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Gulinson Designs


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Gulinson Designs is an interior design firm based out of Carrollton, Texas that specializes in doing design for hospitality, medical office space, churches and residential.

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Gulinson Designs

  1. 1. Luxury. Respect. Commitment to Excellence. Timeless elegance. Fortitude. We can design the image you want to project into your community. See how our experience can work for you.
  2. 2. H Meadowbrook Country Club: Hospitality without limits... Margaret created a transitional interior by combining the modern architecture with the traditional golfing character and colors. This remodel included the creation of additional office space; combined an existing dining room and bar to create a restaurant/bar area suitable for daily dining; creation of an accessible re- stroom area; and the addition of an exterior stair to increase traffic from the golf course to the restaurant and bar. Margaret’s services included selection and installation of interior finishes for Meadowbrook’s ballrooms, card rooms, restrooms, hallways, and locker rooms in addition to the bar and grill. Margaret also developed specifications, purchased and installed window treatments, art & furniture throughout the entire country club. In the six months following these up- grades, Meadowbrook’s previously flag- ging membership blossomed to full capacity and instituted a waiting list to meet membership demands.
  3. 3. H Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church: Multimedia. Multipurpose. Singular Style. As the premier interior designer for dozens of churches across the states of Texas and Kansas, Margaret has de- veloped a strong understanding of how to incorporate fitting accoustics into the design features of both large and small multipurpose spaces. Jubilee Hall is a multifunction room with audio/video capabilities, dividing acoustical walls that slide back into the wall. It is used for luncheons, dinners, meetings, classrooms, etc. The color scheme is neutral in order to accommo- date seasonal celebratory decorations. The Atrium is a gathering place for receptions, coffee before events and worship services. Furnishings are sparse to accommodate buffets, Christ- mas trees, and standing room only events. Subsequent to the building’s addition, Margaret sits on the Property Committee, coordinating all interior de- sign, furnishings and facilities upgrades.
  4. 4. H Central Exchange: Nourishing the minds, hearts and careers of women since 1981. In a time when women were not allowed in clubs, the Central Exchange took over a defunct firehouse in the heart of Kansas City, and put it to use as a hub for women’s career networking events and pro- fessional development speaker series. This presentation board shows materi- als and finishes chosen by Gulinson Designs to update the traditional firehouse facility to a modern, eclectic setting that proved both functional and appealing to women bettween the ages of 30-50. Margaret’s work on the Central Exchange building included the selection of window treatments, fabrics, floor and wall fin- ishes. Margaret also designed the reception desk and millwork throughout. The event space currently rents for up to $1750 for evening and weekend events.