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Closet makeover


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Closet makeover

  1. 1. Full STEAM Ahead How to use yourSpace, Time, Energy And Money to create a simpler, smarter life
  2. 2. Organizing is Not Rocket Science
  3. 3. I haven’t got a thing to wear!
  4. 4. Create a closet budget• How many of each type do you need?• Decide quantities before you start.• Keep only your favorites!
  5. 5. Prepare a workspace
  6. 6. Collect your tools
  7. 7. Pull everything off the shelf
  8. 8. SortTry on what you’re not sure ofDonate what you don’t wear/loveMove items that don’t belong herePut off-season in storage bags or binsMake neat stacks by type of garmentWhen will you repair it? Will you really?No more than 3 items on probation
  9. 9. Sort your hanging clothes
  10. 10. Evaluate everything!Is it you? Do you love it? Does it fit?Do you have something to wear with it?
  11. 11. What’s changed?
  12. 12. Pull, sort, arrange shoes
  13. 13. Before and After
  14. 14. Rachel Ray’s Month of Fashion