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Bringing the on-line world to physical stores and spacesThe opportunity                                                   ...
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110308 keonn - one pager

  1. 1. Bringing the on-line world to physical stores and spacesThe opportunity Competitive advantages Retailers lose about 3-4% of their sales due to stock-outs and  Keonn occupies an almost unique position in the value chain in the target markets poorly managed inventory  Keonn is positioned between manufacturers of standard The advantages of e-commerce (rapid product search, depth radiofrequency solutions and system integrators, by offering of information, recommendations) have not been introduced in customized solutions for retailers and hospitals physical stores yet Suppliers of Customized RF End users: Persistent inventory and recommendations can lead to sales standard radiofrequency solutions for retailers and System integrators • Retailers • Hospitals increases above 15% in a retail store solutions hospitals Hospitals suffer important losses due to poorly managed inventory of medical products.  Keonn’s product portfolio offers an end-to-end solution and a one-stop Expired products used for analytics in hospitals may reach shopping value proposition for system integrators 20%, which leads to annual losses above 200k€ in an  Keonn is focused on a narrow market but with global reach. This focus average hospital strategy together with strong R&D investment will allow becoming the leader in this market  The strong link between the University and Keonn allows performingWhat does Keonn offer? R&D on new products, innovating and keeping ahead of competitorsKeonn provides solutions that identify and locate products in a  Intellectual Property portfoliophysical space in real-time, and bring the advantages of the on-  Partnership with the best system integrators in the target marketsline world to that space:  Smart shelves and smart cabinets  Interactive shelves Business model  Interactive fitting rooms  Sale of products, including hardware and software, to system  Smart points of sales integrators and value added resellers  Non-intrusive anti-theft systems  Technology licensing  Second-level maintenance Go-to market strategy 1. Identification and selection of key system integrators, capable of integration Keonn solutions with other off-the-shelf solutions, and developing a customized solution for the end customer 2. Signature of agreements with selected system integrators 3. Support ant training to system integratorsWhat are the benefits for retailers? Higher sales by minimizing lost sales related to stock-outs, Partners by providing customer recommendations that generate up-  Keonn has strong partnerships with system integrators and solution selling and cross-selling, by helping customers locating the providers, that act as value added resellers of Keonn products products they are looking for, etc. Improved customer experience Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty Cost reduction by increasing employee productivity, decreasing shrinkage, reducing inventory working capital, Examples of end customers accelerating returns management, accelerating the point of  Retailer (franchise chain) of children clothing sales process, etc.  Large hypermarket chain  Large manufacturer of milk and egg products  Large shop-fitting manufacturerWhat are the benefits for hospitals?  Distributor of products for hospitals Better service to patients Faster location of products Underlying technologies of Keonn solutions Cost reduction by minimizing expired products and shrinkage  Radiofrequency identification (RFID)  Radiofrequency systems in general Improved working capital by better ordering decisions  Computer vision and artificial intelligence Leadership team  Ramir De Porrata-Doria: Founder and CEO, PhD in Electrical Engineering  Rafael Pous: Founder and CTO, PhD in Electrical Engineering (Berkeley) and Computer Science, University professor  Ausias Vives: Product Development Manager, Electrical Engineer  Antoni Ferrer: Operations Manager, Electrical Engineer