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How to select the best service advisor to boost your auto repair shop


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The service advisor is critical for maximizing auto repair shop profitability. Discover why and how to hire the right person.

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How to select the best service advisor to boost your auto repair shop

  2. 2. SUCCESSFUL AUTO REPAIR SHOPS Understand the importance of great customers and great employees The service adviser role is key “The service advisor is like a quarterback that leads your team,” says Keith McCrone co-owner of Automotive Profit Pro, a company that assists auto repair shops grow and increase profitability.
  3. 3. MAXIMIZE YOUR SHOP’S SUCCESS Don’t distract your service adviser by giving him jobs usually handled by a receptionist or front desk employee Have your service adviser bond with the costumers This helps better your shops services and ultimately increase profit
  4. 4. CAREFUL SELECTION Your service director can be incredibly smart in the auto repair industry Their main strengths however must be in sales or the growth of your shop will struggle and you will miss income opportunities Gerry Frank, shop consultant and co-owner of Automotive Profit Pro, says that if you want to work less hours and make more income then you must pick your service adviser very carefully
  5. 5. HOW TO PICK A SERVICE ADVISOR Go into interviews with a clear plan Ask each candidate specific outcome questions  How much are you currently selling each week?  What is your average ticket amount?  What is the gross profit margin you are currently generating? Make notes about how they respond and compare them to your goals If the comparisons look good then you have found yourself a new employee - if not move on
  6. 6. WHO TO HIRE Hire people who always lead with benefits when talking to customers about repairs It is a big mistake to bore customers with every aspect of a repair Customers are more likely to move forward with the repair if they feel it is necessary and will benefit them
  7. 7. THE OWNERS ROLE The owner has a very important role to play Your job is to motivate your employees so that their performances moves to the next level Make sure employees are fully trained You also want them to have the same level of passion as you do
  8. 8. SALES Sales are always changing It’s important that your service adviser knows what works best for your customers If your employee believes that your shop provides that best customer service, they are more likely to be passionate about selling in your shop
  9. 9. OWNER’S ROLE As the owner you have a job to play by monitoring changing business patterns and evolving sales techniques Select a service adviser that is a self-starter with a need to excel and be on top Encourage learning and professional development Don’t forget that the role of service director is vitally important to growing your business and satisfying customers
  10. 10. HOW TO MAXIMIZE AUTO REPAIR PROFITS Learn the Secrets to Maximize profit for your auto repair shop Industry veterans with practical knowledge Automotive Profit Pro Visit: