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Presentation1 Q3


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Presentation1 Q3

  1. 1. Media Magazine Questionnaire ResultsThis lesson, I used the answers from my questionnaire of 20people and interpreted it into results and data with a small conclusion about what it shows.
  2. 2. Question 1 What gender are you? Male: 3 Female: 17The results of this question show an even gender split of my results for my questionnaire. This means that my magazine will not be gender specific.
  3. 3. Question 2 What age category are you in? 16-25 26-35 36-45This pie chart shows the different age categories that filled in my questionnaire. The majority of the people who filled in my questionnaire were in the 16-25 category.
  4. 4. Question 3 What Is Your Favourite Colour? Grey Red Purple BlackFor this question, my results show that the favourite colours are purple and black. Iwill probably use these colours for my music magazine. However, I may use hints of the other colours used as the results are quite close.
  5. 5. Question 4 What genre of music do you mostly enjoy? General Rock Heavy Metal Punk Rock Pop Punk The results for this question means my audience like general rock themost, however, the other genres are quite evenly split which mean I will probably touch on the other genres as well to keep all of my audience happy.
  6. 6. Question 5 Do you regularly go to music gigs? Yes: 16 No: 4The majority of the people who took part in my questionnaire regularly go to music gigs. This means gig reviews, dates and ticket giveaways would be very popular in my magazine.
  7. 7. Question 8 Do you like Music Magazines? Yes: 18 No: 2 The vast majority of people in my questionnaire said they liked musicmagazines which means these people are most likely to buy my magazine.
  8. 8. Question 9 If yes, how regularly do you buy music magazines? Once A Week More Than Once A Month Once A Month Less Than Once A MonthMost people in my questionnaire who buy magazines buy them monthly. This means my magazine shall be a monthly magazine the keep to the audience’s preferences.
  9. 9. Question 10 What would attract you to a music magazine? Free Stuff Posters Favourite Bands Articles Latest newsThe results above show what the audience in my questionnaire would mostly like to see in a magazine.
  10. 10. Question 11 How much would you be willing to pay for a music magazine? £2-3 £3-4 £4-5 £5+£3-4 is what my audience are willing to pay for a music magazine. This mean my music magazine should follow this and be between that price range.
  11. 11. Question 12 How frequently would you buy a music magazine? Once A Week Once A Fortnight Once A Month Less Than Once A MonthFor this question, once a month was the most popular option meaning that I will make my music magazine frequency monthly.
  12. 12. Question 13 What music magazine do you usually buy? Kerrang! Rock Sound Metal Hammer Big CheeseKerrang! was the most popular bought magazine according to my questionnaire.Although this is a weekly magazine, I may use this to help me to create a popular rock music magazine that is purchased monthly.
  13. 13. Question 15Would you buy a magazine just to read one article? Yes 11 No 9These results show that just over half of the people I asked in my questionnaire would buy a magazine for one article, this means I will have to use many other ways to persuade my audience to buy the magazine other than one story.