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Stretching itsme


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Il Professor Claudio Moderini e Silvio Cioni (Università di Siena, Domus Academy di Milano) ci hanno seguito nella creazione di nuovi concepts per la piattaforma web-based ITSME, progettata da Domus Academy ( In particolare dovevamo allargare il dominio business oriented della piattaforma e portarla in altri ambiti.
Il progetto che ho seguito era indirizzato agli sportivi e al mondo dello sport.
Team: Elisabetta Bacconi, Fabiola Nardecchia, Sarvo Prem Penza, Letizia Vaccarella.

Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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Stretching itsme

  1. 1. Stretching ITSMEThe aim of this Workshop was to exploit themetaphor used by ITSME, in order to "stretch"and find applications for other domains.The first step was an exploration of the ITSMEworkstation, to discover some of the "KeyValues" usefull to stretch the Stories andVenues metaphor
  2. 2. ITSME value- Stories are points of view on actions andinteractions- ITSME is Designed for a kind of people that“think what they do has value”- The main characteristics for the methaphor are"being plural" and reflecting situations of humanexperience
  3. 3. During the workshop we defined amap of domains in order to analizedifferent contexts
  4. 4. Using the context of entertainment, we decidedto stretch ITSME in the sport Domain (lookingat both popular and alternative sports)
  5. 5. Analysing twodifferents subdomains andchecking if Fitsmematches with them.One, the soccersub-domain is anexample of popularand collectivesport, the other isBMX sub-domain, analternative andindividual sport.
  6. 6. TARGETHorizontal-> allsporty people thatuse to play [playercould be amateur orprofessionist]Vertical ->professionists thatwork in specificsport contexts[trainer atdifferent levels ofspecialization]
  7. 7. Our Project: FITSMEVISIONCreate a dedicated ITSME interface for all thepeople, amateures and professionists, that useto play sports or that are involved in somesport contexts.GOALSDesign an open platform in order to supportusers sport life ( supporting both the"sportguy" and "trainer" ); our service shouldbe no-limited and modular, based on usersneeds and habits.
  8. 8. HARDWARE & SOFTWARE WIDGETAnother aim is to create a platform able to managedifferent contents software; the idea is to give tousers the opportunity to create new widgets adapt attheir needs.Plus give the chance to manage information ofdifferent hardwares, like tools used for sportpractice (step meter, cardiofrequenziometro e co. )
  9. 9. ServicesCommunication- Through different communication systems (push totalk, mobile phone, ...)Activity-geo-localization-meteo update-alert (when your friends are closed you get analert)-planning trainings through personal calendar-costumized and personalized widjets
  10. 10. Comparison- create, share and participate challengings usingjust a conversation-comparing results on your own or with othersManaging-setting interface by self-priorities-collect and organize different media information-managing your own goals-managing your sport time-check your results in an easy way
  11. 11. users value:-get fit and in training-be your own trainer-get professional step by step-create a training community-play sport with friends everytime, everywhere, close andfar-keep in touch with my sport-mates and involve others-use your point of view to manage and check results-organize and partecipate challengings-find out who is the best: compare your performances-the setting interface and information matching reflectsyour priorities
  12. 12. ITSME value:-be stretched in entertaiment field-be stretched in sport field-get involved in partnership-opportunity to add software and hardware tools thateasily allow communication
  13. 13. ScenariosLino is the coach of Poggibonsi Soccer Cluband has some doubts about the performances ofGianluigi, a brand new player of the team.Poggibonsi bought Gianluigi for his goodabilities as forward showed during the lastseason at the Montalcino, but at the momenthes not giving his best and Lino is thinkingif is worth to keep Gianluigi in the team.
  14. 14. Lino checks throught Itsme the Poggibonsi venuehe looks at thedata aboutGiuanluigi andcompares them withthe other data hecollected aboutplayers
  15. 15. Using statistic tool and other information hesaw the money spent for buying Gianluigiand he makes a prediction of the money he canget by sold him now.
  16. 16. Althought Gianluigisperformances are not so good,Lino decides to give him asecond chance. He sends him by e- mail a new training program in order to improve his performaces as soon as possible
  17. 17. scenariosGianluigi is the new forward of a local soccerteam.Things are not going so well for him: his coachsaid that "hes not good enough " and Gianluigiis warried cause if he doesnt get better hesout of the team.So back at home he decides to compare hisperformances during the past and nowadays usingFITSME.
  18. 18. Gianluigi receivesthe e-mail from hiscoach and heunderstands that hasto improve hisperformance in avery short time. Sohe checks out hisagenda to plan thenew training.Because of thedifficulty to reachthis goal he decidesto supplement normaltraining with apersonal one.
  19. 19. In the Old Team Venue he checks all the dataabout his highest performances in months, whenand where he scored more,after which kind oftraining and his health situation in thoseperiods.He does the same with the New TeamVenue deciding to compare the data betweenthe new and the old team. From that he decidesto follow a new kind of training in order toimprove his performances.He makes a brend new venue where to put all thedata he needs plus his personal song-playlistfor getting even more motivation.
  20. 20. Gianluigi uses Fitsme lookingfor the information
  21. 21. He checksout thedata tocomparethestatistics
  22. 22. Today is a sunnyday and Gianluigiis free from hissoccer practice sohe takes hisBMX and goesaround the city totry the new triks.
  23. 23. Thus Gianluigi creates a new venue inwhich he compares the two periods,finds out the training during thebest periods and uploading a playlistwith the music he prefers
  24. 24. Gianluigi is also a huge fan of BMX and helikes wandering around the city lookingfor places where play some new tricks.Gianluigi uses FITSME also for is BMX activity.Even if for him is more a game than a realsport, he created theBMX venue where hecollects video about BMX tricks, conversationswith his friends about the subject, websites,music, pictures, meteo and maps in order tolocalize cool places he discovered.
  25. 25. he looks at his trickson computer selecting theones he still have toimprove and through thebluetooth sends them tohis mobile phone.
  26. 26. when the mobile-phonerecives the files Fitsmeme creates a new venueBMX 10_05_08
  27. 27. Wandering around he finds a cool place that he thinks itcould be good for some tricks, so he takes a picture thensends it to his friends giving as attachment thelocalization on a map.
  28. 28. Marco replys with asms to Gianluigi aboutthat pic and Fitsmesaves the conversationautomatically
  29. 29. They decide to start achallenge and Gianluigishares the BMX 10_05_08with friends. He selectsfriends that are close tothat area and invitesthem to the challenge.
  30. 30. Fabio calls Gianluigi, atthe end of the callFitsme asks Gianluigi ifhave to save the call inthe venue.Now a new venue iscreated with theconversation foldedinside.
  31. 31. While showing his abilitywith new tricks he learned,his friends are makingvideos and posting themdirectly on Youtube.
  32. 32. Back at homeGianluigi savesthe BMX mobilevenue on hiscomputer.
  33. 33. so... why ITSME could be usefull inthis domain?- we use "story and venues to describe" and"save" the esperience development of peopleand the exploration of places related to thesports- we use alert to underline, comunicate andshare the unexpected changings (weather,targets, demostrations.... )- we use the double "face" of ITSME: usershave a personal and a public profile (personalprofile can be used for the management of thetrainings and public for events management )
  34. 34. - we use "limbo" to deal with brandnewinformation shared- we use the "timeline" to keep the track ofusers "sport-life" and his experiences- ....
  35. 35. what FITSME adds to ITSME- gps system for the geo-localization- managing of different forms of communication- changeable interface (in orther to respect usersneeds)- possibility to communicate throught and withdifferent tools (hardware and software)