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How to Walk for Weight Loss and Health Benefits


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You cannot believe the amazing health benefits that walking offers. Right from weight loss, to heart strengthening, to lowering cholesterol and blood pressure levels, to reduction is stress. Simple walking can offer so many huge benefits.

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How to Walk for Weight Loss and Health Benefits

  1. 1. How to Walk Properly for Weight LossThe best way to burn fat is running on an empty stomach. In reality, the other aerobicactivities become much more effective if practiced on an empty stomach. For the lazy,overweight people or those who do not like to run, there is an alternative way to loseweight. What? Walk! You understand very well, walking to lose weight is very usefuland, if the walk is long and tiring it can bring many benefits and make you lose manycalories. Obviously there are different ways to walk and we want to point you in what weconsider as "top".Walking to lose weight fast is a great exercise, especially suited to people who have toomany extra pounds and can not finish a race or other workouts of this intensity. The walk,however, has many other benefits (in addition to diet) and zero risk to health. Thats whyyou have to start walking at least 3-4 times a week. If you have not convinced yet, let thelist of the best benefits of walking.The best way to walk to lose weight is to walk uphill. We find it particularly effectivebecause it does lose a lot of fat, sometimes more than running. If you want to walk uphillto lose several pounds a month, youll want to calculate your average speed and do not gounder 6 miles per hour. The slope of the land should be at least 10-15%. (In gymnasiums15 is the maximum). It is recommended to do 60 minutes of walking uphill for at least 3times a week; otherwise it may not have any major effect.The second way of walking for weight loss is fast walking. We prefer a brisk walk atleast 7.5 kilometers per hour (which can be calculated using special tools). The fastwalking can be done for 45-60 minutes and for at least 3 times a week.Finally, the normal walk can help you lose weight but, compared to the two previousmodes, and has much less effect. If you want to lose weight with a slow walk (4-5 mph)you must walk at least 2-3 hours a day, repeating everything 5 times a week.Top Reasons Why You Should Start Walking1. Walking is a great exercise that strengthens bones and helps prevent the osteoporosis.2. The walk provides more energy than a cup of coffee (who knew?)3. The movements relax you and help in getting rid of all kinds of stress (if not extended)3. Walking steadily will help you sleep more comfortably4. Walking burns fat, strengthens the heart and strengthens the immune system5. You have no excuse not to walk: it is simple, inexpensive and fun (If done in thecompany of others)
  2. 2. 6. Lowers levels of cholesterol and blood pressure7. Walking is suitable for everyone, including people who suffer from severe obesityNumerous Other Health Benefits of WalkingThe beneficial effects of walking on health are profound. Accessible to all, it is a verypopular activity, which can be easily done in all seasons. It offers so many benefits forthe body, heart and overall health. Among other things, walking strengthens the heart andlungs, to control blood pressure and helps control cholesterol levels in the blood.It also helps maintain a healthy weight and increases feelings of energy, strengthensbones and tones the bodys muscles. It also allows better control of appetite and helps indigestion. Wow! Isnt it totally amazing, how something as simple as walking can providenumerous such benefits? But the list is not finished yet.Regular walking further reduces stress and improves sleep quality.Moreover, the practice of walking helps to eradicate unnecessary car journeys, asmotorized transport is partly responsible for air pollution. As you probably knowpollution is responsible for so many diseases (health disorders and respiratory diseases,increased susceptibility to infections and allergies, eye irritations, and problems ofmucous membrane, nose and throat).According to officials of public health - individual, male or female, junior or senior,should do at least half an hour of exercise per day, with an intensity of at least a briskwalk. This significantly reduces the risk of contracting cardiovascular disease, diabetes,certain cancers or bone atrophy. This condition can be fulfilled with daily activities suchas climbing stairs, cycling or mowing the lawn.Walking increases blood flow to lower limbs and strengthens the heart muscle. Itstimulates blood circulation in the legs, lower limbs and buttocks, thus significantlyimproving the performance of the lungs. Try, every day, to spare a few moments to walk.If you live in town, try to find as many opportunities as you can to walk wheneverpossible.If you take public transportation, get down a stop or two earlier so that you can walk alittle bit. Whenever possible, go shopping on foot, and enjoy the weekend to go walkingin some natural setting like parks, forests or gardens.Keep in mind that it is necessary to walk long enough to derive some form of profit fromthis activity. Walk at least an hour a day, or a course of four to five kilometers, withappropriate footwear. If you have a heart problem, especially if you have angina or havehad a myocardial infraction, then consult your doctor. Do not put burden on your bodywithout talking to your doctor first.
  3. 3. Walking is good not only to lose weight fast, but can even lower blood pressure.However, people with blood pressure problems should also consult their doctor first,especially on issues of exertion.As mentioned earlier, walking is great for stress reduction. Any form of exercise releasesfeel-good hormones in the body which lift the mood and combat feelings of depression,boredom and stress.Not only will walking help in reducing stress but it will make you better able to handlestress in your life. How is this possible? This is so because stress causes a rise in bloodthat can rise, in some people, to dangerous levels. And with the heart and vessels in bettercondition than those of sedentary lifestyle, the risk of cardiac problems reduces a greatdeal if you are in the habit of walking daily. The risk to succumb to stress problems canbe greater in people who have negligent or insufficient physical activity.Hope you enjoyed this short report and now feel more motivated than ever to walk -Walk daily!