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West Cork Local Newsletter 18/11/2011 - 25/11/2011

Promoting local West Cork's sustainability and community resilience and local economy since the 21st century!

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West Cork Local Newsletter

  1. 1. 1 1 0 1 /1 /2 WEST CORK LOCAL vents 8 1 www.localcampus.com 18/11/2011 - 25/11/2011 | walter@localcampus.com E ‘Based On a True Story’ Now until Jan 6th - Philip Watkin’s Painting GUBBEEN Exhibition - Le Voyage Restaurant, Bridge Street, Skibbereen. FARMHOUSE PRODUCTS Amour, Skibbereen T h e A l t a r S tl e e n one Nov 18th, 19th, and 20th. - 8pm each night - West Delicious Christmas Gift Box! To order Cork Arts Centre - See Pg 6 below. ore, Go yo u r s c a l l 0 2 8 2 8 2 3 1 o r e m a i l : cheese@gubbeen.com Mizen’s Got Talent Semi-final take place November 18th in Schull Town Hall. For further info contact Kevin Toorm Kelleher on: 086 177 5498. Cork Fashion Awards Friday Nov 18th at the Blue Haven, Kinsale. T H E A LT A R S T e e N E l O n West Cork One Act Drama Festival o Toormore, G Nov 18th - 20th - St. Mary’s Theatre, Rossmore, Clonakilty. See Pg 10 below. C o u n t y C o r k - T h e G r e e n Capi tal? FARMHOUSE Enquiries: 023-883 8526 www.westcorkdramafestival.comCounty Cork could be the Green Capital S u s t a i n a b l e E n t e r p r i s e S e a rc h – PROPERTY FOR SALEof Ireland ! Last week I drafted some encourage sustainable companies from Cooranuller, Ballydehob Irish National Flood Forumideas for an interview for with a Cork abroad to set up in County Cork, and aimbased organisation. Anyway I didn’t get to create 50 jobs per year. Nov 19th. 9.30am University of Limerick. See Pgthe job! but rather than commit the ideas 8 below.to computer memory here they are …. Home and Business Energy Savings  booklet online. Cape Clear Walking TrailsAmbitious 5 year ‘Cork Energy & Food’   Nov 20th. Meeting at 2pm at Club Cléire. Seesecurity plan 2012-2016: Communications – North, East, West Pg 8 below  Cork, and Cork City RegionalEcoParks – beside all major towns for newsletters. Discussions with transitionAnaerobic Digestion (AD) and Combined year students, Community Councils, Woodland Walk & Talk, KinsaleHeat and Power (CHP) plants, allotments, Development Associations. Nov 20th 1.30pm - Shipool Woods, Kinsale.sustainable enterprises. www.transitiontownkinsale.org  Continued Page 2 For more info CLICK HERE Continued on page 2 1
  2. 2. Continued From Page 1 Regular email communication, Continued from page 1 competitions, and film distribution.New Energy Week – renewable energy   Music From The Movies Concerttechnologies presentations, from all ‘Cork Eco Farm’ online shop with Nov 20th - Celtic Ross Hotel, Rosscarbery. Doorsover the world, discussions, filmed, and gardening products, biodegradable open 7pm - Tickets are available from ‘A Cutplaced on website. packaging, organic products, recycled Above’ Hair Salon on Rossa Street, Clonakilty or  goods (much like www.dirtworks.net in from committee members Sarah 087 2752110 andSustainable Forestry – a plan to get the US). Marie 087 207 0194every farm to plant 20,000 trees (2  Hectares), mostly deciduous for shelterbelts, and coppicing. Promote managed Demonstration farms and gardens around the County to showcase good Save The Internet! Selling At The Farmer’s Market Right now, the US Congress is debatingforestry, and not clear felling. food production. Nov 22nd. West Cork Hotel, Skibbereen at 7.30pm. a law that would give them the power to    West Cork Development Partnership Meeting. censor the worlds Internet -- creatingSustainable Agriculture and Horticulture What other ideas would you add to a blacklist that could target YouTube,– centralised AD plants, reduce slurry implement real change in County WikiLeaks and even groups like Avaaz! Maria Immaculata Communityspreading, reduce artificial sprays and C o r k ? ? Wo u l d t h e D e v e l o p m e n tfertilisers. Short courses, films and Agencies in City and County join forces College, Dunmanway Under the new law, the US could forcearticles on same. and drive such a plan? It would cost Nov 24th 6.30pm - 8.30pm - Information evening Inter net providers to block any  approximately €50,000 per year.  Please for prospective students and their families are website on suspicion of violating‘Cork Equity Fund’ - Enterprise Finance send your ideas to: invited copyright or trademark legislation, or– raise finance for sustainable even failing to sufficiently police theirbusinesses. walter@localcampus.com users activities. And, because so much A Victorian Tea Party...  of the Internets hosts and hardware are Nov 24th, Fri 25th, Sat 26th - Cox’s Hall,Renewable Energy Development – located in the US, their blacklist would Dunmanway. Time - 1pm to 4pm. AdvancedSpecial negotiated deals for micro-wind clamp down on the free web for all of us. Booking: Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm - 023 8845102turbines, AD plants, hydro turbines, andbiomass plants. Regional power supply Acapellabella The vote could happen any day now, Amour, Schullcompanies.  West Cork Community Choir but we can help stop this -- champions in Nov 25th at 8.30pm & 26th at 8.45pm Parish Hall, Congress want to preserve free speechResearch - energy usage, fuel usage, Schull. and tell us that an international outcrywater usage, food imports – in would strengthen their hand. Let’sconjunction with 3rd level college. BBC Good Food Show, Birmingham urgently raise our voices from everyEnergy and Food Replacement Plan. corner of the world and build an Nov 25th - Please ring Eleanor on 027-62000 toA Clean Water Forum. unprecedented global petition calling on represent you.Implementation Plan. US decision makers to reject the bill and  stop Internet censorship. Click below A Different Dimension, SkibbereenOther – Meet Cork County and City to sign and then forward as widely asEnvironmental Heads of Department, Nov 26th to Jan 14th 2012 - West Cork Arts Centre possible -- our message will be deliveredCounty and City Managers, SW www.westcorkartscentre.com directly to key members of the USFisheries Board, Enterprise Boards, Congress ahead of the crucial vote:Enterprise Ireland, SECAD, WCDP, to ‘Stand And Be Counted’ in Supportdiscuss the roll-out of future sustainableplans. http://www.avaaz.org/en/ of ‘Occupy Dame Street’ save_the_internet/?vl  Nov 26 th . Noon, Skibbereen Market for a•82 post primary schools in Co. Cork. photograph which Rob Heyland will deliver to For years, the US government has•119 primary schools in Co. Cork. Dame Street. For more info CLICK HERE condemned countries like China and•106 parishes in Co. Cork (not including Iran for their clampdown on InternetCork City). Continued on page 3 use. 2
  3. 3. there, mostly standing, watching this Continued from page 3 Hobby Horse #2 by Rob Heyland saintly little fellow being crowned. They politely applauded the speeches and WestCorkSOS Protest March sang the anthems and were visibly Sat November 26th in Skibbereen startingI don’t know what they stand for . . . moved by Michael D. The audience was Roy Heyland - A BAFTA TV Society, at 12.30pmbut I agree with them.” full of hope, almost desperate hope and Writer’s Guild & Critics Award Winner when it was over the mood dropped A protest march takes place to support this crucialSilence has a range of effects. In music quite fast. One man said that, even fight for the retention of the current levels ofthe silences between the notes, the though Higgins is a good man, he has no emergency ambulance ser vices and themoments when the listeners fill in their power, and can’t really offer leadership maintaining of the threatened Minor Injuriesown hopes and expectations for what is or push for change. For all his brimming Assessment Unit at Bantry Hospital. For moreto follow, can be as potent as the notes socialism and passion for the oppressed info see: www.westcorksos.com.themselves. So in conversation, if a he will be imprisoned in his tower in Árasquestion is followed by silence, and the an Uachtaráin, watching the technocratexpected compliment or endorsement Head Prefect Kenny, sucking up to Celebrate Advent with the Westdoesn’t come, how loaded that silence headmistress Merkel and with more of Cork Choral Singerscan be. the same on the menu. Or should that be Nov 27th., 8pm. St. Matthias Church, Ballydehob. less of the same?So with the occupations of Dame Street, Amour, ClonakiltyWall Street and St. Paul’s. On Friday I And then it was time to dash off to mywent to Dublin, for a meeting. But I went meeting. Into a taxi. And there was my Nov 29th at 8pm at the Parish Hall Clonakilty.early to have time to witness the biggest surprise of the day. If Attila Theelevation of Michael D. Higgins and to Hun had a job before he discovered his Total Waste Preventionvisit the occupiers on Dame Street. mass-murdering skills I suspect he was a Dec 1st, Moran Silver Springs Hotel, Cork. How to taxi driver. Taxi drivers tend to the right - reduce costs and optimise resources for yourRight there, in front of the Central Bank, I looked like the enemy, with briefcase but not this boy. We chatted about business. www.preventandsave.ieso culpably neglectful of its duty of care and awash with middle class, middle- Michael D. and he said what a great dayduring the run up to the present crash, is a g e d , c o r d u r o y n e s s . Ye t I w a s it was for the country and that he hopeda cramped grouping 20 or so tents, all he might buck the tradition and actually Amour, Sherkin Island welcomed and found it easy to engagequite neatly fenced in by a barricade of people in conversation. I wanted to challenge the Irish Government from Dec 2nd. at 8pm. Ferry from Baltimore at 7pm andwooden pallets, and visible but causing know what they were doing there, what time to time. Then I mentioned I had return ferry after the show.no obstruction to city life. There are two they hoped to achieve, how long they been visiting the Dame Street Occupierslarger tents, one for meetings and one intended to stay . . . all that. and he uttered the immortal line - “I don’t Goleen Christmas Craft Fairused as a kitchen and larder for the really know what they stand for . . . but I Dec 4th. Community Hall Goleen. See Pg 9 belowshelves heaving with grocery gifts. The They said that they are there because agree with them.”weather was foul, wild winds and they have to be, and they are going tolashing rain tearing at the plastic and stay as long as it takes. Which is all very Well! There’s hope for us all. The silent West Cork Chamber Music Festival,string constructions. In the kitchen tent well, but don’t we need some answers witness of those bedraggled few is Bantrya kettle was on the gas and welcome at this time? Don’t we need leadership resonating even unto taxi drivers. And June 29th. to July 7th. 2012. www.westcorkmusic.iecoffee and tea was being distributed to not shapeless aimless groups of suddenly what I had experienced in thethe handful of busy occupants. One man grumblers? plastic kitchen tent made sense to me. West Cork Literary Festival, Bantrywas washing up, another planning a They don’t have a soundbite definition oflater march, another on a mobile phone. I enjoyed their company but reluctantly their views because they accept that July 8th to 14th 2012. www.westcorkmusic.ieThere was nobody in charge but was left them to go to Dublin Castle. Rather their views are all different. hey havethere was still a sense of concerted than join the crowds in the rain I took made a conscious decision to have no Masters Of Tradition, Bantrypurpose. the handy option of watching the spokespeople and no leaders. August 15th to 19th 2012. ceremony live in a pub. All the DT-riddenI looked like the enemy, with briefcase purple-cheeked noontime drinkers were Continued Page 4 3
  4. 4. Continued From Page 3 The silent rumble is growing to such a The other way the end of democracy might week - as a modest acknowledgment of pitch that even the Church of England has swing is that men and women who are not our support and respect. PPS: BankingPerhaps because the name of Marxism or decided to flirt with Christianity again. dependent on a fickle electorate or vested establishments are more dangeroussocialism or whichever way they lean has When the London occupation chanced interests in the business community, men than standing armies; and the principletended to be diminished by the leadership upon the steps of St Paul’s there was a like Rowan Williams, may rise in of spending money to be paid by- Stalin, Mao, Ceauşescu - the roll of brief honeymoon. Then followed closure importance. Men like Michael D. Higgins. posterity, under the name of funding, isdishonour is long. of the cathedral on somewhat spurious Men and women like Steve and Linda but swindling futurity on a large scale. “health grounds”. A nasty sense that occupying Dame Street. Thomas Jefferson 1816.And they have no soundbite answers to maybe the board of the cathedral wasour present woes - because, and when populated by City People and was taking These are new, frightening but alsowill the powers-that-be figure this out? - sides, that maybe the Church of England exciting times. I personally don’t fancythere are no soundbite answers. really is the Tory party at prayer. And then sleeping out, and don’t think Michael D. Your Comments the wonderful moment of the Canon has a hope of making his feelings heardThe occupiers, and their supporters, just resigning, citing the fact that, in his view, and I don’t believe in God. But I believe in Please send your letters, commentsknow it’s all wrong. It is wrong that Jesus would have been in the tents not in Rowan Williams. or ideas for publication to:ordinary people are suffering from a crisis the cathedral. And later the Dean followed I don’t entirely know what any of thesenot of their making, while those who made suit. And finally Rowan Williams fleetingly people stand for . . . but I agree with them.the crisis - the bankers, financiers, broke his silence. And he spoke for the walter@localcampus.comtechnocrats - are earning ever more and oppressed. And he gently placed the PS: Those of us who do support thegaining ever more control over political church on the side of the occupiers, and Dame Street occupation are assembling West Cork Local Archiveaffairs. then he returned to silence. informally at the market in Skibbereen at noon on Saturday November 26th. All[As an aside it is worth noting Cowen and We are entering a phase of the end-game we are going to do is stand in a group, For previous issues CLICK HEREBrown, the two men at the financial helm where democracy is crumbling. Partly take a photo and I will deliver it to Stevewhen Ireland and Britain hit the iceberg, because democracy is so clearly in the and Linda in Dame Street the followingwere not jailed or thrown overboard but hands of the men of money - so clearlywere promoted to captain. Hmm!?] seen by the people of Greece being denied a referendum and having a new Economist Richard Douthwaite (1942-2011)The occupiers are silently drawing government imposed upon them. Partlyattention to a world being consumed by a because democracy is clearly not suited Economist Richard Douthwaite (1942-2011) has sadly passed awaysystem addicted to GROWTH. A world to the present challenge - we know there at his home near Cloona, Westport.that is obese with consumption, yet is is hardship ahead and there is somethingbeing told that more consumption is the too hollow in just voting for whoever offers Richard was for many years our only voice in the wilderness.way out. A world obese with debt being the most jam tomorrow. His Ecology of Money outlined the destructive mathematics oftold that more borrowing is the only modern banking in simple terms. He outlined the inevitablesolution. The snake oil men suggesting That fading of democracy can go two collapse of Anglo in Construct Ireland magazine eight months beforethey have finally discovered the diet where ways. In Italy it means that the new the event. Richards economics was human-centered, like Theyou can lose weight by eating more. technocrat Prime Minister has appointed a Growth Illusion: How Economic Growth Enriched the Few, Impoverished the Many and cabinet made entirely (at time of going to Endangered the Planet. and Short Circuit: Strengthening Local Economics forThere is a rumbling silence out there, that press) of unelected establishment figures Security in an Unstable World. He spoke publicly in Cork on many occasions, once atour leaders seem deaf to, that is saying and . . . technocrats. A government hand- the invitation of Cork Lets when we held a public market.that the economy cannot be patched up, picked by Goldman Sachs. This has an airthat the emperor really is naked, that of desperation about it, a fear of listening Richard founded FEASTA, the Irish Foundation for the Economics of SustainabilityRome really is burning and that the to the people, a fear of restless masses. (Economics as if people & the planet mattered). He never spoke in economicsystem, having lost the run of itself Such arrogance has nasty echoes of the abstractions: all his assertions were rooted and illustrated in the real world.through greed, gambling, usury and debt, hardening of the line in Libya and Syria,is absolutely unequivocally and utterly and we know how well that worked out for A great humanist has left us. May his legacy bear fruit.UNFIT FOR PURPOSE. the rulers. 4
  5. 5. 5
  6. 6. Local Photo Competition Prize: Samuel Beckett Photograph Le Petit Boulevard St. Jacque, Paris 1985 Closing date 15th February, 2012. To Enter Competition CLICK HERE Judged by John Minihan www.johnminihan.comA performance by PlayActing Theatre Productions Written and Directed by Karen Minihan West Cork Arts Centre on Friday 18, Saturday 19, and Sunday 20 November at 8.00 pm Schull Parish Hall on Friday November 25 at 8.30 pm and Saturday November 26 at 8.45 pm Clonakilty Parish Centre on Tuesday November 29 at 8 pm Sherkin Island on Friday December 2 at 8 pm(ferry from Baltimore at 7 pm and returns after the show).Amour is a short play written and directed by Karen Minihan based on the Guy de Maupassant story of thesame title. The play involves two actors - Con (played by Isaac Slaleia ) and Karl (Peter FitzGerald), andtwo dancers - a Man (Ben Townsend) and a Woman (Terri Leiber). In their vision for this performance, theproduction team presents a sensory experience that combines acting, dance, and a haunting sound scoreincluding the music of Kíla. Admission €7.50. Concessions available. Advance booking is recommended as seating is limited.Bookings: 028 – 22090 for West Cork Arts Centre performances  086 8785304 for other performances. 6
  7. 7. Brown Envelope Seeds West Cork Rural Transport Cancer Connect is a free and flexible transport service to Cork hospitals from West Cork for people receiving cancer treatments (radiotherapy, chemotherapy etc.). The service has been running along the N71 (Goleen/ Skibbereen/Clonakilty)  since April, and currently carries 45 passengers approximately to Cork on a regular basis. Cancer Connect is now travelling from Castletownbere through Bantry and Dunmanway to Cork every day. This service means a great deal to community members and their families, and we are looking for support to ensure that the serviceAn exhibition of Sonia Caldwells paintings, in the Bantry area is as successful as infrom the gardens at Brown Envelope Seeds, neighbouring towns. and the Brown Envelope Seeds calendar,and 2012 catalogue is on display at the We are currently seeking volunteers whoRiverside Cafe in Skibbereen. Both the would give one day per month, and drivecalendar and catalogue are illustrated with passengers to Cork University Hospital.Sonias watercolours of vegetables and Drivers do not need a bus licence and atheir flowers. The theme of the Brown vehicle is provided. If you are interested inEnvelope Seeds catalogue is Our Seeds, supporting the project, call Helen on 027Our Heritage, and highlights the global 52727 / 087 1224404 — at West Cork Ruralsources of our food plants. This is reflected Transport.in carefully crafted and vibrantly colouredpictures of such vegetables as the CrimsonFlowered Broad Bean and the Winterkefe PROPERTY FOR SALEPea. The Riverside Café has a reputation forserving creative dishes using local foods. Fairy Glen, Glannaphucca, SkibbereenThe calendar is available directly from Soniasoniacaldwell@eircom.net, Hosfords GardenCentre, and whole food shops in West Cork.The seed catalogue is available fromseeds@brownenvelopeseeds.com and theseeds are available from the website www.brownenvelopeseeds.com and variousshops nationwide.  http://www.brownenvelopeseeds.com/http://brownenvelopeseeds.blogspot.com/ http://homepages.iol.ie/~spm/riverside/ For more info CLICK HERE 7
  8. 8. Irish National Flood Forum LTD. MASSAGE Working For Flooded Communities in Ireland Irish National Flood Forum LTD. is a voluntary group, who aim to help communities that flood or are at risk of flooding to develop a better understanding of the complex issues associated with flooding. Working together to insure the other stakeholders (OPW, Councils, etc.) understand our fears, working to get communities insurance, and get Relax over-worked muscles, reduce stress levels, concrete flood prevention measures completed to prevent future flooding   improve circulation, stimulate immune system, This Saturday the 19th of November Irish National Flood Forum LTD. will be holding their second National Flood Forum, in the Jean Monnet Theatre in University of Limerick lower blood pressure......   The event starts at 9.30am, and should be finished by about 4.00pm. The speakers on the   day include members of the OPW, IFA, Insurance Industry, MEP, UL, with Minister with Special discount for 1st time visit responsibility for the OPW, Minister Brian Hayes TD is the keynote speaker. The Chairman for the day will be Seán McCarthy. Save €10!!   The event is free and everybody will be more than welcome.   Launch of Field Ecology Certificate & Diploma Normal Price €60 UCC are now inviting applications for the Field Ecology Certificate and Diploma Distance 1st visit  Price €50 Learning Course.     The course will run over 2 years,  and there is an option to complete year one and graduate with a Certificate in Field Ecology. Completion of Year 2 will result in a Diploma At John Garveys holistic centre, Killinga Leap in Field Ecology. There will be 3 weekend classes during each year and a 2-week summer field course. The method of assessment is a mixture of continuous assessment and   exams.   Also at Fionnuisce, (an Tobairín) The course fee is €1,150 per year. Application forms can be downloaded at www.ucc.ie/ en/study/ace/how/ Closing date for applications is December 2nd 2011. For further Heron court, Market Quay, Bandon          queries please contact Caroline Hurley, Course Co-ordinator on c.hurley@ucc.ie   Cape Clear Walking Trails Triona O’Sullivan Cosáin Siúlóide Oileán Chléire James O’Mahoney, Rural Recreation Office will visit Cape Clear Island next Sunday 20th November to meet/brief  landowners and land occupiers interested in the development of 087 986 0069 walking trails on the Island. The meeting will take place in Club Cléire at 2pm to be completed in time for the Quiz at 3.30 pm. Beidh James O’Mahoney, Oifigeach Caitheamh Aimsire Tuaithe i gCléire Dé Domhnaigh Triona O’Sullivan completed 1500 hours of supervised training at San Francisco Schoolof Massage, The Kinesiology Institute, Berkeley CA and the Heartwood Institute, seo chugainn 20 Samhain chun bualadh le húineirí agus áitreoirí talún go bhfuil spéis acu iMendecino. She has been practising massage for over 14 years and has worked in both bhforbairt na cosáin siúlóide san Oileán. Beidh an chruinniú sa Chlub at 2 pm le bheiththe USA and Ireland. críochnaithe in am don Tráth na gCeist ag 3.30 pm. 8
  9. 9. Construction & Engineering Jobs in AustraliaIf you are interested or know of anybody that is interested here are the details of ConstructionJobs at the Gorgon plant in Western Australia. JobContax in association with our Australianpartners are currently recruiting for a number of large civils projects in Australia. OurAustralian partner on the Gorgon Project will be holding face to face interviews in Londonfrom November 10th to 17th and in Dublin from November 18th to 25th . The interviews willbe for the following roles:Construction Foremen €140k - €170k + Relocation + Family VisaSite Managers €140k - €170k + Relocation + Family VisaSite Managers - Civils €140k - €170k + Relocation + Family VisaProject Engineers - Civils €120k - €140k + Relocation + Family VisaAll roles come with excellent packages including relocation costs and employer sponsoredfamily Australian 457 visas. These positions represent a fantastic opportunity to progress yourcareer and gain large project experience. To be considered for interview, apply through ourwebsite for the job/jobs which you feel you are qualified for and one of our consultants willcontact you and explain the interview process in detail.http://www.jobcontax.com/ Goleen Craft FairDate for your diary Dec 04. Goleen Annual Christmas Craft Fair is not to be missed.  This yearwe will have 50 traders varying from jewellery, antiques, baking, ceramics, pottery and craftsof every description. Santa of course will be in attendance. Also on the day we will havesteaming hot mulled wine as well as delicious homemade soup with bread roll. Come and getall your Christmas presents in Goleen. Free Parking.  Free Entry. Bantry’s Three FestivalsWith preparations now well under way for next summers festivals in Bantry, West Cork Musichas revealed that the total economic impact of the three festivals in 2011, as calculated bythe Department of Economics UCC, was €1.6 million.More than 3000 people attended the trio of festivals - the West Cork Chamber Music Festival,West Cork Literary Festival and Masters of Tradition - and the audience grew by 11%.The programme will soon be available for the 2012 West Cork Chamber Music Festival whichtakes place from Friday 29 June to Saturday 7 July. The line-up will include cellist NatalieClein, Apollon Musagete Quartet which are currently touring with Tori Amos, violinist AlinaIbragimova, soprano Ruby Hughes, pianist Julius Drake, the Irish Chamber Orchestra andmany more. The West Cork Literary Festival runs on immediately from Sunday 8 to Saturday14 July. There will be five and three day workshops, afternoon events, main evening readings,book fair, book launches and childrens events. The line-up will be revealed in the new year.Masters of Tradition runs from Wednesday 15th to Sunday 19th August and will be headlinedas usual by Artistic Director Martin Hayes. More details from www.westcorkmusic.ie and onWest Cork Musics Facebook Page. 9
  10. 10. West Cork One Act Drama Festival Fluoridation of Water St Mary’s Theatre, Rossmore, Clonakilty Water, water everywhere nor any drop to drink................Almost appears that Mr Coleridge anticipated the level of fluoridation in Ireland - currently about 70%.  One 18th – 20th Nov wonders why the Irish people, noted for their independent attitude and rebelliousness against imposed authority have done nothing about their illegal mass medication. Adjudicator: Mr Flor Dullea Historically for years Fluoride was used as an insecticide, great for poisoning……. Fri 18 Nov 8pm Full article in the Local Campus library. To view CLICK HERE. Blue Hat Drama Group – Melody by Deirdre Kinahan (Confined) Insight Theatre Group – The Collection by Harold Pinter (Open) A Different Dimension, Skibbereen Insight Theatre Group – Life Sentence by Mark Seaman (Open) Martha Cashman, Miranda Daly & Angie Shanahan Sat 19 Nov 8pm 26 November 2011 – 14 January 2012   Take 5 Drama Group – Faded Footsteps by Maura Williamson (Confined) Martha Cashman, ceramic artist; Angie Shanahan, painter and Miranda Daly, film-maker Kilmeen Drama Group – Disco Pigs by Enda Walsh (Open) present an exhibition exploring the narrative of the former Wolfes Bakery in Skibbereen, Schull Drama Group – Alternative Accommodation by Pam Valentine (Confined) West Cork.   Sun 20 Nov Afternoon 2pm The artists are interested in the transition from one state of being to another and in conveying a sense of past human activity and industrial output associated with thisAmphitheatre Drama Group – Two For A Girl by Mary Kelly & Nonie Stapleton (Confined) building. Schull Drama Group – A Family Affair (Confined)   Rasper Players – Sucking Dublin by Enda Walsh (Open) ADULT Wolfes Bakery is the site for the planned new building for West Cork Arts Centre.   Sun 20 Nov 8pm West Cork Arts Centre, North Street, Skibbereen, Co. Cork.   Castlewood Players – The Shewing Up Of Blanco Posnet by George Bernard Shaw Mon - Sat, 10.00am - 5.00pm. (Confined) Brideview Drama Group – The Poppy and The Shamrock by George Peet (Confined) Telephone: 028 - 22090 Email: info@westcorkartscentre.com Website: www.westcorkartscentre.com Facebook:  www.facebook.com/westcorkartscentre Advertisment Space Advertisment Space €20/week | €50/3 weeks €20/week | €50/3 weeks www.localcampus.com/ad.html www.localcampus.com/ad.html 10
  11. 11. 11
  12. 12. Your Views...Letter From Dave McInerney, Independent Candidate in the 2011 General Election The next important step is to secure the leisure complex for the long term and enhance the facilities that we offer. We are at an advanced stage in securing the Leisure complexI am trying to spur people into action, I am trying to turn the blog I used for the election for the long term use for the community, but in order to do this we will need thein to a focal point for change, change to our society, to help create a better all inclusive assistance of the wider community once again. I urge all with interest in the long termsociety, one that is planned rather than one (which is what is happening now) evolves plan of securing the pool to attend an extraordinary general meeting on November 24thas a result of blind panic.  It will be similar to the cooperative idea you are trying to in the community hall in Baltimore at 8pm. We have exciting plans including new andspearhead in Skibbereen.  It will be a cooperative of ideas and suggestions, of thought extended facilities and cost saving systems to make the complex more viable.and of community spirit a place where people can share ideas on how to make our livesmore fulfilling and as a result more meaningful and happier. The Baltimore Community Leisure Centre is there for all from children learning to swim  to a tourist facility in bad weather. We need as many people to attend on the night toCan you read my latest blog at www.aBetterIreland.com and if you share my vision show there is an interest in securing these much needed facilities long term.maybe you would send out an email to your subscribers making them aware of theconcept.  I believe that we as a people are at a crossroads and the decisions that we Thanks for your supporttake over the next few weeks and months will have vital and far reaching consequencesfor us all.  This being the case it is important that those decisions are all inclusive, and John Kearneythat those decisions make everyone’s lives better and not just of the few.  We can see Chairpersonalready from around the world that the people are being excluded from any say in how Baltimore Community Leisure Centretheir countries and societies are run, as of now we still have a say in how we are to liveour lives, lets exercise that right while we still can lets share our ideas and let’s together John Kearney was also an independent candidate in the 2011 General Electionbuild a better society. Dear Walter,Baltimore Community Leisure Centre EGM   Eleanor O’Regan from Cashelfean Holiday Houses here. I have been asked to representAn extraordinary meeting to secure Baltimore Community Leisure Complex for the long the Irish Self Catering Federation and Tourism Ireland at the forthcoming BBC Goodterm will be held in the community hall, Baltimore, at 8 pm on November 24th. Food show on 25th November in Birmingham (88,000 thousand attended last year) to promote Self Catering Holidays etc.  Could you please put a note on the newsletter ifAll members and interested parties are urged to attend this extraordinary meeting as anyone would like me to promote their product or services I would be happy to do so orplans are at an advanced stage to not only secure the future of Baltimore Community perhaps we could make out a leaflet with list of amenities in West Cork?Leisure Centre for the long term but to enhance the facilities whilst making them more  cost effective. Best regards,  Baltimore Community Leisure centre has now been up and running for almost 30 Eleanormonths. We, as a community, got together to save the closure of our leisure centre due  to the economic downturn in 2009. We put a call out to the general community to assist Tel: 027 62000us in getting 200 members signed up for two years. With the assistance of The  Southern Star and C103FM enough members joined to keep the leisure centre open. P.S. I would like to book an ad for Cashelfean Holiday Houses (3 weeks) in January issue.This year saw the two years initial programme end in March and the numbers againdropped off, so another call was made to get the numbers back up so we couldcontinue in the short term to continue the services we had been offering.With great support from the wider community we are once again getting closer to therequired numbers. We had great support from all the members, staff and the committeein getting the message out there and the great news is that we are nearly there. 12
  13. 13. Your Views...We are past ‘Peak Oil’ and Colin Campbell is proven correct. The price of oil will expanded scale the agri-industrial based industries of the future. But halting the DCCbecome prohibitive. concept of incineration is hugely important because it will waste a great resource that is  needed for the economies that will soon emerge. I see it, if it goes ahead, as a tragicWe are also past ‘Peak Readily Available Phosphate’ and that can be more serious. ‘white elephant’ that should be obsolete from the beginning.However, oil is not recyclable but phosphate is. The extensive reserves of high quality  phosphate that were available in NW Africa and in Florida are rapidly depleting, and the You have the scientific background to bring about the awareness that is needed. I hopemajor such reserves are now in China. Understandably, China is not willing to supply that you will take up the challenge, and in so doing lay the foundations for a future thatthe world needs in Phosphorous. will bring prosperity to Ireland, as the wealth of nations that is based on oil will wane.   There are large reserves of Phosphorous in the soil. Some of that is indigenous in soil Yours sincerelyminerals, and much has become immobilized from ‘available P’ that has been applied Your Commentsas fertilizer. We are now able to develop microbial systems that will mobilise that Dr. Michael H.B.Hayes MRIA Please send your letters, commentsPhosphorous and make it available for plants. Research Professor Carbolea Group or ideas for publication to:  CES Department walter@localcampus.comBut there must be huge emphasis on recycling phosphate. That is why it is disastrous University of Limerickto know that the Dublin City Council (DCC) is going ahead with incineration. Incinerationhas long been outdated, and we now have technologies to recycle effectively the so- What makes Holland Tick?called organic wastes. I have recently returned from a horticultural trip to Holland. This is a country the size of  Munster with a population 16.5 million. Following the US and France,the Dutch comeI have repeatedly asked DCC to have an open debate on the matter, but they have third in the world in Agricultural exports ,earning 60 Billion euros annually. A big chunk ofalways refused. I note that the Sunday Business Post has formulated a programme for this  is derived from the sale of bulbs and the flower business but there is also 22,000discussion later this month that promotes only the wasteful and outdated technologies dairy farmers in Holland.More than 60% of global exports, and   up to 40% ofand approaches. international trade in plants pass through the broker desks in the Netherlands. One  apple in six sold in the world comes from Holland. I had a period of total immersion inColin Campbell has eloquently presented the case that globalisation, and the vast Horticulture during my recent visit and have come home unable to answer the question.proliferation of wealth that was based on oil, is coming to an end.  But that does not What makes Holland Tick? True, all National school children between the ages 7 to 10mean that civilisation will end. It does mean, however, that we will base our future are allocated a small plot 1 metre by 2 to grow a garden, while nationally there are up towealth on a localized economy. We must return to energy from the sun that is 250,000 allotments but this connectivity with the land does not explain the stellartransformed through photosynthesis into biomass that will provide everything that we performance of horticulture on the world stage.There must be some secret that makesnow get from oil.  This will not require using essential foodstuffs. We can use Holland tick.lignocellulosic biomass, and so-called carbohydrate wastes to provide us with theplatform chemicals sourced in petrochemicals at this time.  My colleague, Professor During my visit I attended   Hortifair, the biggest international trade fair on technology,Austin Darragh and our members of the Carbolea group (www.Carbolea.ul.ie) innovation and inspiration in Horticulture. The trade fair had 600 stands and apart fromrepeatedly stress. Bord na Mona and two other small companies the Irish were very thin on the ground.  Perhaps the Irish government did sent a representative and if not what a missed“Farewell Petroleum (oil from rocks), Hail Carboleum (oil from carbohydrates)”. opportunity. The other half of the RAI trade fair building had an International gathering  focused on the  Theme of WATER.It is ironic that both events were held under sea level.I consider that our liaison with Sammy Mayfield Pierce of Energenetics Energies (USA), Hortifair was home to International companies exhibiting new developments inbeing arranged by Professor Darragh, will allow us to get high value nutraceuticals from cultivation technology, improvement in strains,and greenhouse technology spread over 9grains, even straws, and far more efficiently to obtain added value from all products thematic pavilions. Greenport Holland is an international organisation that ensures thatthat  have their origins in photosynthesis. The Pierce ‘Minibiorefinery’ concept could Dutch Horticulture and knowledge maintains an international orientation.mean a revitalisation of a Co-Op system on a national scale, and re-ruralisation. He hasthe technologies to utilise efficiently all parts of growing crops. Why have the Dutch horti-culturalists not come to Ireland in numbers? Have they not discovered our Irish climate? There must be some well kept secret.I would like to knowWe are lucky in Ireland to have the soil and climate that we need to support in an WHAT MAKES HOLLAND TICK.Perhaps some of your readers can help me! Email: roaringwater@eircom.net 13
  14. 14. Belling West Cork Artisan Food AwardsInaugural Belling West Cork producers make a living making Short list of Nominees in TheArtisan Food Awards celebrates something that matters”. Originals category:pioneering Irish foodartisans. Short list of 8 nominees The judging panel consists Norman & Veronica Steele, Milleensannounced for Irelands most of  Darina Allen of the Ballymaloe Cheese, Eyeries.lucrative food awards. Cookery School; Rose ODriscoll of Belling Ireland; Ella McSweeney of Giana Ferguson, GubbeenThe short list of 8 nominees for the RTÉ; John Field of Fields Farmhouse Cheese, Schull.first Belling West Cork Artisan Food Supervalu; Carmel Somers of GoodAwards has just been announced. Things Café; and John McKenna of Sally Barnes, Woodcock Smokery, the Bridgestone Guides.  Castletownshend.F o u r f o o d p ro d u c e r s i n t h eOriginals category, and four food The judges will now decide which Alan & Valerie Kingston, Glenilenproducers in the Newcomers of the nominees in each category – Dairy, Drimoleague.category, are in the race to win the The Originals and The NewcomersBelling Artisan Award, and a prize – will win the Belling Award, and aof €5,000. cash prize of €5,000.00. The two Short list of Nominees in the winners, and the person chosen for Newcomers category:John McKenna, one of the six the first Belling Artisan Bursary, ajudges who selected the nominees, €5,000 prize which will allow a Toby Simmonds & Johnny Lynch,said: “ West Cork is the Big Bang student to pursue a Diploma Toonsbridge Dairy, Toonsbridge.of Irish speciality food.  If it wasnt course at the school of Specialityfor West Cork, and the way in Food Production in UCC, will be Fingal Ferguson, Gubbeenwhich people work with food and announced at a ceremony in West Smokehouse, Schull.think about food in West Cork, I Cork Hotel, Skibbereen on Sunday,dont believe that we would have December 4th, 2011. M a d e l e i n e M c K e e v e r, B ro w nseen the speciality food revolution Envelope Seeds, Turk Head.which we have enjoyed in Ireland The Belling Awards are sponsoredover the last thirty years. West Cork by Belling Ireland. Belling Ireland is Avril & Willie Allshire, Rosscarberyset the template for small-scale, part of the Glen Dimplex Group, Recipes, Rosscarbery.high-quality production, and every Irelands largest privately-ownedcorner of Ireland has tried to imitate business, with a turnover of €2the West Cork model over the last billion annually and a  workforce of For further information see:fifteen to twenty years.”  10,000.  www.westcorkartisanawards.com“What the judges were looking for, Sean ODriscoll, the chief executivein both The Originals and the and chairman of the Glen DimplexNewcomer category, were food Group, is a West Cork man, born inproducers who combine originality, Drimoleague.  “We are delightedskill, tenacity and individuality”, that Belling, our leading cookingsaid McKenna. “We have chosen brand, is associated with andeight extraordinary food sponsors of the West Cork Artisanbusinesses, people who define not Awards”,  said Mr ODriscoll. “Thejust world-class food, but who also artisan food producers of Westwork in the most sustainable and Cork espouse what the Bellingauthentic way. All of these food Brand aspires to be”. 14