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Beatriz olivera gamix 51


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asignatura de ingles

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Beatriz olivera gamix 51

  1. 1. subject: ingles v team member´s: Beatriz Olivera Jiménez Gisel Adriana Pech Balam Group: Gamix- 51
  2. 2. DEFINITION RESTAURANT It is an establishment where food service is offered and drinks.
  5. 5. CAFETERIA A cafe is establishment a catering where snacks and meals, usually hot dishes and no actual food served.
  6. 6. MAIN CHARACTERISTICS  In some countries it is called cafeteria to a restaurant where no waiter service is offered, and where customers use a tray, to move to a menu bar to order your food, and then to the register to pay, especially in centers workplaces and schools.
  7. 7. TYPE OF FOOD SERVED  in a coffee shop snacks and meals, usually mixed dishes.
  8. 8. PATRÓN TREATMENT THE CUSTOMER  Public establishment where coffee and other drinks are served
  10. 10. CEVICHERIA one sevicheria is a dish consisting of marinated meat fish, shellfish or citrus dressing.. both
  11. 11. MAIN CHARACTERISTICS There are also different types of ceviche ceviche dishes derivatives that have caught on. It is important to note that not all ceviche are made with fish, also made ​with red meats, seafood, shellfish and vegetables.
  12. 12. TYPE OF FOOD SERVED can be a main dish or appetizer too, or an entry for entrees such as seafood. It can be either as a snack or as an accompaniment.
  13. 13. PATRÓN TREATMENT THE CUSTOMER  is an establishment where people ask their dishes like fish or seafood.
  15. 15. BRASSERIE La Brasserie is a caférestaurant with a relaxed atmosphere, serving dishes or other foods.
  16. 16. MAIN CHARACTERISTICS Generally a brasserie is open all day and every day of the week, serving the same menu all day, although it is considered a place where meals are served informally at lunch..
  17. 17. TYPE OF FOOD SERVED In some restaurants like "Brasserie" open all day, all year, informally meals are served lunch and cafes.
  18. 18. PATRÓN TREATMENT THE CUSTOMER  restaurant where people can for lunch, a cocktail, try a good wine to the counter, in room or terrace. Home cooking with regional and seasonal products.
  20. 20. DINNER Dinner is, as a rule, the last meal of the day is taken at night..
  21. 21. MAIN CHARACTERISTICS  The diners almost invariably serve food like burgers, fries and club sandwiches.
  22. 22. TYPE OF FOOD SERVED  Dinners usually include two or more dishes, and can be accompanied by wine or dessert. The main course usually includes meat and vegetables.
  24. 24. TYPE OF RESTAURANT Restaurant buffet
  25. 25. MAIN CHARACTERISTICS It is the establishment in Which variety of cold, hot and dessert preparations are offered Preferred on a counter, so the client can serve That your taste or to be served by waiters or cooks.
  26. 26. TYPE OF FOOD SERVED  You can choose yourself a variety of cooked and ready for car plates. Sometimes a fixed amount and sometimes consumed quantity (weight or types of dishes) is paid.
  27. 27. PATRON TREATMENT THE CUSTOMER the service types is self service buffet restaurants diners take what they want to eat.
  28. 28. EXAMPLES OF THE TYPE OF RESTAURANT IN CANCUN. Cactus, restaurante azul y panemas grill
  29. 29. TYPE OF RESTAURANT Fast food
  30. 30. MAIN CHARACTERISTICS Casual restaurants where preparation simple and quick as burgers, fries, pizza or chicken food is consumed.
  31. 31. TYPE OF FOOD SERVED Informal restaurants where simple foods and fast foods like burgers, fries, pizza or chicken consumed.
  32. 32. PATRON TREATMENT THE CUSTOMER the customer is expected to eat the food directly from the disposable container it was served in using their fingers.
  33. 33. EXAMPLES OF THE TYPE OF RESTAURANT IN CANCUN. subway, ktortas, pollo brujo y x burger.
  34. 34. TYPE OF RESTAURANT Bistrot
  35. 35. MAIN CHARACTERISTICS Restaurant from France, where I served traditional, regional and economic meals and alcoholic beverages Accompanied Become.
  36. 36. TYPE OF FOOD SERVED The current Bistro has a style of cooking that usually develops fresh food (organic) and considered healthy. The menu of Bistros has been getting gradually more popular due to the concept of casual dining.
  37. 37. PATRON TREATMENT THE CUSTOMER service is at the table where the waiter serves dishes away from the table.
  38. 38. EXAMPLES OF THE TYPE OF RESTAURANT IN CANCUN. Savio's Bistro by La Dolce Vita,kinta mexican, El Dpa Bistro.
  39. 39. TYPE OF RESTAURANT Pizza shop
  40. 40. MAIN CHARACTERISTICS It is a kind of Brazilian restaurant, in which variety of meats presented and served in spades on the customer's plate is offered, how many times he wishes, accompanied by garnituras and salads. It has fixed price.
  41. 41. TYPE OF FOOD SERVED It is a kind of restaurant Italian and Greek origin, where varieties of pizzas, pastas and soft drinks. Business and popular restaurant chain
  42. 42. PATRON TREATMENT THE CUSTOMER the customer is expected to eat the food directly from the disposable container it was served in using their fingers.
  43. 43. EXAMPLES OF THE TYPE OF RESTAURANT IN CANCUN. Caesar's Pizza y pater piper pizza.
  44. 44. REFELXION ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF HAVING DIFFERENT TYPES OF RESTAURANTS. Are important because different types of restaurants that offer different types of food and drinks and service types, this allows us to experience flavors, colors and textures. I went to eat at McDonald's with my family the menu are burgers, fries and sodas. That self-service is handled.