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Presentation1 120329073543-phpapp02

  1. 1. How effective is the combination ofthe main product and the ancillary texts? This presentation will explain similaritys of the Music Video, Digipak and the Magazine Advert
  2. 2. The Digipak
  3. 3. The Magazine advert
  4. 4. Magazine The Brick wall Advert Our music video• When we created the music video we found out that a lot of our filming was in front of a brick wall, This became our constant theme.• So we decided that on the Magazine Advert and the Digipak we was also going to use the brick wall.• So as the background of the magazine advert we lightened the same brick wall.• For the Digipak we used the same brick wall but darkened it for behind the pictures that were on the Digipak Digipak
  5. 5. What is the link between the main product and the ancillaryThus picture isbasically what weused for one ofthe sides in ourdigipak, it showsall the bandmembers holdingup the pieces ofcard with thelyrics on.
  6. 6. Another picture that is from the media film is Guitar this guitar, that is on theDigipakThis is a close upof theguitar, which isin sync to themusic when theguitar solo isabout to happen
  7. 7. The Ice Cream This is just a general picture of an ice cream, this is a link because it represents, Th e 99’s.We used the picture to symbolizethe play on words effect. The bandname is called The 99’s so we usedthe ice cream on the digipak toshow the link between the icecream and the 99’s
  8. 8. The Band This image is also showingThis is the Two Door Cinema the type ofClub and we thought of the costume thatband idea from watching how we areeffective this video comes wearingacross throughout the music video, the kind of indie style.This picture is also taken from the musicvideo, so we thought we would just havea picture of the band members posing onthe brick wall for another side toourDigipak.
  9. 9. The 99’s This was created in Photoshop, first I got the Digipak photos of my blog, the funny photos and the serious photos, I then had to resize every image so that it was correctly in line and there wasn’t any gaps then I just repeated doing it until I couldn’t see any gaps.Tom then made the fontso it looked indie enough,we chose the red spraybehind the font, thisrelates to the artist DaftPunk with his song Alive
  10. 10. As you can seethroughout the process Same Pictureof the magazineadvert, the Digipak andthe music video wehave kept the constanttype of picture of the This is a part of thelads Digipak where this picture has been screen grabbed from the actual music video There is the lads in the music video This is the magazine advert where the lads have the cardboard lyrics up