Are You Being A Dad?


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What research is suggesting happens when children do not have their biological father involved in their lives.

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Are You Being A Dad?

  1. 1. WithoutDads,Kids Are ...
  2. 2. More likely to be Abused
  3. 3. The absence of a biological father contributes to an increasein childhood sexual abuse. (Blankenhorn, 1995; Popenoe, 2009; FragileFamilies Research Brief No.46; Father Facts)The chances of a daughter being sexually abused by her 7stepfather are at least times higher than by herbiological father. (Popenoe, 2009)In cases of child sexual abuse, when the perpetrator is known,25% are cohabiting parents. (Blankenhorn, 1995) 84% of nonparental child sexual abuse happens inAboutsingle-parent homes. (Blankenhorn, 1995)
  4. 4. Single mothers have a 71% greater rate of ‘verysevere violence’ toward their children than diddual-parent mothers. (Popenoe, 2009)Single fathers tend to abuse even more thansingle mothers. (Popenoe, 2009)Children are far more likely to be physicallyabused by their stepfather than by their naturalfather. (Popenoe, 2009)64% of nonparental abuse is committed bymother’s boyfriends. (Popenoe, 2009)
  5. 5. Are You Being a Dad
  6. 6. WithoutDads,Kids Are ...
  7. 7. More likelyto commit Crime
  8. 8. Youth delinquency is 10-15% higher infatherless homes than intact homes. (Popenoe, 2009)Teen violence increases as the number offathers in a neighborhood decreases. (Knoester and Hayne,2005; Father Facts)There is an increased likelihood for drug andalcohol abuse among children (particularly boys)where the father is absent. ( Mandara and Murray, 2006; FatherFacts)
  9. 9. 90% of adolescents and pre-adolescents in gangscome from single-parent families. (Jeynes, 2011)60% of American rapists come from fatherless homes.(Popenoe, 2009)72% of adolescent murderers come from fatherlesshomes. (Popenoe, 2009)70% long-term prison inmates come from fatherlesshomes. (Popenoe, 2009)
  10. 10. Are You Being a Dad
  11. 11. WithoutDads,Kids Are ...
  12. 12. More likely to be Marginalized
  13. 13. Children raised in fatherless homes have a greater probabilityto drop out of school. (Jeynes, 2011)Children raised in fatherless homes have a greater probabilityto be unemployed for longer periods of time. (Jeynes, 2011)Children raised in fatherless homes have a greater probabilityto be homeless. (Jeynes, 2011)There is increased likelihood for depression/withdrawal,antisocial behavior, impulsive/hyperactive behavior, andschool behavior problems when a child experiences familytransitions. (Popenoe, 2009)
  14. 14. The only factor that decreases the odds ofengaging in sexual activity is a father’sinvolvement with his children. (Jordahl, & Lohman, 2009;Father Facts)Girls raised without a father have a greatproclivity for early sexual activity,adolescent childbearing, divorce, and lackof sexual confidence and orgasmicsatisfaction. (Blankenhorn, 1995)
  15. 15. Are You Being a Dad
  16. 16. If not, just Remember . . .
  17. 17. AHeart might beB re aki ng
  18. 18.