Through Education Our Motherland Receives Light


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Through Education Our Motherland Receives Light

  1. 1. (Por la Educacion Recibe Lustre la Patria)
  2. 2. Background
  3. 3. Rizal wrote this poem in the year 1876at the age of fifteenIt was written in Ateneo de Municipal in ManilaThepoem was written during the Spanish Government
  4. 4. BackgroundMeaning
  5. 5. he recounts the demand for sacrifices to obtain an education, and the rewards-a pleasure in living, the avenue to truth, goodness and honorit showed the importance of religion in educationencouraging his people to acquire virtue and enlightenment
  6. 6. he resolutely opposed the pathway of violence and clung to education not only in theory but by his examplestressed the noble benefits of an enlightened citizenry: an aura of peace, youthful usefulness, the antidote to crime and vice, determination in government, humanized men.
  7. 7. the focus of the poem is about “education”he indicates here how he values education. That out of his fervent love for our Motherland, education seems for him a way for us to extend our deep and warm gratitude to every wonder that we receive from Her everyday
  8. 8. BackgroundMeaningFavorite Part
  9. 9. And like the golden sun of the mornWhose rays resplendent shedding gold, And like fair aurora of gold and red She overspreads her colors bold; Such true education proudly givesThe pleasure of virtue to young and oldAnd she enlightens out Motherland dear As she offers endless glow and luster
  10. 10. BackgroundMeaningFavorite PartReflection
  11. 11. The poem tells us how education is important to every human, because without education we cannot reach our goals in life. Aside from that it is also one of the most effective way to make our country proud and no one can steal it to us. Education is the most precious gift and treasure that Motherland can give to us. “Education is the key to success.”
  12. 12. A nation where educated people outnumbers uncivilized ones, excavates treasures more cherished than any stones of the earth. The weight of our desires to stand firm on the ground where our beloved country lies, marks the turning point that leads our hope for a brighter easteducation is the one that trains people how to become a productive and civilized citizen to our motherland
  13. 13. BackgroundMeaningFavorite PartReflectionThe Poem
  14. 14. The vital breath of prudent Education she lives.Instills a virtue of enchanting power;She lifts the motherland to higheststationAnd endless dazzling glories on hershower. Where Education reigns on lofty seatAnd as the zephyrs gentle exhalation Youth blossoms forth with vigor andRevives the matrix of the fragrant agility;flower, He error subjugates with solid feet,So education multiplies her gifts of And is exalted by conceptions ofgrace; nobility.With prudent hand imparts them to She breaks the neck of vice and itsthe human race. deceit; Black crime turns pale at Her hostility;For her a mortal-man will gladly part The barbarous nations She knowsWith all he has; will give his calm how to tame,repose; From savages creates heroic fame.For her are born all science and allart,That brows of men with laurel fairenclose.As from the towering mountains loftyheartThe purest current of the streamletflows,So education without stint or measuregivesSecurity and peace to lands in which
  15. 15. endure,And as the spring doth sustenance But perish on the shore at everybestow blow;On all the plants, on bushes in the And from his good example othermead, men shall learnIts placid plenty goes to overflow Their upward steps toward theAnd endlessly with lavish love to feed heavenly paths to turn.The banks by which it wanders,gliding slow, Within the breast of wretchedSupplying beauteous natures every humankindneed; She lights the living flame ofSo he who prudent Education doth goodness bright;procure The hands of fiercest criminal dothThe towering heights of honor will bind;secure. And in those breasts will surely pour delightFrom out his lips the water, crystal Which seek her mystic benefits topure, find,Of perfect virtue shall not cease to Those souls She sets aflame withgo. love of right.With careful doctrines of his faith It is a noble fully-rounded Educationmade sure, That gives to life its surestThe powers of evil he will overthrow, consolation.Like foaming waves that never long
  16. 16. And as the mighty rock aloft may tower The lords and governors will seeAbove the center of the stormy deep implantedIn scorn of storm, or fierce Souwesters To endless days, the Christianpower, Education,Or fury of the waves that raging seep, Within their noble, faith-enrapture nation.Until, their first mad hatred spent, theycower, And as in early morning we beholdAnd, tired at last, subside and fall asleep, The ruby sun pour forth resplendent-- rays;So he that takes wise Education by the And lovely dawn her scarlet and herhand, gold,Invincible shall guide the reigns of Her brilliant colors all about her sprays;motherland. So skillful noble Teaching doth unfold To living minds the joy of virtuous ways.On sapphires shall his service be She offers our dear motherland the lightengraved, That leads us to immortal glorys height.A thousand honors to him by his land begranted:For in their bosoms will his noble sonshave savedLuxuriant flowers his virtue hadtransplanted:And by the love of goodness ever laved,