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"Born Global, Grow Global" What to Learn from Honda.


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"Born Global, Grow Global" What to Learn from Honda. A Japanese Mechanic's Entrepreneurial Dream of Reaching a Global Market.

On Tuesday, October 11, 2011 the Dublin International Business Assistance Center (DIBAC) located at the Dubin Entrepreneurial Center (DEC) in Dublin, Ohio hosted a presentation by Mr. Toshikata Amino, Retired Executive VP of Honda of America Manufacturing. Mr. Amino received an Honorary Doctorate from Franklin University and is currently Executive-in-Residence at the Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University.

Mr. Amino's presentation captured in the video and photo collection below inspires the dreams of entrepreneurs and local business community leaders in the story of how Mr. Soichiro Honda, Founder, Honda Motor Company, started his small business with global ambitions and grew it to an international company.

For entrepreneurs who are just starting out, or thinking of building a small business, his speech provides insights into the importance and benefits each of us receive when challenging ourselves to do more than what we imagine.

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"Born Global, Grow Global" What to Learn from Honda.

  1. 1. Born Global, Grow Global What to Learn From Honda Toshikata Amino Executive-in-Residence Fisher College of Business The Ohio State University Executive Vice President (Retired) Honda of America Mfg., Inc.
  2. 2. This material is copyright by Toshikata Amino and distributedunder a Creative Commons 3.0 attribution license. That means you are free to modify, copy and use this material for commercial purposes provided that you attribute it as follows:Source: Toshikata Amino Copyright 2011 distributed under Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works. You can learn more about Creative Commons license at
  3. 3. Honda Motor Co. Was Founded in 1948• By Mr. Soichiro Honda• He was 41 years old• Elementary school graduate• Capable auto mechanic, successful auto repair shop owner in Hamamatsu, then auto parts supplier for Toyota
  4. 4. Honda’s First Small Motorcycle Plant in Hamamatsu,Japan• Birth place of Japanese motorcycle industry Honda, Yamaha Suzuki
  5. 5. Mr. Honda’s Ambition• Be competitive in the global market He said “We should be competitive in the global market. Otherwise, we cannot compete even against our domestic competitors”(Remember that Japanese industry was still recovering from the total damage of World War II. Not much attention to global market in Japanese business people’s minds at that time)
  6. 6. Mr. Honda’s Personal Ambition Became Honda Corporate Principle• Maintaining A Global Viewpoint, We Are Dedicated To Supplying Products Of The Highest Efficiency Yet At A Reasonable Price For Worldwide Customer Satisfaction (1956)
  7. 7. Global Honda• Honda was a “Global- Minded” company almost from the beginning.
  8. 8. Today We Are Living in a Much More Globalized Society・Ever advancing Information technologies・Online marketing・Instant knowledge sharing beyond countries’ borders among customers・Free Trade Agreement・Rapidly developing countries and new market・Global moving of people (Consumers)
  9. 9. Globalization• We have no reason not to take advantage of globalization• Think to grow in global arena from the beginning of your business
  10. 10. How To Do It• Maintain your global viewpoint• Request your partners/employees to maintain their global viewpoint• Always keep in touch with global happenings• Make it a custom to relate global happenings to your business
  11. 11. What Honda Did “Increase Global Presence”Actively participated to motorcycle racingfrom 1954• San Paulo International Motorcycle Racing• Announcement of Honda’s participation in TT Race On The Isle of Man to be recognized as a new motorcycle manufacturer in world market
  12. 12. Continuously Go Abroad1959• American Honda was established Why first overseas operation in U.S.? Why not Asia or Europe?
  13. 13. Global Motorcycle Market (1950) In Asia• Needed inexpensive transportation (Bicycles are major transportation)・Short distance from Japan
  14. 14. In Europe• Big market size• Mature (Long history of motorcycles)• Many motorcycle racing enthusiasts• However, very tough competition among established European motorcycle manufacturers
  15. 15. Why Did Honda Decide to Come toU.S. As a First Overseas Market?• Mr. Takeo Fujisawa, Co founder of Honda “We should take the toughest challenge. Our dream should not be limited to the motorcycle business. We will go into the auto business in the future.”
  16. 16. American Honda’s First Office• A tiny office / warehouse located on Pico Blvd. Los Angeles• Sales were very slow• Honda sales team visited motorcycle dealers one by one by truck fully loaded with Honda motorcycles
  17. 17. Change the Image of Motorcycles “You Meet The Nicest People On A Honda” Campaign• Mass Advertisement Time, Life, TVBe creative and innovative
  18. 18. Think Global, Act Local• If you are successful in globalization, sooner or later you have to consider being local in each market How to act locally in Japan? How to act locally in Tibet?
  19. 19. Honda’s Localization Why Production in U.S.?• Honda Philosophy “We produce where we have customers”• Why? ・Better access to market ・Better delivery when customer wants ・Better understanding of customers
  20. 20. Why? (continued)• Better chance to contribute to the community ・Employment ・Purchasing ・Tax ・Export
  21. 21. Why? (continued)• Better cost competitiveness ・ Less logistics costs ・ Less impact of currency fluctuation ・ (Less labor and material cost)Give, give and take. Win Win relationship
  22. 22. Strongest Motivation “Dream”• Manufacturing was a long time dream since Honda came to America in 1959 Power of Dreams
  23. 23. Result of Feasibility Study (1975) Manufacturing in U. S.• Sept 1979 Motorcycle Production• Jan 1980 Announcement of auto production plan 150,000/year
  24. 24. Auto Production Was Started and Expanded• Nov 1982 Auto Production• 1985 Expansion of auto plant completed 300,000/year• 1985 Engine Production in Anna
  25. 25. Repeat• We have no reason not to take advantage of globalization• Think to grow in global arena from the beginning of your business• “Glocalize” your business
  26. 26. Thank You for Listening• Questions?