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7.1                                       rs 200                               S urvivo                                   ...
IT’ S LUNCH TIME: Ham and Cheese Pie - A Recipe of Gods                                                                   ...
TIP FROM NEW TRENDS: Beverly Hills 90210 as a tool for entertainment and learning.                                        ...
COVER PAGE: UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH — I Wonder why there are so many teachers                          that don’t give a sh...
ENTERTAINMENT FOR HOLE FAMILY: CINE GUIDE — What’s on at Cine Laguna?                                                     ...
THINGS YOU CAN DO IN CLASS: Teaching English with songs—An easy lesson Plan.                                              ...
A GREAT I DEA: Songs as a pedagogical tool for English teachers.                                                          ...
EXOTERISM: Aquarius Yearly 2011 Horoscopes: Aquarius (Jan 20- Feb 18)                                                     ...
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Jornal criado por Roberto Rodrigues Campos, Emile Uise de Santana Nascimento e Jamile de Oliveira Silva. A proposta foi fazer um jornal informativo, em língua inglesa. Nele, pode-se encontrar artigos de culinária, exoterismo e dicas cinema. Os principais temas ligados ao curso de Letras com Inglês, abordados neste jornal, são: Dica de como trabalhar temas transversais com seriados americanos; informações sobre inteligência emocional; plano de aula envolvendo música; etc.

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  1. 1. 7.1 rs 200 S urvivo VOL. 1, 1st Ed. Februar y, 2011New Trends In this edition, you can find... It’s Lunch Time 2 A Fun Way to Learn Tips From News Trend 3 Things You Need To Know UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH Cover Page 4I WONDER WHY THERE ARE SO MANY TEACHERS THAT DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT A SO-IMPORTANT RESEARCH PROJECT! Entertainment For Hole Family 5 The accelerated growth of knowledge nowadays made Things You Can Do In Class traditional teaching based exclusively on oral transmission 6 Things You Can Use On MSN of information impractical. In many disciplines it is no longer possible to transmit all the relevant contents, and as knowledge is never finished, much of what students A Great Idea 7 need is how to make the rest of his knowledge be discov- ered. It is said that Undergraduate Research Projects are Exoterism important because they increase the critical sense and 8 Editorial deep the pre-knowledge of some students. However, at UNEB- Campus II, more precisely in its English Graduation (Read more...). English Class + Songs = a combination that works! cal tool to reboot your English classes? Here it is: Do you need a Math formula for a new pedagogi- Course, it is necessary to ask: How many Undergraduate Research Projects are produced and disseminated by the English Professors? Are you English students stimulated to do any kind of Undergraduate Research by any of those Professors? See more on page 4. A GREAT IDEASEE ALSO... TIP FROM NEW TRENDS THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW The 90s are back! Bring entertain- Have you ever heard the expression ment and transversal themes by “Emotional Intelligence”? If you answer using Beverly Hills 90210. (Read is “no”, don’t panic! We have the answer. more...). (Read more...).
  2. 2. IT’ S LUNCH TIME: Ham and Cheese Pie - A Recipe of Gods By Roberto Rodrigues INGREDIENTS B. Filling: 500g of cheese A. Dough: 500g of ham 4 cups of Wheat flour 3 tablespoon of butter 2 eggs 1 packet of Grated parmesan 1 packet of whipped cream 3 tablespoon of butter Ham and Cheese Pie when it’s done. ½ cup of milk salt to taste salt to taste PREPARATION B. THE DOUGH A. THE FILLING: 1. Put all the ingredients in a bow. 1. Put the ham, the cheese and the butter in a bow 2. Start to mix them with your hands until it gets and start to mix them using a spoon. homogeneous. If you think it’s necessary, you can add a little 2. Add the milk, the whipped cream and the salt, and bit of any of those ingredients. It’s important that the dough be keep mixing until the butter, the milk and the soft and homogeneous. whipped cream gets homogeneous. 3. Roll out the dough (on a lightly floured surface) with a rolling 3. After that, add the grated parmesan and keep pin (dusted with flour). If you don’t have a rolling pin, you can mixing a little bit more. roll he dough using your hands. 4. Let the hole filling rest for about 10 minutes. While 4. Put the rolled dough in a pie tin greased with butter. it’s resting, preheat the oven (180ºC). 5. Spread the filling over the dough 5. Put the ham, the cheese and the butter in a bow and start to mix them using a spoon. 6. Bake the pie in hot oven (180ºC) until the dough is done. 6. Add the milk, the whipped cream and the salt, and keep mixing until the butter, the milk and the C. TIP whipped cream gets homogeneous. You can eat it as a regular pie or you may prepare rice and some french fries, 7. After that, add the grated parmesan and keep and transform this simple pie in a delicious lunch. mixing a little bit more. Ah! I learned this recipe from my grandmother. But you can find other recipes in both english and portuguese language from Sonia Celegatti Althoff on her 8. Let the hole filling rest for about 10 minutes. While website it’s resting, preheat the oven (180ºC). A FUN WAY TO LEARN: English through comics and strips. By Jamile de Oliveira Glossary: You can find more English Comics and Strips at the URL below: Nice - kind or friendly To fake - To simulate; feign Injury - any physical damage to the body caused by violence or accident or fracture etc Pal (informal) - a close friend who accompanies his buddies in their activitiesPage 2 New Trends
  3. 3. TIP FROM NEW TRENDS: Beverly Hills 90210 as a tool for entertainment and learning. By Roberto Rodrigues Among several compo- ships with many dimensions of so- best friends Kelly, Steve, Dylan, nents considered important for cial life. Andrea, David and Donna, and learning foreign languages, we can also the people around them. highlight, for example, grammar While they follow different paths skills, communication and linguis- and meet new people, they always tics studies. However, cultural ac- keep a strong friendship bond ex- quaintance – the knowledge of the cept when it comes to dating. In conventions, customs, beliefs and addition to chronicling the friend- meaning systems of a given coun- ships and romantic relationships of try – is considered essential for a group of close-knit teenagers, the learning foreign languages, and show also addressed numerous many teachers have been intended topical issues including date rape, to incorporate it into their room. In alcoholism, domestic violence, gay theory, there is a concern regard- Main Cast from Beverly Hill 90210: rights, gay parenting, drug abuse, ing the contribution and integration teenage suicide, AIDS, teenage of teaching culture in English (Upstairs) Donna, David, Andrea, Steve, pregnancy, bulimia and abortion. classes, once English language is Kelly; (Downstairs) Brendon, Brenda and Working with video in the not just a production of speeches classroom can be considered one based on syntactic structures, vo- of the most effective methods in cabulary studies and phrases in Beverly Hills 90210, as teaching English as a Foreign Lan- isolation, but mainly to incorporate known as Barrados no Baile in guage to both teenagers and some cultural elements that are Brazil, is a true landmark in the adults alike. Considering that intertwined with the language itself. history of television series that has American TV Series are authentic Within the “New Trends” reached perfection with its core cultural materials able to offer Eng- includes the study of transversal audience, the teenagers, with a lish teachers and their students an themes. According to the PCNs rebellious and innovative design. approach to American reality, I (Parâmetros Curriculares Na- This teenage drama series begins suggest Beverly Hills 90210 to be cionais), those themes are defined with the Walsh family moving from worked in the English language as a set of issues, different in na- the quiet Minnesota to the trendy classroom, justifying myself by the ture, of conventional areas such as Beverly Hills, showing the experi- need to promote possible changes Drugs, Relationship, Prejudice, ences, difficulties and achieve- to English language teaching, and Ethics, Environment, Cultural Plu- ments of the twins Brandon and because it has been given me new rality, Health, Sexual Orientation, Brenda Walsh. From the time at dimensions and ways to the learn- Work and Consumption, in order to West Beverly High until graduating ing process of my students in- discuss the ethical meaning of hu- from college, we can “live” the sto- cludes transversal themes, not just man coexistence in their relation- ries of the Walsh twins and their grammar and/or structural issues.THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW: Emotional Intelligence—Do you know it? By Jamile de Oliveira Have you ever heard the is divided in four aspects: self conscience, self-control, expression “Emotional Intelli- social conscience and relationship administration. So, gence”? Since about 4, 5 years how it can be possible? How to practice the Emotional ago this subject was discussed by Intelligence? The basic point is: take care and respect an American: Daniel Goleman. the people, nobody is better than one. It means learning He sold a lot of books to associate with the others. It can happen in the class- with the title: Emotional Intelli- room too and to reinforce, we can practice it through the gence-The theory that redefines Multiple Intelligence. what is an intelligent person. So, Do you know what Multiple Intelligence is? It is a everybody thought He discovered methodology discovered by a scientist called Howard it. But this interesting search was Gardner that named several ways of learning process:developed by a Brazilian Professor: the PhD Luiz logic-mathematics, spacial, visual, cinestesic, etc.What itMachado. He teaches at UNICAMP and use to write/ means? There are students that learn the school subjectsstudy about the children behavior trying to discovery watching movies, listening to music, writing, etc. Thesewhat happens with the human brain. But what is Emo- activities can stimulate the student to learn more easily. Iftional Intelligence? This is an affective attitude and can you want smart students…try to innovate in the class-be defined like a way to respect the other (people). room, avoid to make works individual all the time, ok? We can improve this attitudes everyday and It Page 3 VOL. 1, 1st Ed.
  4. 4. COVER PAGE: UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH — I Wonder why there are so many teachers that don’t give a shit about a so-important research project. By Roberto Rodrigues Brazilian Graduation grams providing thousands ships between existing knowledge Courses have their rules estab- scholarships for undergraduate with the one studied; guiding and lished by Law Nº 9.394 from De- students. The objective of those preparing scientific investigations; cember 20th, 1996, called Lei de programs is to integrate teaching developing critical thinking, etc. Diretrizes e Bases da Educação and research, to understand that The first sentence I heard Nacional (LDB). This law stipu- both provide a condition that after “Be Welcome to UNEB” was lates in its Article 43 that a develops teaching and ability to “you need to be teachers- graduation course aims, among think. researchers, so you can know the other activities to stimulate the needs of the students. Now I real- creation and development ize this speech reproduced of cultural and scientific by several teachers was spirit of reflective thinking, nothing but a meaningless encourage research work sentence. It is believed and scientific, etc. that there should be incen- Researches allow tives for developing re- the construction and trans- search and knowledge to mission of new knowl- produce articles for publi- edge, in a new way, with- cation, but this does not out repeating what has happen in the English already been discovered Course at UNEB Campus and written earlier by an- II. And what solidifies this other researchers. It is revolt is the fact that there through the research activ- are several projects of un- ity that you can build dergraduate research in knowledge, and this is the Portuguese and His- directly linked to learning. tory courses at UNEB It is believed that Campus II, while no Eng- by learning the human lish teacher volunteers to beings appropriate the develop projects of such knowledge and build their size. own parameters, not mak- Of course we cannot just ing more use of memoriza- blame the teachers be- tion that serves only to cause we have part of the reproduce others ideas. blame too, perhaps the The research teacher is one who must means search, inquiry and figure out which student investigation. Searching is best fits to your project to produce knowledge, and then call him to do a building knowledge, and those The undergraduate re- undergraduate research. Plus, it considerations mean that re- search programs also provide was supposed to the monograph search is fundamental to contrib- theoretical background neces- guider to propose a undergradu- ute to the advancement of sci- sary to perform systematically all ate research project for his stu- ence, because of their constant kinds of research, contributing to dent on the theme they both are search for new discoveries. the development of the students researching. The recognition of the ability to produce different kinds We students of English importance of research inside of scientific research. And as are just guinea pigs unmotivated the university context allows methodology can be described by the flowchart of UNEB Campus some universities to offer under- as the "study of the method for II, leaving graduation with a big graduate research scholarships seeking certain knowledge, sci- hole in teacher education. We to undergraduates who wish to entific methodology has several must develop autonomy within the perform such work. An example goals, such as: distinguishing course and give the teachers pos- of such institutions is UNEB – science from other forms of ob- sible corrections and criticism, Universidade do Estado da Ba- taining knowledge; developing in thus allowing us the right to fulfill hia – which has created many the researcher an investigative our role as agents and transform- undergraduate research pro- attitude; establishing relation- ing society.Page 4 New Trends
  5. 5. ENTERTAINMENT FOR HOLE FAMILY: CINE GUIDE — What’s on at Cine Laguna? By Jamile de Oliveira Tangled After receiving the healing powers from a magical flower, the baby Princess Rapunzel is kidnapped from the palace in the middle of the night by Mother Gothel. Mother Gothel knows that the flowers magical powers are now growing within the golden hair of Rapunzel, and to stay young, she must lock Rapunzel in her hidden tower. Rapunzel is now a teenager and her hair has grown to a length of 70- feet. The beautiful Rapunzel has been in the tower her entire life, and she is curious of the outside world. One day, the bandit Flynn Ryder scales the tower and is taken captive by Rapunzel. Rapunzel strikes a deal with the charming thief to act as her guide to travel to the place where the floating lights come from that she has seen every year on her birthday. Rapunzel is about to have the most exciting and magnificent journey of her life. (On at 16h p.m.) Yogi Bear Everyone’s favorite pic-a-nic basket-stealing bear comes to the big screen in Yogi Bear. Jellystone Park has been losing business, so greedy Mayor Brown decides to shut it down and sell the land. That means families will no longer be able to experience the natural beauty of the outdoors — and, even worse, Yogi and Boo Boo will be tossed out of the only home they’ve ever known. Faced with his biggest challenge ever, Yogi must prove that he really is “smarter than the average bear” as he and Boo Boo join forces with their old nemesis Ranger Smith to find a way to save Jellystone Park from closing forever. (On at 6:20h p.m.)CINE LAGUNA—Dantas Bião Street, Laguna Shopping, 2nd Floor, Alagoinhas Velha—Alagoinhas-BA PHONE—(75) 3423-4846 Page 5VOL. 1, 1st Ed.
  6. 6. THINGS YOU CAN DO IN CLASS: Teaching English with songs—An easy lesson Plan. By Emile Uise CONTENT: GOALS: Practice of pronunciation, listening com- prehension and linguistic native varieties • Observe carefully the pronunciation and intonation of words (idiomatic, slang and colloquialisms, in a more meaningful and pleasant way; contractions). • Promote entertainment and a well-being climate, propitious to learning in the classroom; RESOURCES USED: • Make possible the interpretation of lyrics, reviewing the grammar structures discussed in previous classes, as well as • Copies of lyrics improve in students the ability to make inferences; • Stereo • Understand the linguistic varieties such as native idioms, • CD slang and colloquialisms present in songs. •Whiteboard marker METHODOLOGICAL PROCEDURE: 1. The teacher will begin the lesson by putting the song "I Wanna Know What Love is" (sung by Mariah Carey or other song chosen) and will ask the students to close their eyes in order to focus on the hearing of the song. 2. Then the educator will invite the students to comment on what they think the song talks about. 3. After stimulating the ability to make inferences, the educator will give to students envelopes containing sentences of song cut into strips and will ask them to organize such sentences as they listen it again. If necessary, the teacher must repeat the song until all of the class has finished the activity. 4. The teacher will continue the class, correcting the activity and taking away the doubts about intonation and pronunciation highlighted by the students. 5. With the sentences already organized, the teacher will ask the students to try to analyze the lyrics by paying attention to the slang and colloquialisms, contractions, in order to get a general understanding of the lyrics. THINGS YOU CAN USE ON MSN: Common Abbreviations on the Internet. By Emile UisePage 6 New Trends
  7. 7. A GREAT I DEA: Songs as a pedagogical tool for English teachers. By Emile Uise Teaching English in schools has be- ates with the improvement of the four language moves, mobilizes and therefore contributes to thecome a real challenge, since there are many skills (listening comprehension, written produc- changing and development of the individual".obstacles that this language has to face within tion, reading and oral comprehension) , besides, Music is an authentic material which hasthe school curriculum, such as the excessive it takes the student to a better understanding an easy access and moreover, it is still possible tonumber of students in the classroom; lack of of their role as citizens which are able to inter- highlight many others advantages that a teacherappropriate teaching materials and books, or act with other cultures and ways of acting and may obtain by using the songs as an ally in Englisheven the complete absence of them; reduced thinking. classes such as:working hours and unattractive and obsolete 1- To promote a better interaction between teachermethods that are put in practice by teachers of and students by creating a relaxed, friendly and lowsuch component. stress place which is highly benefic for the learning This way, students of schools (mostly of a language;the public ones) usually feel no motivation to 2-To develop the sensitivity and creative skills inlearn the English language, since they dont have the classroom, improving the logical argumentation,the opportunity to interpret and express them- memory and concentration;selves through it, because when they are face to 3- To stimulate the learning of a language in a moreface with fully traditional teaching methods –which contents are organized emphasizing only natural way and with better assimilation;grammatical structures with the practice 4-To change the contents to be learned into moreof translation exercises, copy and repetition – comprehensible and significant ones;the students end up by seeing no meaning in 5- To promote an unconscious way of learning alearning something boring and out of context. language; The hypothesis that explain the motive For some, music is the art of combin- 6- To realize the linguistic varieties, such as native(s) of the failure in the process of teaching- ing sounds in order to please our ears. For oth- expressions, slang and colloquialisms that can belearning of that language in public schools aremany, however, there is no reason to justify the ers, music is any set of sounds. There are many found in the songs;lack of application of dynamic or leisure activities definitions for it, however, about one thing we 7- To educate our ears in order to listen to thein the classroom, after all, they dont require can be pretty sure: the music is an element pre- correct words pronunciation carefully and in agreat resources or sophisticated technologies sent at every moment of our life, since the lulla- pleasant way;but differentiated attitudes and above all, the bies until the funeral marches. This way, music However it is necessary to emphasizeteachers must have one thing called willing of has much influence in the human beings’ life, that the essential step, before selecting the songschanging. after all, it has the power of liberate emotions to be worked in the classroom, is to define the And as a suggestion to minimize or along the experiences lived, being used also in goals that you want to achieve with this practice,even solve some problems that unfortunately therapeutic treatments in therapy with people taking into account the syllabus and also the lin-help to compose the panorama in which the who have autism and others psychological disor- guistics and world knowledge that the class hasteaching of English language is immersed, music ders. According to GAINZA (1998), “music is an already, aiming to ensure the effective participationcomes out as a powerful educational tool, which element of essential importance, because it of students, as well as the autonomy of them.provides a significant learning because it cooper- Page 7VOL. 1, 1st Ed.
  8. 8. EXOTERISM: Aquarius Yearly 2011 Horoscopes: Aquarius (Jan 20- Feb 18) By Jamile de Oliveira The Aquarian is known as a likable, friendly character that others admire. One of the traits that draws others to you for advice and companionship is your honesty. You say it like it is but so it kindly. CAREER LOVE, FAMILY AND SOCIAL LIFE HEALTH AND INCOME A peaceful mind equals This is the year for new awakenings. Often, the a peaceful body. As your world Aquarian avoids romantic or intimate relationships on a begins to even itself out, you will In the Aquarius 2011 long term level in favor of independence. Thanks to the feel the effects of your energyyearly horoscope, this is the movement of Neptune in the Aquarius 2011 yearly horo- returning. You will feel a directyear of past labor resulting in scope, your sensitive nature will long for the life lessons correlation between vitality andfruition. The tree will not sprout a commitment to love can bring. This means that the internal progress. Allow thisup into a majestic oak this relationships you already foster will grow more deep and health to fill you, continuing toyear, but the sapling will poke meaningful. Venus will encourage you to feast on pleas- build on what’s working and re-out of the ground. The en- ure, within this new form of intimacy. moving what is not. There is nodeavor you have working forwill start to come to life or die Come fall, the ability to open your heart to for- room for worry for Aquarius ever is strong. Do not be afraid to take risks with your 2011, as the peaceful state ofaltogether. Either way, there is heart during this time, Aquarius. It might be uncomfort- your mind will not tolerate such athe certainly of closure. If oldprojects fade away, it just able to open yourself to the probing interests of anotherleaves the landscape fresh for but it’s time. Your peaceful nature this year will aid innew adventures. Start new your ability to achieve this transition into togetherness.projects at the end of Spring orget ready to nurture the one EDUCATION AND TRAVELINGthat has just begun to grow. Your desire for learning remains strong in the Remember, weeds Aquarius 2011 yearly horoscope. However, with the in-can kill what you are trying to put of Neptune, you fear the ability to sustain the re-grow. Neptune still hovers in sources to explore and learn without an immediate re-your house of money this year. ward. As the Aquarius 2011 yearly horoscope is the yearOut with the old, in with the of building towards success, take it slow. Travel Close out lingering debts, Explore the world simply. Take each day simply. Yourdifficulties and problems to ability to appreciate the finer aspects of knowledge willmake way for future productiv- fill your life with riches.ity. ? EDITORIAL Who works here Profes- Professor: sor Kárpio Siqueira had the brilliant idea  Kárpio Siqueira; HOW TO FIND US: of creating an eclectic Academicals Journal without fleeing the proposed Students:  Emile Uise; uisestar@ho theme for the 8th Semester. As our  Jamile de Oliveira; jamilyoliveira@ guescampos@ class is composed by only three stu-  Roberto Rodrigues; robertorodri dents, this Journal has a little bit of each of these students (Emile, Jamile and Roberto), and it aims to entertain, inform and highlight our course: English Language and Literature. For that, we ask your cooperation to look for us and also send e-mails to us, leaving comments, mini-articles, tips, reviews, news, etc., for this Jour- nal can extend itself to other semesters. Thank you all for reading New Trends and we hope everyone’s enjoyed it. Page 8 VOL. 1, 1st Ed. New Trends