Why the Chetcuti report is useful


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- presented by the Russian group of PEM PAL

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Why the Chetcuti report is useful

  1. 1. Russian speaking group<br />PEMPALT&C Group<br />Why the T&C model in Chetcuti report is useful?<br />
  2. 2. Why the T&C model in Chetcuti report is useful?<br />Create a standard/unique model for all PEMPAL countries to develop a single model and use across counties.<br />Unique training model program in line with the IPPF, and all the changes in the standards will be reflected in the only program available in the region.<br />It provides clear sequencing of T&C which could be implemented in a sequence by the countries (within the two levels) more flexibility.<br />Minimum 2 years of relevant practical experience before awarding the IA certificate (1 year is not enough).<br />Easier to reinforce and get political support in our countries, as they can be formally considered as the best practice or “international standard” for the region. <br />This model reflects the real challenges and is and reasonable model.<br />Clear promotion structure for internal auditors which would help to retain some of the auditors.<br />Ensure that only auditors with relevant experience and knowledge work on relevant positions <br />Broader approach in the country context: develop the staffing capacity of the public sector or the country in general (private sector corporate governance development).<br />If not supported by the legislation it would be hard to enforce and the T&C system may fail.<br />The model will need to be enhanced with the tentative remuneration structure to be linked to the model.<br />