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Pin your business to the top with Pinterest

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Pinterest presentation

  1. 1. (c)Betterorganizedliving/Michele Cole 1
  2. 2. • What is Pinterest? Why should I make it a priority?• Pinterest friendly website• Boards• Etiquette/commenting• Marketing strategies: – Online presentation board – Contests – Promoting• Increase referral traffic/SEO• Measure Results• Q&A (c)Betterorganizedliving/Michele Cole 2
  3. 3. Who is familiar with Pinterest?Who has a Pinterest account?Who has a personal account?Who has a business account? 3 (c)Betterorganizedliving/Michele Cole
  4. 4. • A Virtual Pinboard• A way to organize and share what you find on the web in a visual format.• Create your own boards - browse and follow other people’s board(s). – Examples: recipe, wedding inspiration, and travel ideas• Connect via Twitter or Facebook• Add Photos (c)Betterorganizedliving/Michele Cole 4
  5. 5. • Upload photos or pin them to your board via a “Pin it” button on a website or in your toolbar.• “Repin”, “like” or comment on a pin.• Create & name your own boards.• Choose which board(s) you want to pin to.• Pinning links the photo and website.• Choose which photo on the site you want to pin.• Specify contributors. 5 (c)Betterorganizedliving/Michele Cole
  6. 6. • Launched March 2010 / iPhone app in March 2011• English, Spanish, Portuguese• Fasted site to reach the 10 million user mark. • As of Jan. 2012, more referral traffic to retailers than Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+ combined with 11.7 million unique users.• In March 2012, Pinterest became the 3rd largest social media network. 6 (c)Betterorganizedliving/Michele Cole
  7. 7. • In August 2012, Pinterest drove more traffic to websites than Bing and Yahoo combined. (Shareaholic)• Now there are over 23 million registered users.• As of August 10, 2012, you no longer need an invitation to join.• 83% are women • ages 25 – 44 • in the U.S. • with some college education and • $25,000 - $75,000 annual income• Pinterest in the Presidential Election 7 (c)Betterorganizedliving/Michele Cole
  8. 8. • 21% of Pinterest users have purchased an item found on the site. - Pricegrabber survey 2012• Additional 37% of social media users saw items they wanted to purchase, but did not. - Bizrate Insights• Women make/influence >85% of buying decisions & >75% of online buying decisions. -• This summer & received more referral traffic from Pinterest than from any other social media site.• More men are using Pinterest due to Sports and Technology Boards.• Add’l Sources: She-Economy, Ms Smith Marketing, StartUpNation, Clickz,, Girl Power Marketing, Catalyst, Forbes 8 (c)Betterorganizedliving/Michele Cole
  9. 9. •Increase brand awareness•Online Store front for your products •Online Presentation Boards •Drive traffic •Increase sales •Get to know your customers •Conduct contests 9 (c)Betterorganizedliving/Michele Cole
  10. 10. • Photos• Photo quality Which photo• Graphics would you• Video pin?• Banners/badges/buttons• Watermarking• “Pin it” button• “Follow Me” button (c)Betterorganizedliving/Michele Cole 10
  11. 11. • Boards are more important than pins• Variety• Clear headings• Inspiration boards not billboards• Don’t go Pin Crazy!• Time your pins – 11 (c)Betterorganizedliving/Michele Cole
  12. 12. • Give credit where credit is due • Follow your followers • Be respectful • Report Spam • Terms and Conditions 12 (c)Betterorganizedliving/Michele Cole
  13. 13. • Be polite Good comments:• Positivity – Love it! – Nice.• Engage Better comment:• Give thanks This recipe looks• Mention a pin delicious. I can’t wait to• Delete spam/offensive make it! Do you think I comments could substitute the all purpose flour with whole• Respond to comments wheat flour? (c)Betterorganizedliving/Michele Cole 13
  14. 14. • Promotional Videos• Behind the Scenes Board• Staff Board• Events Board• Info/stats Board• Board for each branch of your business• Boards for your charities• What your business represents – families, etc.• Post PowerPoint presentations from Slideshare (c)Betterorganizedliving/Michele Cole 14
  15. 15. • Contests• Ask customers to post photos of themselves with or using your products• Send link to Pinterest in newsletter & ask for comments• Price tag ($5.00 in description) (c)Betterorganizedliving/Michele Cole 15
  16. 16. • Contest Board• Cross promote – social media/newsletters• Examples: – Carnival Cruises – Southern Living• Use Curalate – Likes – Repins – Comments – Impressions, etc.• Trial & Error (c)Betterorganizedliving/Michele Cole 16
  17. 17. • “Pin it” button• “Follow me” button• Pin from your webpage• Pin your business• Follow big name businesses• Cross promote Pinterest – through Twitter & Facebook (c)Betterorganizedliving/Michele Cole 17
  18. 18. • Google now turns up Pinterest boards • Keywords/tags are important • Hashtags (#) to match Twitter • Link to your site in the description tag• Don’t hide your profile from search engines (c)Betterorganizedliving/Michele Cole 18
  19. 19. • Google Analytics gives you more information from Pinterest than from Facebook••• (c)Betterorganizedliving/Michele Cole 19
  20. 20. • Recommend a Pin to a Pinterest User – Follow one of their boards – Type @username to find a user; then mention the pin in a comment or repin description – The user you mention will receive a notification• Top Businesses to Watch on Pinterest – HGTV, Real Simple, Martha Stewart, Starbucks, GE, Lowes, Whole Foods – These websites promote lifestyles over specific products• Top Pinterest Pinners – Jane Wang - #1 (mother of a co-founder) – Jennifer Chong - #2 ( 2 million+ followers) (c)Betterorganizedliving/Michele Cole 20
  21. 21. • New members leveling off• Excitement is waning• Here to stay• Niche markets• More men are joining• Future Competition (c)Betterorganizedliving/Michele Cole 21
  22. 22. ••••••• (c)Betterorganizedliving/Michele Cole 22
  23. 23. Michele Cole @betterorgliving Cole 23