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Power Point on the hHorizon Report using the Zen approach

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  • According to the Horizon Report, over the next 5-6 years, technology will essentially change the way we access our education
  • New technology is emerging daily
  • Electronic books are becoming wildly popular. I personally know about 6 people (of all ages) who got one for Christmas! . Electronic books will ultimately branch out into the textbook market, saving kids from having to carry several pounds of text books to their classes. What have your experiences with electronic books been? Do you have any complaints? How do they compare to traditional books? Pros and cons?
  • Thanks to mobile devices, we can work, learn, and study virtually anywhere! There are many of us who, at this point, would not know what to do if our mobile devices were taken from us. If we are met with a question we don’t have the answer for, the simple solution is to access our internet via “Smart Phone”. Mobile devices will and already are giving us the capacity to access all that the internet has to offer, right in the palm of our hands. We are able to join networks and collaborate with others in real time. Cloud based technologies increase our mobility. We are already having a tough time evaluating new technology because of the speed of which it is arriving on the horizon. What kind of things do you rely on your mobile devices for?
  • Extremely affective learning tool found on some college campuses, and increasing in popularity. Game-based learning is a game designed with a certain learning objective to meet. Game-based learning does not have to be involved with technology. Many game-based learning systems are based in technology. Several educational video games can fit into this category, as well as story line or role play games. Have any of you found that games have helped you retain information? If so, please elaborate…
  • Augmented reality is computer based sensory, such as graphics, sound, video, or GPS data. It is essentially layered over the real image, and is manipulated in real time to modify reality. Augmentation is in real time with environmental elements. Enhances the perception of reality. Does anyone in the room have experience with augmented reality? If so, could you explain to us what it is and how you are using it?
  • Dynamic learning environments that access technology through applications such as Google docs. Students are able to access each others’ work and collaborate on the same projects. Teachers are also able to interact with the students using this technology. Are any of you using this type of application? If so, can you give us an example of how you are using it in your professional or personal life?
  • I like to think of the Nintendo Wii, Xbox Kinect, interactive white boards, hand held mobile device gaming, to name a few, as good examples of the technology we currently have. Who here has experienced this form of technology, and can you give us an example?
  • The horizon report

    1. 1. The Horizon Report 2011 6 Key Trends
    2. 2. 6 Emerging Technologies Affecting Education
    3. 3. Within 1 year…
    4. 4. Electronic Books
    5. 5. Electronic Books
    6. 6. Mobiles
    7. 7. Within 2-3 Years…
    8. 8. Game-based Learning
    9. 9. Game-based Learning• Not just for Kindergarteners
    10. 10. Augmented Reality
    11. 11. Augmented Reality
    12. 12. Within 4-5 Years…
    13. 13. Learning Analytics
    14. 14. Analytics
    15. 15. Gesture-based Computing
    16. 16. Critical Challenges We Face…
    17. 17. Organizational Constraints
    18. 18. Evaluation is Difficult
    19. 19. Technology is advancing exponentially
    20. 20. With all that newtechnology outthere, whichapplicationsshould we adopt?