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Media presentation q62

  1. 1. Technologies and Websites<br />When creating our thriller opening, along with each other aspect of our coursework, we used a number of different tools and websites, which I will illustrate in the following presentation.<br />
  2. 2. Mini DV Digital Camcorder<br />The camera was used to carry out all of our <br />filming, such as our thriller opening, <br />preliminary task and interviews. We also <br />used them to upload what we had filmed <br />onto the computer to edit. To begin with, <br />the quality of our shots wasn’t that good, <br />but as we got more used to filming, it <br />became easier, and more original. <br />Tripod<br />We used a tripod to hold the<br />Camera, in order to improve the <br />quality of our filming, because it <br />enabled us to film steady shots <br />for example in the car, as well as<br />panning shots and tilt shots. <br />
  3. 3. Still Digital Camera<br />We used a digital camera to take <br />pictures that demonstrate the <br />process of the making of our film. <br />This included such pictures, of us <br />planning, of our location, of us <br />filming, and of us buying the <br />costume, all of which went onto our <br />blog.<br />Camera on my phone<br />We used the camera on my phone to <br />carry out similar tasks to the still camera. <br />In addition we used it to video us<br />attempting a tracking shot on location, <br />which I posted onto my blog. Photo’s from <br />my phone were uploaded to the <br />computer using Bluetooth. I also used my <br />phone to post blogs onto Blogger on a<br />number of occasions.<br />
  4. 4. Apple Mac Computer<br />At the computer is where we spent <br />most of our time, blogging, or<br />editing our film using Final Cut<br />Express. It is also where we created <br />our credits, ident and title for our<br />thriller.<br />
  5. 5. Blogger<br />Blogger is where we made our online account of <br />the process of making our thriller opening. We <br />updated it regularly with our progress, in the form <br />of writing, video’s, pictures and slideshows<br />demonstrating different aspects of thrillers, film <br />conventions and the creation of our own thriller.<br />MY BLOG:<br />Youtube <br />Youtube is really simple to use, and I have used it regularly, even before we made our thriller. We used it to view other people’s work, and thriller examples, as well as upload our own video’s to our own account, for others to watch, and comment on.<br />
  6. 6. One True Media<br />One true media is a website where I could upload pictures to make a montage. I created several montages, for example one of what I think of when I think ‘thriller’ as well as one of our group filming, The website was easy to use, and was a different way of displaying information.<br />Slideshare<br />On Slideshare I was able to download<br />my own power point presentations<br />(such as this one) as again an<br />alternative way of displaying my<br />work. Like one true media, it was easy<br />to use, and I used it for several things, <br />such as demonstrating how I made <br />our ident on Livetype.<br />
  7. 7. Surveymonkey<br />Surveymonkey was the website we <br />used to create a free online survey in <br />order to discover our target audience. <br />It enabled us to post it onto facebook, <br />so our friends could responded, and it <br />collected our results, so that they were <br />easy to manages and interpret.<br />Wordle<br />Wordle was really easy to use.<br />We used it as a way to display <br />our survey results. For every <br />response we got, we entered<br />the key words, and those that<br />were repeated the most came <br />up biggest. This was very useful <br />when discovering people’s <br />favourite thrillers and thriller <br />conventions.<br />
  8. 8. Mobygratis<br />This website gave us a range of music <br />from which we picked 7 tracks. We<br />gained permission from the owner of <br />each of the tracks, but only used 2 of <br />them in our thriller. It was okay, but <br />there wasn’t much of a variety, and <br />we had to wait for the song owners to <br />reply. Thankfully this didn’t take too <br />long.<br />Freesound Project<br />This website was really useful, and<br />We discovered it when searching the web <br />for sound effects for our ident. I then <br />found a variety of different sound effects<br />that I put into our thriller opening,<br />producing various effects, one being the<br />‘swoosh’ noise when a figure flicks across<br />the screen at the warehouse.<br />
  9. 9. Final Cut Express<br />Final Cut Express is the program <br />which we used to upload our filming, <br />edit it, and add sound to it. The more <br />we used it, the more tools we <br />discovered. It was quite easy to use, <br />and there were lots of online tutorials <br />to help us with it. <br />Livetype<br />Out of our group, I was the person <br />who focused most on creating our <br />ident, credits and title, and I used <br />Livetype, on the Apple Macs to do <br />this. It was quite hard to use, but like <br />Final Cut Express, the more I used it, <br />the easier it became, and the more I <br />discovered on it. I was really pleased <br />with the final products. <br />
  10. 10. Through the process of creating my coursework, what skills have I developed or gained?<br /><ul><li> Teamwork
  11. 11. Communications
  12. 12. Use of technologies, programs and websites
  13. 13. Cooperation
  14. 14. Displaying information in a variety of ways
  15. 15. Recognising the conventions of thrillers
  16. 16. I also feel that participating in Media Studies and the coursework has encouraged me to look into Media in higher education, as well as employment in the Media world.</li>