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Mod to dv


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How to convert MOD to DV on Mac with the best Mac MOD to DV converter – Doremisoft Mac MOD converter.

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Mod to dv

  1. 1. Convert MOD Files to DV on Mac DV format is direct to digital. It's the video equivalent of audio CDs, replacing analog recording with the advantages of digital technology for the consumer market. Digital means no more audio pops and hiss, no more video drop-outs and smearing, and, most of all, no more accumulated quality loss as a tape is reused or copied. If you want to convert MOD to DV and you are running a Mac OS, you will need a Mac MOD to DV converter to do the job. Doremisoft MOD converter is the best Mac MOD to DV converter that can easily and efficiently convert MOD to DV with just a few steps as follows. Three Steps to Convert MOD to DV on Mac: Step 1: Add MOD Files Click the " Add File" button to add the MOD files you want to convert to DV format. Then double click a file or select a file and click on " Open" to add it.
  2. 2. Step 2: Select the Output Format Click the small arrow at the end of the Profile field, move your mouse pointer to "Common Video" and click on the " DV- Digital Video NTSC" (for US and Canada) profile from the " Common Video" list. If you are located in Europe, Australia or New Zealand, you should select " DV- Digital Video PAL" Then you can check the " Apply to all" option and this will allow you to convert all added MOD files into selected DV format.
  3. 3. Step 3: Start to Convert MOD to DV Click on the big round Start button on the lower right part of the main interface to start the conversion, and then the conversion window will be opened, where you can choose if you want to open the folder where the converted files are saved after the conversion. Now you can relax and wait till the conversion is finished.
  4. 4. Tips: Doremisoft Mac MOD Converter also allows you to do easy editing such as cropping, trimming, and editing video effects to your MOD files, click here to see how. Click here for more information of Doremisoft Mac MOD Converter.