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North dandalup primary school by year 2


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Part of an epals project with a school in the US and school North Dandalup in Western Australia.

Published in: Education, Technology
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North dandalup primary school by year 2

  1. 1. North Dandalup Primary School by Amber & Chevonne This is the frog pond. In environment we look after them. The frog pond is next to the chooks and potting table. We also look after the other creatures in the frog pond.
  2. 2. The office • The office is where the teachers eat and you get medicine. You give forms to the office and you get late notes if your late.
  3. 3. Our worm farm • We do worms every day. We give the worms scraps every time.
  4. 4. Our new library The new library is on the oval it looks nice. We go to the new library every Wednesday. It is right near the school fence.