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Office 2016 Preview


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Office 2016 is now in beta - get a sneak peek.

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Office 2016 Preview

  1. 1. Office 2016 Preview Posted on 05/12/2015 Interested in what the next version of Office has to offer? Feeling a bit daring? Microsoft is offering a free preview of Office 2016 to all users. What’s New in Office 2016 Check out this post from CRN highlighting 10 New Features That Will Turn Partners’ Heads: 1. Enhanced document sharing, with prompts that discourage attachments and encourage links to content stored in SharePoint or OneDrive. [Benefit: protects recipients from attachments that could be infected; ensures that recipients are accessing the latest version of a document.] 2. Google Docs co-editing comes to Word. [Benefit: allows remote teams to collaborate real-time.] 3. Improved help with “Tell Me.” [Benefit: any time you need help type your question in natural language into the “Tell Me” box and get answers immediately.] 4. Create Work Groups within Outlook. [Benefit: “keep tabs on group activity, access conversation history, and manage files and group notes stored on OneDrive.”] Oregon Law Practice Management Practice Management Tips for Oregon Lawyers Page 1 of 3Office 2016 Preview | Oregon Law Practice Management 6/5/2015
  2. 2. 5. Sway – a new alternative to PowerPoint [Benefit: supports drag and drop of Web content – including YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, into a browser/smart device app.] 6. Excel on steroids, now with Power Query [Benefit: allows users to import and aggregate data from multiple public sources like Wikipedia and and create data visualizations – think infographics.] 7. Improved menus across Office – open, close, save, browse, and add attachments in fewer steps [Benefit: more straightforward navigation, less hassle.] 8. A new way to tame your inbox? Microsoft’s Office 2016 Clutter tool analyzes inbox workflow and automatically moves messages you are most likely to ignore into a clutter folder [Benefit: ignore email faster than before!] 9. Upgraded security features allowing IT personnel and administrators to set “data loss protection policies.” [Benefit: adds file-level encryption; permits IT staff to restrict delivery of files, prevent manipulation of content, or store data in a “Customer Lockbox.”] 10. Improved click-to-run. [Benefit: strictly about making life easier for IT personnel in network environments.] SHARE THIS: 3Twitter Facebook 13LinkedIn Pinterest Google Tumblr Press This Email Print This entry was posted in Technology and tagged Beverly Michaelis, Click-to- run, Clutter Tool, Customer Lockbox, Excel Power Query, File level encryption, Microsoft Office 2016, Oregon law practice management, Sway, Tell Me box by beverlym. Bookmark the permalink [] .          Reblog Like One blogger likes this.   RELATED The Best of TECHSHOW – Tips and Tricks Getting the Most Out of MS Office for iPad What to Expect if You Upgrade to Acrobat X Page 2 of 3Office 2016 Preview | Oregon Law Practice Management 6/5/2015
  3. 3. ONE THOUGHT ON “OFFICE 2016 PREVIEW” sexton001 on 05/12/2015 at 11:04 am said: Thanks Page 3 of 3Office 2016 Preview | Oregon Law Practice Management 6/5/2015