   Simplify360  Buzz  Filter   and  Assignment  to  the   Response  Team   Response  Crea0on   Complaints   and  sent  for  Approval   Sugges0ons   Queries   Review  and  Approval   Simplify360     Dashboard   Messages   Issue  Closer  and   Repor0ng   Response     Audi0ng  
  16. 16. Customer Success Stories Simplify360 has partnered and worked closely with some of the customer support team from large organization to solve these challenges.Two of the main industries which Simplify360 has worked with are Airline Industry and Telecom Industry.
  17. 17. Customer Success Stories 1. Key Problems•  Taking long hours to track complaints and respond to them timely•  Cost per responding to each complaints was close to $40•  Lack of coordination between the team to follow up the issues•  Tracking the issues and creating reports was getting difficult
  18. 18. Customer Success Stories 2. Achievement•  The response time decreased by 80%•  Cost per response drastically decreased by 87.5%•  Seamless coordination between teams•  Issue tracking with ease
  19. 19. Before and After using Simplify360Currently, the client is closing on average 500 issues per week with 20customer support team member logging in Simplify360 on daily basis.
  20. 20. Simplify360Contact  Us  at    US  (512  539  0360),    India  (+91  804  097  1130)  Email: contact@simplify360.comFor more informationWeb: