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How to change your facebook relationship status without alerting friends?


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Changing you privacy policy in facebook so that you can change your relationship status without alerting friends.

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How to change your facebook relationship status without alerting friends?

  1. 1. How to Change Yourfacebook Relationship Status Without Alerting Friends Powered by
  2. 2. Facebook Relationship Status The new Timeline design makes much of your relationship status, so wed recommend erring on the side of caution about what you choose to broadcast. Powered by
  3. 3. The Break Up • If you change your status from being in a relationship with someone to being single using the default settings, Facebook will alert all your friends to this via their News Feeds. • If you want to change your status in a more subtle manner, we can show you how. Powered by
  4. 4. Edit Your Profile From your Facebook profile page, click on the "About" link under your profile picture. Powered by
  5. 5. Edit Your Basic Info• From here, first open the "Basic Info" box by clicking the "Edit" icon in the top-right corner. Powered by
  6. 6. Manage Your Privacy• Click on the globe icon to the right of the "Relationship status" section.• Select "Only me" and save your changes Powered by
  7. 7. Relationship Box• Now, scroll down to the "Relationship" box and hit the "Edit" icon on the right Powered by
  8. 8. Manage Your Privacy• Now click the globe icon to being up your privacy options.• Select "Only me" and change your relationship status view the drop- down menu.• Once you hit "Save," your relationship will be "cancelled" (Facebooks choice of wording) and no news alert will be flashed to your friends news feeds. Powered by
  9. 9. After the Event • If you did accidentally broadcast your new single status to the world, there is a way to remove it from your Timeline (and your friends news feeds) after the event. • Click on your "Activity log" on the right-hand side of your profile page directly beneath your cover photo. Powered by
  10. 10. Hidden From Your Timeline• You should see your relationship status change in your chronological log• Click on the circle to the right of the status and select "Hidden from Timeline“• In addition to hiding it from your profile, this will also mean the update disappears from your friends News Feeds. Powered by
  11. 11. Have Your Say • So, do you happily broadcast the status of your love-life to all your Facebook friends? Or do you prefer to keep such things private? • Have your say about Facebook relationship status updates in the comments below. Powered by
  12. 12. Now if you want to Manage, Publish, Monitor, Engage andMeasure all your social media channels from one platform.. Powered by