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Dietary supplement safety for consumers


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It is illegal for producers of dietary supplements to claim that a specific supplement will cure a disease, or even that it will achieve positive results in disease treatment or prevention. Read this article to learn more.

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Dietary supplement safety for consumers

  1. 1. Dietary Supplements Easily obtainable  Grocery stores  Pharmacies  Health food stores  Ordering them on the internet Do not replace food Used when person requires higher levels of vitamins, minerals, or amino acids
  2. 2. Supplements Supplements found in  Pills  Tablets  Capsules  Liquid varieties People take supplements for reasons relating to health
  3. 3. The Law Promoted as something with potential to have positive effects on peoples general health and well-being Manufacturers prohibited by law from asserting that given supplement will prevent, treat, or cure disease Common ingredients in dietary supplements are substances that are found in natural world
  4. 4. History Substances been used throughout history in treating illness and the maintenance of wellness People suffering from fever were treated with willow bark tea Ingredient in dietary supplements are also sometimes used in medicines.
  5. 5. Growing Industry According to ‘The Dietary Supplements Regulatory and Market Outlook,’ industry for dietary supplements in USA has potential to experience a yearly growth rate of 3.8% between 2010 and 2015
  6. 6. High Standards According to current good manufacturing practices (CGMP) Final Rule dietary supplements are made using consistent processes which result in a product that meets high standards of quality control CMGP Final Rule issued by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) to make sure all dietary supplements available to consumers are free from contamination and labelled
  7. 7. Regulation Main objective of the Final Rule  Ensure consumers of dietary supplements have peace of mind that composition of their supplements is reliable and consistent FDA primarily concerned that processes for manufacture of supplements do not contravene the guidelines in the Final Rule Regulate clinical trials and research on the health ramifications of dietary supplements nor does FDA seek to block access to supplements on the consumer market
  8. 8. How Safe are Dietary Supplements? Best taken after consulting a dietician, pharmacist or physician Should be bought from reputed manufacture Not be viewed as replacements for conventional medicinal treatment Might be combined with other treatments under a doctors supervision Women who are breast-feeding or pregnant should be particularly careful about dietary supplements
  9. 9. Side Affects Side effects and allergic reactions can sometimes occur when dietary supplements are consumed Also interact with other drugs
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