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ItegraL Eye Candy

  1. 1. ItegraL Eye Candy By Will Everingham
  2. 2. How Do I? •I keep getting the latest ‘New Thing’ from my suppliers not what’s best for my company. What can I do about this? •I’ve got dozens of projects and not enough resources to manage all of them. I’ve got the top 5 covered but what about the rest. How can I cover them? •Okay I’ve decided on the right solution for my company but now I’ve got the ‘B’ team trying to implement. How do I get the ‘A’ team? •I believe that ‘mix & match’ will give me the right solution but now I've got 3 suppliers all wanting to implement. How do I make sure that it will all work together and deliver what the specifications say? •I know that this technology is right for my company but no one in my team can design and implement it. How can I do this without blowing my budget? •I’ve got the right technology but why is everybody in my team talking in different languages. Very incident seems to go round in circles before its resolved. How do I get a common language and process in place? •It all looks good but every time I’ve used an outside company on a project it always costs me more than they said and never seems to finish on time. How do I get my project completed on time AND on budget?
  3. 3. Independent advice ItegraL was formed in 1996 to provide professional services to many of the Major OEM’s including StorageTek, Sun Microsystems, Fujitsu, IBM and NettApp as well as leading outsourcing companies such as Capgemini. Since its creation, ItegraL has prided itself on having the technical capability to support its clients free of commercial relationships that may influence its advice to its clients. Today the majority of ItegraL consultants and project managers have a multivendor approach to solutions based on experience of working with/ for the major OEM’s, this translates into truly independent advice.
  4. 4. Project Management (incl. risk assessment + mitigation) ItegraL is frequently employed to deliver a complete turn- key solution. However, ItegraL is also used to manage the resources of other organisations (typically OEM’s who have sold a heterogeneous solution to one of their clients) as the end client is looking for certainty that the complete solution will be delivered on time and on budget from multiple sources. To facilitate this, ItegraL has a proven and well used process designed to understand and mitigate the inherent risks. It should be noted that the maturity of the ItegraL Project Managers in their engagement with suppliers has on many occasions been the difference that made a project meet the deadline.
  5. 5. High performance deployments Many ItegraL engagements are at the leading edge of technology affecting the performance and capability of business critical solutions vital to continuity of business. ItegraL consultants are trained by the leading OEM’s to deliver implementation services on their behalf either in a direct relationship or via their distributors/resellers.
  6. 6. Customised Solutions As a truly independent company ItegraL has designed and implemented highly customised services on behalf of its clients. The majority of these solutions are heterogeneous in nature to provide the optimum price performance that companies require to enable them to remain competitive.
  7. 7. Advanced technology expertise ItegraL delivers professional services support to the major OEM’s and is frequently trained by them to implement their latest technologies. A good example of this is the unique ability (outside of the OEM) of ItegraL to implement IBM’s ProteTIER Deduplication Gateway that affords industry leading inline deduplication performance and scalability.
  8. 8. ITIL – Service Improvements ItegraL commits to working with customers during and after project implementation to deliver real service improvement throughout the whole organisation as we believe this is the most efficient way of preventing many issues re-occurring. ItegraL has the services of a number of ITIL certified consultants most of whom are at ITIL V3 Expert status with real world experience of implementing service improvement plans across public and private sector organisations such as Cleveland and Durham Police, University of Warwick and Linpack Plastics.
  9. 9. Fixed price, fixed deliverable engagements Exactly what we mean; after an agreed period of assessment to understand the variables and risks associated with a project or service, ItegraL will commit to a fixed price against a fixed deliverable.
  10. 10. It looks good, how do I find out more? Visit us at:-