7 Keys to LinkedIn Success


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7 Keys to LinkedIn Success

No matter if you are in a job search or using LinkedIn for business, people are searching your name. What will they find? If you have a great looking LinkedIn profile, you will look more professional and have an edge on your competition.

In my webinar, we went over the basics as well as some techniques to help you get the most out of your LinkedIn profile.

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7 Keys to LinkedIn Success

  1. 1. Seven Keys to LinkedIn Success Brought to you by Beth Riegger of" Keys 2 Success Marketing
  2. 2. Seven Keys to LinkedIn Success LinkedIn profiles generally rank in the top 5 of search results for your first and last name" There are over 259 million users, 84 million in the US and 40% of users access LI daily" People join LinkedIn to NETWORK!" Graduate of NDSU in BusinessAdministration" Been in marketing for over 15 years" Built a business from scraps using social media" Created a proven strategy for Event Marketing" Why LinkedIn?
  3. 3. Settings If you are going to be making tons of changes, uncheck the broadcast changes
  4. 4. Settings Continued Uncheck this box so your many changes don’t get put on the newsfeed. Remember when you are done with all of your updates to go back and check this box again.
  5. 5. LinkedIn Success Key One Is it to be found in searches?" Is it a professional representation of you? Determine your purpose for being on LinkedIn
  6. 6. LinkedIn Success Key Two Goal is to get to “All Star”
  7. 7. Profile Strength Your industry and location" Up-to-date current position (with description)" Two past positions" Your education" Your skills (minimum of 3 but I suggest at least 10)" A profile photo At least 50 connections" Avoid self-ascribed attributes (hard working, etc)" Volunteer & causes section, this can set you apart from the rest" Projects you are currently working on
  8. 8. LinkedIn Success Key Three Get a good profile picture!
  9. 9. LinkedIn Success Key Four Review your profile settings, make sure your profile is public" Make consistent posts" Join groups, participate in conversations, start conversations
  10. 10. Check List
  11. 11. LinkedIn Success Key Five Claim your public URL
  12. 12. LinkedIn Success Key Six Headline! Summary~most import part of your profile, allows you to the most space to write about yourself & why someone should hire you!! Current Job! Previous Jobs! Skills and Expertise! Recommendations Keywords~they need to be specific as well as laced throughout many different areas of your profile!
  13. 13. LinkedIn Success Will you be an open
  14. 14. Suspicious Profile
  15. 15. LinkedIn Success Key Seven Inviting people to connect, how do you know them?" Changing standard text" Saying THANK YOU Connections
  16. 16. LinkedIn Success Are you a vet? If so, you can get ONE FREE YEAR of the job seeker subscription!" http://linkedinforbusiness.net/veterans-can-benefit-linkedin/
  17. 17. LinkedIn Success Connect with me on LinkedIn!" www.linkedin.com/in/bethriegger" !