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Why you need to change your way of working


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Some of the most advanced technical practices allow to get sustainable and effective benefits only if you use them properly. Unfortunately the inertia in adapting the way of working to the changing needs can thwart any technological advantage.
In this talk I discuss the reason why an appropriate change of the way of working is a non postponable need. I also present some methods and indicators to help you adapting your way of working to the product’s needs, your company's culture and the technical practices.

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Why you need to change your way of working

  1. 1. Why you need to change your way of working agile @ work - 4 dec 2015 - Roberto Bettazzoni
  2. 2. Software craftsman Trainer and coach for agile software development @bettazzoni Roberto Bettazzoni
  3. 3. Why should I change my way of working? To build complex products in more effective way
  4. 4. Product complexity ? • Internal • Technical • Unknown • Cultural Sources of complexity
  5. 5. Product complexity Internal Technology Unknown Cultural Start EndProduct development
  6. 6. Cynefin framework is a trademark of Cognitive Edge - Kudos to David Snowden Complicated sense analyse respond Obvious sense categorise respond Chaotic act sense respond Complex probe sense respond "Cynefin as of 1st June 2014" by Snowded - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons -
  7. 7. Complicated ObviousChaotic Complex v
  8. 8. Complicated ObviousChaotic Complex
  9. 9. Scrum XP Complicated ObviousChaotic Complex v
  10. 10. ObviousChaotic Complex Complicated Scrum XP
  11. 11. ObviousChaotic Complex Complicated 0% 100% 200% Planning Estimation Errors
  12. 12. Estimation has no sense Good estimations Complicated ObviousChaotic Complex Estimations with errorsHigh error on estimations
  13. 13. ObviousChaotic Complex Complicated Scrum Safe to fail experiments
  14. 14. Safe to fail experiments • Run multiple experiments, try different paths/strategies • Small teams • Define the action and its coherence • Define an overtime failure (short period of time) • Define leading and lagging indicators • Define expected success condition • Define some clear failure conditions • Define actions in case of success and in case of failure
  15. 15. ObviousChaotic Complex Complicated Scrum Safe to fail experiments
  16. 16. Scrum Retrospective Daily Scrum Review meeting Planning meeting Backlog refinement
  17. 17. ObviousChaotic Complex ComplicatedMeeting duration 0 60 120 180 Planning Refinement Review
  18. 18. Continuously change your way of working according to the continuous change of your products needs
  19. 19. Roberto Bettazzoni @bettazzoni Thank You!