How to sign an order


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How to sign an order

  1. 1. Enter your login credentials on
  2. 2. Click Pending Orders under Alerts
  3. 3. Click View to the right of the desired order.
  4. 4. Click Create Patient Chart totie order to the patient’s EMR.If a patient already exists, you will be flagged. To continue, click “Use Existing Chart”.
  5. 5. Review the Order. Click Edit if any changes are needed.
  6. 6. Finish order by clicking eitherMark as Validated,to let the physician know the order is ready to sign, or Click Sign AllCompleted to sign immediately.
  7. 7. Have the Physician enter his/her secured signaturepassword, and click Sign.
  8. 8. Instant Confirmation, you can now Print documentation for your records.
  9. 9. You can now Print or Save the detailed written order.