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  1. 1. Topic - Behind the scenes of the BBC Type of documentary – Mixed Channel - BBC1 Scheduling -Wednesday 7pm Target audience - 25+
  2. 2. Primary Research: The people that we are hoping to have in our interviews are Susana Reid, Bill Turnbull, camera and editing staff, studio managers, catering staff, security staff, radio presenters. The location in which we have chosen to film is the Media City in Salford Quays. The building in which we will conduct our interviews in will be the BBC's flagship building within Media City.
  3. 3. Secondary Research: We're going to get the news reports of the presenters that we interview for archive material. Also for music we are going to use songs of a few bands such as The 1975, Swim Deep and Wavves.
  4. 4. Narrative Structure: The narrative will be non-linear as it won't be following any kind of story. It will just be a collection of different interviews and archive material.
  5. 5. Outline of content: • Interviews • News Reports • Stylised shots • Music Resource Requirements: • 1 Video Camera (tripod, microphone etc...) • A method of transport (car) • Scripted interview questions